[Collection] Examples of Short Love Short Stories Full of Meaning

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Love stories are very popular with readers. The story is able to provide a romantic atmosphere so that the reader also drifts into the story. The following is an example of a short meaningful love short story.

In this article, we will present examples of love short stories that make you get carried away with feelings that you can relate to in life. You can also take lessons from this love short story example.

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1. Examples of Love Short Stories: Love is Blocked by Fate

Examples of Short Stories Love Love Blocked by Fate

I've had my feelings for him for a long time. However, this is not unrequited love. I also feel he also likes me but fate says otherwise.

I am Nila who just finished high school. Thankfully I got into my favorite college through a scholarship. People often call me The Geek because I rarely socialize.

When I entered college, I ventured to register as a teaching assistant. I was accepted along with my five other majors, one of whom was Alex. He is the smartest student in his class. Everyone was jealous of him and kept their distance from him.

They thought he was too arrogant, but it wasn't for me. He only always expresses his knowledge when talking to other people. For me, he is just happy to be able to share his knowledge with other people.

"Lex, can you help me? I need to correct my 2017 quiz answers," I asked Alex when I met him at the campus gazebo.

"Can.. when? Just finish Physics class, okay?" he answered.

I really rely on him more than other teaching assistant friends. He was so sensitive when I needed help. Once when I was preparing power point material for a presentation. He helped me without asking.

Unlike the others, the ignorant one didn't even do his duty as an assistant and left me to do it alone.

Our relationship is getting closer. So comfortable, I can express my complaints. I didn't do this to the others. My feelings begin to grow when he always pays attention to me.

"Nil, I'll help you bring it to class,"

"Nil, hurry up and sit here, someone will take the seat,"

"Nil, let's eat first. Work later. Wait, I'm hungry,"

Those words made my heart beat faster. Maybe I'm lazy but I don't know. Something happened that made me like him even more. At that time, I was assigned to be in charge of material in class.

However, I made a mistake with another material so I panicked.

"Nil, the materials for today are ready, right?" said the lecturer.

I just froze. However, Alex came up to me and asked if I had a problem.

"What's wrong with you? Come on, let's start class later, I'm part of the operator, "he said.

When Alex turned to head for class, I subconsciously tugged at his sleeve.

"Alex.. what should I do, I'm afraid the lecturer will scold me,” I said looking at his face pitifully.

I saw the worried look on his face and then I told him all my problems. Finally he thought of a solution.

"Don't worry Nil, for today, I'll be the PJ. Just let your schedule roll with me. I think I understand this material so I can explain it to students,” he said.

He then quickly learned the material to be presented. After replacing me, I thanked him very much.

"You don't need to thank Nile. That's my job," he said smiling.

"Even though your job is to become an assistant principal, I want to keep ..," I said, not finished.

"No, it's not like that. I mean, it's my job to help you," he said cheerfully.

"You mean.. what?" I said surprised.

Before they could finish speaking, suddenly the lecturer came and gave assignments for the next ASDOS project. For days I remember what Alex said. I wanted to ask him when I was in college but I rarely saw him anymore.

Our class is different now and I'm thinking maybe he's in the championship. However, how surprised I was when the lecturer said that Alex did an exchange student abroad.

He never told me that before. At that time, I was really upset, it felt heartbroken. However, one time I got a letter from him. In his letter, he said that Alex missed me.

Actually, he didn't go out of the country but underwent his cancer treatment. I who heard it was very shocked.

“I want to help you with your ASDOs assignment again. I want to give you my attention. I want to say something about my feelings. Maybe someday I'll be able to say it. Wait for me, until I finish fighting," he said.

I unconsciously shed tears. There was nothing I could do, so I just waited and waited even though it was the last letter I got after he left.

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2. Example of a short love story: Running to meet you

Example of short love story running to meet you

My name is Dewi Lestari. I am an 18 year old child. I am known for being gentle. My family is also very simple. So, there's no reason for me to be arrogant.

One morning I was in a hurry while running to school, then accidentally collided with a male figure in front of me.

"Sorry.. I'm in a hurry, goodbye," I said quickly running away from him without seeing his face. It's not what it means, it's because of that bastard school bell that keeps on freaking me out.

Luckily I wasn't too late to survive the punishment of standing on the flagpole. When I take a break I immediately invite my friends to eat.

"Let's eat in the cafeteria," I said.

"Eh, you just eat first Les. We are still doing homework for Mr. Doni's class,"

"Ha? Haven't you done your PR yet? Haha, it's not called homework if it's done at school, what can I do," I teased.

Because I was ignored, I ended up going to the canteen alone. When I was eating suddenly someone approached me.

"Hey, can I sit here?" asked the man.

The smile that crept from his lips was able to make me not blink. His face looks stern but his gentle smile makes me feel at ease.

"Uh, sorry who?, I asked.

"I'm Adam, didn't we meet in front of the school gate?" he asked.

"Hah? When? You seem to have the wrong person," I answered quickly.

"You hit me right?" he said.

It was only then that I realized that he was the person I bumped into this morning. I immediately apologized to him and invited him to sit down.

I got to know him and we got closer. I initially only thought of him as a friend because there was no way he had feelings for me. One day, I didn't go to school because I was sick, then suddenly Adam called me.


"Hey Les, what's wrong with you? I'm at your house huh ..," Adam asked.

“No need… I've calmed down. Tomorrow I might come in," I replied with a cough. Actually, that afternoon my body was very hot, my mother and father were not at home because there was an office meeting.

So, that day I was completely alone.

"I'm there huh? I'll invite other friends too," Adam asked to persuade me.

Suddenly my head was very dizzy. I can't answer Adam's question. My body went limp and finally dropped my phone.

"Les, stay safe.. why not answer? Are you okay?" Adam asked frantically.

"Tutt.. tutt.., "the phone line was cut off. Adam decided to go to my house. When he arrived he started knocking on the door. However, there is no answer. So panicked, finally, he called the security guard to take the spare key and the door opened.

Adam found me lying limp in bed.

“Lestariii wake up… are you okay? Good grief.. your body is so hot Let me take you to the hospital," he said.

My eyes opened, I heard a faint voice calling my name. He is Adam.

"Sustainable.. thank goodness you're awake. You just make me worried," he said

I saw his hand holding mine. It feels so warm. I don't want him to let go.

"Why is that? Why are you so concerned about me?” I asked.

"I.. I love you Lestari," he replied.

"Don't joke, I can't be fooled by anyone. How could you like me even though our classes are so different. You see for yourself my small and dilapidated house,” I said.

"I'm serious. I realize it now. But, I don't know since when this feeling grows. Maybe since the first time I met you. I keep thinking about you," Adam said.

From that day on, we finally became a couple. Yes, people I know because I'm late for school. I'm glad I got to meet him.

Just try if I'm not late, maybe we won't get to know each other. Just try if I'm not sick, maybe he doesn't realize his feelings. Behind the difficulties there must be something sweet.

3. Examples of Love Short Stories: Friends I Love

Example of a short story about the love of a friend I love

I've been liking it for a long time. I was in college and and had a classmate named Kevin.

At first we were normal. However, due to our absence, we are next to each other. As a result, we often become one group to do various campus assignments.

"Ni, I'll be at your house this afternoon okay? We study together," he said.

"You can, but bring your own snacks, okay? don't finish my snack," I joked.

We are used to that. My relationship with him feels more like a friend. He also often drove me home when I wasn't picked up.

My parents also knew him well. It doesn't feel like it's third grade and nearing graduation. My school plans to have a party with the concept of prom night.

This is an opportunity for young people to express their feelings at the party. A lot of people ask me to go to prom night. However, I turned them down because I secretly wanted Kevin to invite me.

"Ni, who do you want to go with?" Kevin asked interrupting my thoughts.

"I? You're asking me?" I replied awkwardly.

"It's time to ask the wall over there. So with who?" he asked

"I don't know, why? You want to invite me?” I said a little hopeful.

"If I said yes, would you?" he asked, scratching his head.

I looked at him deeply and asked why he invited me.

"The others are not fun. I'm just comfortable with you. Moreover, there I want to eat for free. If I bring someone else, of course I have to be a jaim," he said flatly.

Hearing that made me snort in disgust. It turned out that he didn't seem to think of me as a woman, so I finally decided to reject him by saying that he had made an appointment with someone else.

The event then took place, I was with the person I rejected earlier, Nanda. Meanwhile Kevin came alone. No wonder, he really only wanted to eat for free, I thought.

Nanda then asked me to listen to the concert, at first I refused but because I felt sorry for him I finally complied. Kevin saw me from a distance then approached me. He pulled my hand.

"Nia.. Come on, come on.. I want to talk."

In a quiet place, he looked at me with an annoyed expression.

“You… really, time to hang out with Nanda. In fact, I already invited you. Do you prefer him?” he asked.

I wonder why he could be so angry. Finally, Kevin said that he liked me. I heard it surprised and happy at the same time. I'm ashamed to say I have the same feeling.

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4. Examples of Love Short Stories: Hijrah Brings Love

Examples of Short Stories Love Hijrah Brings Love

I was originally a hooded girl. I like wearing cool clothes with ripped pants. My hobby is hanging out with friends even late at night. My father warned me many times but I did not heed. Until his death came.

Since my father's death, I have changed. I carry out my father's mandate to wear the hijab even though I know it still doesn't purify my heart. I remember my father's message to get a godly mate. But, I'm a little desperate.

With my naughty past is there any godly man who accepts me? I don't think so.

However, when I just got home from my study, something funny happened. My sandals are missing so I'm confused to find them. I've been looking for almost an hour but can't find it.

"Sorry, what are you looking for? Can I help you?” he said.

"Oh that's okay, here are my lost sandals, maybe they were confused with someone else," I replied.

The man finally helped me find it. However, haven't found it yet.

"Ma'am, just wear my sandals then, my house is close so I can move," he said.

At first I refused but he kept pushing until I finally put it on. I thank you very much and promise to return it later.

That's where I got to know him. He also visited my house and invited me to study. How happy I was when I found out that he was a muezzin and memorized the Qur'an. I can't believe I was able to get it maybe it was all thanks to my father's prayers.

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5. Example of Love Short Story: Unrequited Love

Examples of Short Stories of Unrequited Love

I hate my friend's behavior. He is Rahman who always bothers me. He often made fun of me and said I was a geeky girl.

"Hey geek.. where are you? Do you want to learn? Can it be successful?” he asked.

I was annoyed to see him act like that. Because of him, my classmates also often make fun of me. Finally, I feel often bullied. However, my mentality is not that weak. I always managed to fight them.

One day, I saw Rahman was bleeding on his knee from playing football. I'm a PMR kid and it's possible to cure him. Moreover, in my bag there are already bandages and wound healing equipment.

I was a little hesitant to help him. However, seeing him moaning in pain on the sidelines made my humanity beat my ego. I approached him and bandaged his wound.

He just looked at me and felt prestige at first.

"Stop it, why help me?" he asked.

"Shut up.. If it's not treated, it can become infected," I answered nonchalantly.

Since then, his attitude has changed drastically. He no longer bothers me and if any of my friends make fun of him he defends. I was surprised by his attitude.

"Actually, I have liked you for a long time. So, to get your attention I often make fun of you," he said.

“However, after you paid attention to me I realized that my behavior was wrong. I'm sorry," he added.

I can only freeze maybe right now I just want to get to know him more. I can't reciprocate his feelings just yet. For now.

Various collections of examples of love short stories that have been reviewed above, can be used as a source of your inspiration in making short stories. The examples of love short stories above have various themes of love, be it separation, love at school, religion, etc.



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