[Group] Examples of Short Horror Short Stories Really Scary

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There are various types of popular short story genres, one of which is an example of a horror short story. Horror short stories are short stories in which they tell mystical stories, ghosts, and other invisible creatures that often make hair stand on end.

By reading it, you can feel the atmosphere of horror and gripping according to the storyline written by the author. To find out, here are examples of scary short horror stories.

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1. Horror Short Story Example: The Waiting Cat

Examples of Waiting Cat Horror Short Stories

I am Nindi, a student at a famous university. During KKN, I had a mystical experience with my friends.

I was assigned to live in a village in East Java with my group, namely Siti, Dony, Marwa, Santi, and Rudi. At first I was not close with them because we are in different majors. However, for two months of KKN and living in one house, we were finally close.

We stayed at the village health center because at that time the village hall was under repair. There was also no lodging there so the village head put us in the health center in the form of a house.

The place was rarely inhabited and only active in the morning when there were guards there. There are two empty rooms that we can live in. One room is occupied by men, Dony and Rudi, while the other room is the bedroom for the four of us, Marwa, Santi, Siti, and I.

At the beginning of the stay, there were no mystical events whatsoever. Until a few days later we felt awkward after walking through the village to ask for population data.

"You don't realize that every house we pass has a lot of cats. All houses keep cats, right?," Santi said.

There is no suspicion whatsoever about it, we consider this village a cat village because many people like it. Even the village head himself keeps 8 cats. The cat is not in a cage and is allowed to roam free.

Not infrequently, the neighbor's cat often visits our residence even at midnight. We often give him food. One night, it rained heavily in the village.

We decided to just do the report inside the puskesmas house.

"Oh, pity there's a cat outside," said Rudi.

"That's the cat that used to come here, yes, just told me to come in," I replied.

"Ugh don't.. I don't like cats. The fur will stick to the floor, it's hard to get rid of. Just leave it outside," said Siti, who really doesn't like cats.

Because we don't want to be complicated, so we decided to let it be. The next day, the unexpected happened. We saw the cat die in front of our house.

"Oh God, this is the cat from yesterday, guys. You guys don't allow him to come in, so the cat dies," said Rudi jokingly.

We ended up burying him together. Strangely, why this cat was not with its owner and had to die in front of our house.

Since then, horror events keep coming. The lights often turn off when the switch is on. When the lights went out, we screamed in terror.

The last day of KKN was a scary time. I, who is a secretary, have to make a report to be presented tomorrow. So while the others were sleeping I was still fiddling with my laptop in the living room. It was already 11 o'clock in the evening.

Suddenly I saw a black cat in front of the terrace. He meowed and looked at me. Out of fear I immediately went inside.

As I walked into the room, I heard someone showering in the bathroom.

"Who's showering? Please accompany me after doing the report?" I said while knocking on the bathroom door. However, there is no answer. silence.

I got goosebumps and the sound of the bathing person stopped. I quickly went into the room and saw my friends were still fast asleep.

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2. Horror Short Story Example: Ghost Greetings

Examples of Horror Short Greetings Ghosts

My name is Andre, I am 15 years old. I have a younger brother named Denis who is only two years younger than me. At that time, it was a holiday. So my mom and dad allowed me to sleep late at night. I was watching television with my sister.

We prepared a light snack to accompany our stay up late. My father and mother were already asleep, leaving me and my sister only accompanied by dim lights to save electricity.

I am engrossed in watching action scenes seriously. When the time showed 23.30 my sister fell asleep.

I went back to watching the film. But, for some reason my TV is blurry and sometimes blurry. It's annoying because it's being fun at the time.

My TV suddenly shuts down. I was surprised because the room was getting darker because the TV lights were off. I tried fumbling around and looking for the remote, but I couldn't find it.

I thought the electricity was short but I saw that the lamp on the table was still on. Suddenly from the front of the house I heard a knock on the door.

"Knock.. knock.. tok ..," said the voice.

The beats are the same and slow. However, I wasn't sure if it was a knock on the door or not as the sound seemed to be getting closer to my ear.

"Assalamu'alaikum ..," suddenly that's the voice I heard. I was surprised because the voice seemed to whisper in my ear.

"Brother, do you have guests?," said Denis, getting up from his sleep.

Turns out I wasn't the only one who heard the voice. Though I think it's a very low voice but close to the ear. Immediately I immediately invited my sister to sleep in the room.

"Brother why are you so pale? It seems like there was a woman's voice calling assalamu'alaikum Sis," said Denis innocently.

I immediately hid under the blanket and read a prayer. The next day I told this to my father and mother. I just found out that last night was Kliwon Friday.

3. Horror Short Story Example: Ghost Rescue

Sample Horror Stories Ghost Rescue

I just moved into the new house my grandmother used to live in. The house still has a classic design with portraits of our predecessors. I decided to move because my grandmother gave us this inheritance. Yes, he just passed away a week ago.

I and my 12 year old son Andre packed my things to put in the new room. There is a room for large children and there is also a main room which I will occupy later.

I'm divorced from my husband because he cheated on me. Now, I'm just a widow who lives with my son. After our divorce, Andre became a quiet person and rarely made friends. This is really heartbreaking.

After putting some of my stuff into the room. Andre went to his room ignoring me.

"Dre… don't forget to clean your mattress later before you go to bed ..," I said while lifting other things to take to the main room.

That night, I made him dinner in the kitchen. Because it's still new, I'm not very good at cooking and I'm still looking for the spices I put before. Therefore, my cooking takes a long time.

I suddenly felt a tense atmosphere. All I heard was the sound of running water from the sink.


"Andre.. here down. Let's help mama prepare food," I said a little screaming.

However, there was no answer from Andre in silence. I finally, went up the stairs to go to my son's room. There, the door was half open and the lights weren't on. I felt bad and immediately opened the door.

There, there was Andre who seemed to be sitting on the bed.

"Dre.. why did the light turn off? Mama calls and doesn't answer, how are you?" I asked.

No response from him. I started to get a little scared and ended up screaming.


Brake.. Suddenly a figure from behind opened the door. I was shocked and immediately turned around.

"What's wrong mom? Andre was from the bathroom," he said.

"Then, who was mom talking to ..," I turned back to the bed. The figure disappeared. My face was pale and my legs couldn't support my weight until I fell.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I cried profusely. Seeing this incident frustrated me.

"Sob, mommy is tired. You keep teasing mom. If something like this happens, no one will protect my mother," I poured out my sadness to my son.

I can't stand all the suffering that I've been through, I feel alone and now if this incident happened again, maybe I really think I'm crazy.

Since pouring out my sadness, Andre began to open up to me. He no longer closed himself and began to pay attention to me. I don't know if it's a ghost or my hallucination. However, I was lucky to have this happen.

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4. Horror Short Story Example: Haunted House

Examples of Horror Short Stories Haunted House

My name is Dini, a new student. I am an overseas child so I have to take shelter. After looking everywhere I found a boarding house that matched what I wanted.

The place is near campus and the price is cheap. So, there is no reason for me to refuse the place. The size of the boarding house is quite small but there is already an en suite bathroom so I don't have to leave the room.

I am an introvert every time I go home from college I go straight to the boarding house and spend a lot of time there. However, at one time there was a horror incident.

At that time, all my boarding friends had returned home because of the semester break. But, I still stay because I have to work part time. After work, I go home lazy.

"Assalamualaikum.. eh, I forgot that no one was there," I said when I arrived at the boarding house.

After that, I found the sound of a gecko in the boarding house. The sound was so loud that it echoed in the silence.

"Oh my God," I said surprised. I continued to recite the dhikr in my heart. After entering the room, horror events appeared. The boarding light suddenly went out and I was alone in it.

“Diiiin Diniii here,” said the voice. I heard the voices of grandmothers who kept calling my name. The voice came from the 2nd floor. When I saw it, how surprised I was.

There was a long white robe standing on the stairs. Her face is like an old grandmother. I just gaped at it.

Not only that, the grandmother's head fell off and rolled down.

"KYAAAA PLEASE," I shouted, finally leaving the boarding house. I told the landlady while crying. Since then, I have moved to a boarding house which is quite far from campus. However, it doesn't matter as long as you don't see the incident.

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5. Horror Short Story Example: Don't Be Loud

Examples of Horror Short Stories Don't Be Loud

I was in 3rd grade at that time. The time when my friends and I struggled to get the college we wanted. Not infrequently, there is tutoring from the teacher which is held in the afternoon until the evening.

We are diligent and continue to follow the guidance. It was night. After finishing studying, because we were bored and needed entertainment, we ended up not going straight home.

"Guys, let's have a concert," said Anton.

"Ha concert? What do you mean?" Zen said cluelessly.

"Yeah, we set a song in class, then we sing. As long as there are speakers here," he replied.

Hearing a statement from Anton made my friends and I agree because we were tired too.

Finally, Anton put the speakers on high volume. Our class is at the very back, while the teachers have gone home. So, we were free to have fun concerts at that time.

Some of the boys acted silly by imitating the singer's style in the song. He also showed his face and expression in front of the class. I who saw it was very amused and we laughed together.

While we were having fun singing, suddenly there was a buzzing sound on the speaker. The sound is absolutely deafening as is the mic close to the speaker. Even though we don't have a mic, the buzz appears.


"Oh my ears, the speaker is broken," said Nayla, covering her ears. Some of the other children also covered their ears.

Anton then approached the speaker to check it. However, the settings are correct and there are no errors whatsoever.

"Hey guys, it's already 10 o'clock. Let's just go home," I said reminding my friends.

However, because we were outnumbered and more people agreed, we ended up continuing our concert.

"What the hell is this fun when we're together again. It's fun to know singing in class like this, after all, it's not class time, right?” said Mawar.

"That's right.. it's fun to get together like this. Then we will not meet again. So make as many memories as possible," Rio replied.

I am with the approval of other friends. Finally, I just gave up. After continuing the rah-rah in class. Suddenly the classroom door swung wide open. The wind came into the classroom and hit our faces.

"BRAKKK ..," said the door.

We all turned to the open door. The atmosphere turned gloomy. Anton approached the door intending to close it.

However, when he walked to the door he fell silent.

"What's wrong ton?," I shouted.

He just stood there staring blankly ahead. We were also curious about Anton's strange behavior.

"Yep.. want to pretend to scare us huh?, won't work, "said Nayla.

Anton remained motionless. There was a child who finally grabbed Anton's shoulder to ask what happened.

"Ton, are you okay?" Salman said while holding his shoulder.

Anton slowly turned to Salman. It became very strange. With a glaring gaze at him, he smiled a smile full of dark aura.

We were surprised and started calling his name over and over again. Salman who saw his face then ran behind.

Anton suddenly walked to the front of the class and picked up the speaker. He threw the speaker until it shattered. We just screamed in fear.

Anton passed out and was unconscious. We never discussed the incident again. From that day on, we never played at school until late at night.

Maybe the example of the short horror short story above can give you goosebumps with fear. From the example of the horror short story, you can make a short story with a similar theme and even more frightening if it is based on your true story. Good luck.





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