[Collection] Short Mother's Poems 3 and 4 Verses Easy to Read

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There are many short poems on the theme of mothers because this theme touches the heart and makes the reader remember memories with his mother. Mother is the most important and meritorious figure. For that, the following is a short mother's poem of 4 stanzas and 3 stanzas to be studied.

This short 4 stanza and 3 stanza mother poem can also be used as inspiration in making school assignments or giving it to her beloved mother. Read more below.

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Example of a 4 stanza Short Mother Poetry

The following is a short 4 stanza mother poem that can be used as a reference for making poetry and interpreting poetry that touches the heart.

Example 1: Memories with Mom

Example 1 Memories with Mom

By: Wenny N.Y

I'm lonely alone

Just silently imagining the silence

Time to turn back

Unlocking childhood memories full of memories

Wrinkles when smiling on his face make me miss

Teach me life Mom

That sincere love is only from you

That the only thing that hurts when I get hurt is you

Now I realize that being an adult is not that bright

Many problems keep coming

Memories with you are full of hope

Because I feel loved in suffering

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Example 2: Angel's Voice

Example 2 Angel Voices

By: Wenny N.Y

A wise voice wakes me up

Soft and gentle voice pampers me

Your angry voice wakes me up

Nothing is useless from you

Mother, you can't count how many words you put together

Word by word shape who I am today

As soon as I understand your heart

Make me a dignified person

I'm sorry that I didn't believe

I ever thought your words were crowded

Now I realize your words are my inspiration

Makes me really rely on you

Example 3: I'm a Troubleshooter

Example 3 I'm a Troubleshooter

By: Wenny N.Y

Mother, you are my angel

Through you I can breathe into the world

Through you I can walk

In fact, until I become beautiful

I've troubled you

Nine months you take me everywhere

I even took your food

It really bothers you

When I was a teenager, you gave me knowledge

Good for the world and the hereafter

Your services are countless

For my better life

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Example 4: My Hero Mother

Example 4 My Hero Mother

By: Wenny N.Y

You always take care of me all the time

From when I was a baby to this moment

Ask me how and worry about me

Even though no one told

Your love is endless

Like a fragrant flower

Fragrant smells everywhere

Make joy all around

Example 5: Don't You Lose

Example 5 Don't You Lose

By: Wenny N.Y

Mom, I can still hear you faintly

Whispering and stroking my hair

I often hear your cries in the third night

Saying my name for my happiness

Mother, don't be lost

Because my life is dark without you

No one will pray for me

There is no prayer that is easily answered

Mother, don't be lost

Because the misery of the world often shackles me

Leaving a lost heart

It's dark, I can only hug myself

But your presence heals the wound

Only your smile warms my heart

Stay beside me

Until my time stops

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Example 6: Wait for Me Mom

Example 6 Wait for Me Mom

By: Wenny N.Y

Often I get lost at a crossroads

However, your voice directs me back

Often I get hurt

However, you came with a bandage


Mother, your sincerity is immeasurable

As deep as the ocean in the ocean

The weight of this heart to be separated from you

Now, I have to go abroad to study

With a smiling face you accompany me

Even though I know your heart doesn't want it

Wait for me mom, wait for me to succeed

Later I say "I am my mother's son"

Example of a short 3 stanza Mother Poetry

After knowing the mother's short 4 stanza poem, there is also an example of a 3 stanza poem. Here is an example.

Example 1: Time With My Mom

Time With My Mom

By: Wenny N.Y

Second by second deliberately toying with me

It keeps ticking can't stop

Even though I still want to go back to my childhood

The time when mom fed me

The moment where I was in his arms

My heart is moved to hear the strains of his song

Your warmth cannot be exchanged for anything

Gem gold can't pay for it

Other people's hearts can't be compared to yours

Time with my mom is a thirst quencher

Time with my mom is a spoiled cradle

Time with my mom is solace

Example 2: The Best Fortress

Best Fortress

By: Wenny N.Y

Her heart stands strong protecting her child

Even though the body is not as big as a man

Mother is always in the first row for the sake of her baby

No one can deny his love

Even if you don't reply, even if you can't be paid

Mother stays loyal to accompany her child

Don't fight it

his heart can be very fragile if a child scratches it

Enough, do good to him to get heaven

Example 3: The depth of the wound

Inside the wound

By: Wenny N.Y

It's okay if everyone hates me

It's okay if everyone insults me

As long as there is a mother who always supports me

This life is not always smooth

However, mother, know your existence for me is full

No matter the depth of the wound that people give

Your mother is my inspiration

You are like a soft light that I hold

Accompany me in the darkness of the world

Example 4: I Was Little

I am still little

By: Wenny N.Y

Mother, in your eyes I'm still a child

I'm still worried about you

Asked if I have eaten

Your child has now grown from the upbringing you gave

Because mom loves me I become a child full of love

Because my mother taught me to be a knowledgeable person

Dear mother, when will I be able to repay you

When can I make you proud

Until now and in the future, I'm still a child

Example 5: Aging Mother

Aging Mother

By: Wenny N.Y

Just yesterday I played hide and seek with you

Just yesterday I was able to learn to read

However, the time goes by quickly

Mom, I see your hands are wrinkled

Your white hair has adorned your head

I just realized that time flies

We can't play around anymore

We can't study together anymore

Because over time I find your memory eroded again

With your sad expression now you can only sit

Daydreaming away imagining the arrival of your child

When I came, your smile was full of meaning

Example 6: Apology Letter

Apology Letter

By: Wenny N.Y

That's me, your stupid son

Always annoys you

Countless how many times your tears have fallen because of me

I often don't fulfill your request

I often ignore your teachings

I beg your pardon

Many times I snapped at you

How many times have I ignored you

All there is now is regret when you are no longer by my side

Example 7: Pretending to be Happy

Pretending to be Happy

By: Wenny N.Y

The bright sun will not be able to beat your presence

The beauty of the rainbow will not be able to remove my gloom

Only from you, mother

You are a mother who pretends to be happy

Happy in front of his son

Even though the heart is misleading full of wounds

I know that, but there's nothing I can do

Only eyes can pity

I can't say because you want me to be happy

Finally, a smile I can give

As your comforter

Mother, thank you please accept my happiness

Thus a collection of short mother's poems 4 stanzas and 3 stanzas that touch the heart and are full of meaning. This mother-themed poem can be used as your inspiration in making mother's poetry. May be useful.





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