[Collection] The Best Short Scout Poems

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Scouting is an extracurricular activity that is often held in schools. Through scouting, many important lessons can be learned such as cooperation, cohesiveness, and the knowledge of others is very important. Here is a collection of the best short scout poems.

Through this poem, he can express the spirit of devotion to the country and the value of cohesiveness among scout members. This poem can be used as a commemoration of National Scout Day which is held every August 14. Let's see together!

List of contents

Scout Poetry Example 1: Scout Cheers

Example of Scout Poetry 1 Scout Cheers

By: Wenny N.Y

I hear cheers from far away

What's going on?

His voice shakes the soul

Makes the heart move to welcome it

That's the voice of the young blood army

Igniting the spirit based on Pancasila

Spirit to unite

Enthusiasm to reach consensus for our beloved country

The crowd is not just any crowd

It's an encouraging yell

Has the deepest meaning and noble ideals

For the Indonesian national movement

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Example of Scout Poetry 2: Proud to be Boy Scouts

Example of a Scout Poetry 2 Proud to be a Boy Scout

By: Wenny N.Y

Troops in brown uniforms lined up neatly

Puffing out chests ready to fire

I'm a boy scout

I puff out my chest proudly

Scouts, is an independent group

Here, we are taught loyalty

Here, we are taught to help

Not only for fellow members but also for Indonesia

Morse code to help people

The strong ropes are a sign of unity that will not fall

Its brown color blends with nature and protects the surroundings

That's my scout mark, that's my pride

Scout Poetry Example 3: United in Scouts

Example of a Scout Poetry 3 United in Scouts

By: Wenny N.Y

That wide field is my place to take shelter

Become a young person who is not spoiled

I and my friends become one

The sweat and heat of the sun can't beat our devotion

Rain and thunder are unable to blow away our sturdy tent

We are too strong to be separated

That's a boy scout

We are willing to leave our comfort to help others

Because you can't live alone

Humans need other people

With the spirit of scouting young souls can unite

With the spirit of scouting, our life is full of spirit

No more sitting and waiting

We are the ones who move and advance

No more fear of facing obstacles

We will advance because together, there is no more fear

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Example of Scout Poetry 4: In the Shade of Scout Sky

Example of Scout Poetry 4 In the Shade of Scout Sky

By: Wenny N.Y

It's the same with the sun that meets in the west

The spirit of young civil servants continues to illuminate the country

Sala is the case with the moon that shines in the dark

Young preschoolers help others in trouble

I really love my team members

I really love the primary tutor

Because with him I can hang my dreams

Because Scouts are like the sky where the stars are decorated

Everything is so beautiful like the atmosphere

The heart that is alone becomes full because there is a friend who accompanies

A difficult burden will feel light because the scouts help each other

That's our soul, the spirit full of kinship

Shine and radiate its charm on the beloved earth

Scout Poetry Example 5: The Bonfire That Unites Us

Example of a Scout Poetry 5 Bonfires That Unite Us

By: Wenny N.Y

The night comes, leaving memories of the sweat of yesterday's day

The struggle of the youth in brown uniform

With many pinned badges

Shows the meaning of a life

Even when the day comes, time keeps pulling away


Leaving a soft and comfortable feeling

Me and us sitting in a circle

Admire the daring bonfire

Silence, only distant daydreams we carve

Reopening the space-time in the past

The fire is the screen

Smiling we stare at the bonfire

After contemplating, it's time to sing

Echoing voices in the middle of the night

Show that we are one voice

The bonfire is the witness

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Example of Scout Poetry 6: Scouting Soul in Young People

Example of Scout Poetry 6 Scout Souls for Young People

By: Wenny N.Y

The uproar at school

No other day is as thrilling

The rigging is ready

The morse flag is hoisted

That's the day the young blood boils

Enthusiasm radiates from his face

Every child forgets how to despair

Every child forgets what he is afraid of

Explore with me

Serve with me

Achieve our goals and dreams

Because this is the right time to hang your dreams as high as the sky

There are no screams that the boy scouts make

Apart from shouts of encouragement and encouragement

No steps we roar

Apart from the steps of unity and courage

Example of Scout Poetry 7: Sincerity of the Scout Soul

Example of Scout Poetry 7 Sincerity of the Scout Soul

By: Wenny N.Y

Wave your morse flag if you need help

Tighten your rigging if you want to help others

Everything a scout does has meaning

Teaching about humanity that is more meaningful

Boy scouts don't chase degrees

No matter how many badges are attached to his shoulders

Because he is aware, he is not a conglomerate

Because he is aware, doing it sincerely without any reward

His service is only for his beloved country

His dream is to make Indonesia proud

Even though day and night feel tired

Lethargy, sweating, and sores are common

But, his soul is full of fire

Like her determined eyes

The child is the successor of the nation who continues world peace

Presenting the best for bright easy times

Example of a Scout Theme Poem 8: Don't Be Lazy, Look at Boy Scouts

Example of a Scout Theme Poem 8 Don't Be Lazy, Look at Boy Scouts

By: Wenny N.Y

Don't be lazy, look at the boy scouts

Ready to stand in the hot sun

Ready to gain knowledge in a wide field

Don't be lazy, look at the boy scouts

Time is used for positive things

The form of dedication to our beloved country

Don't be lazy, look at the boy scouts

Stand up and wave the Morse code learning flag

Run in the forest for strong stamina

Never give up and brave in obstacles

Looking for firewood to survive the cold

Don't be lazy, look at the boy scouts

Superior in strength, strong in brotherhood

It's not easy to be divided like most now

Don't be lazy, look at the boy scouts

His badge indicates how much sweat he has shed

His life is never lazy because boy scouts keep moving towards their goals

Example of Poetry About Boy Scouts 9: Boy Scouts of Steel

Example of Poetry About Boy Scouts 9 Scouts of Steel Mentality

By: Wenny N.Y

You are my pride

It doesn't matter if there are other extracurriculars with more fans

Scouts are mandatory for our school

This is not without reason

Scouts are here to shape our mentality

We are no longer weak teenagers

We are ready children who are here to help others

Even though you're still young, there's still a lot to dive into

It's not an obstacle for boy scouts

In fact, build a closer cohesiveness

Breaking down the doubts and fears that often haunt

Not only strong physically but also morally honed

Honesty is always upheld, justice is always echoed

Unity is our first name

I am one of the true boy scouts

Tough personality and mental steel pinned on us

I'm proud to be a boy scout

The collection of scout poems above can inspire you to have the spirit of the scouts' soul, which is firm in your stance, courageous, devoted to the country, and full of the spirit of young people. This poem will also motivate you. Scout salute!





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