[Collection] Attitudes and Behaviors of Love for the Motherland

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The Indonesian people call all land and seas belonging to Indonesia their homeland. Loving the homeland is the obligation of every citizen as the embodiment of defending the country as contained in the 1945 Constitution. Then, what are some examples of love for the homeland that need to be done?

Cultivating a sense of love for the homeland is very important for the Indonesian people in order to maintain and protect the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia. There are various concrete forms to show a citizen's love for Indonesia as described below.

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The meaning of love for the country

The meaning of love for the country

In simple terms, love for the homeland refers to a person's love for the country where he was born. It can be said that love for the homeland is the instinct of every citizen that comes from an impulse or natural disposition from birth.

From that place of birth, a person is raised and gets whatever he needs so that his life is well fulfilled. This love grows by itself and must still be honed so that it does not fade so that it can continue to show eternal loyalty to the homeland.

According to the KBBI, love for the homeland is defined as a feeling that arises from the heart of a citizen to willing to devote themselves, participate in maintaining, protecting and defending their homeland from all forms of disturbance.

Furthermore, the Ministry of National Education also provides a definition of love for the homeland, namely the way of thinking, behaving and acting as a person a real form of concern, loyalty and appreciation for national identity, the environment and socio-economic life nation.

Not only in the form of feelings from the heart, love for the homeland means showing real actions. One example of an attitude of love for the homeland that is easy to do is feel proud to buy and use domestically made products to support the smooth running of the MSME economy.

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Why Should You Have Love for the Motherland?

Why Must Have Love for the Motherland

Love for the homeland does not have a form, but is manifested in a strong determination to prevent disturbances and threats. That way, Indonesia remains a safe, comfortable and peaceful place to live without being controlled by foreign parties.

There are 3 strong reasons to encourage every citizen to increase love for the homeland, including:

a. Indonesia's Location is Very Strategic

It should be realized that Indonesia's geographical potential is very high. This is because the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is at the crossroads of world traffic and intercontinental trade routes. If the love that drives efforts to defend the country is reduced, then Indonesia is in danger of being controlled by other countries.

b. Indonesia Rich Country

Love for the homeland means a feeling of pride in owning the territory of Indonesia and being born as an Indonesian citizen so that there is a determination to maintain the country for mutual prosperity and prosperity. This feeling must be owned by every Indonesian citizen, especially Indonesia is a rich country.


There are so many natural resources in Indonesia, ranging from marine products, forests, petroleum, coal, gold, silver to natural gas. The potential of these abundant natural resources needs to be used wisely and maintained so that they can be enjoyed for a long time.

c. Multicultural Society

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is a motto that shows that Indonesia is a multicultural society. There are many tribes, religions, customs and cultures that can be found in Indonesia.

The love for the homeland that is owned by every citizen will encourage mutual respect for differences, tolerance and tolerance. That way, the integrity of the country will be maintained thanks to the creation of a harmonious life.

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How to Cultivate an Attitude of Love for the Homeland

Love for the homeland needs to be nurtured so that it is not easily lost when influenced by the culture of other nations. The ways to cultivate love for the homeland include:

a. Getting to Know History

Even though you are independent, you should never forget the history of the Indonesian people. By knowing and studying history, we can understand the enormous sacrifice of heroes to liberate Indonesia from foreign parties.

b. Civic education

Studying Citizenship Education material is a way to foster an attitude of love for the homeland, especially for students. This is because a lot of the material contained focuses on the meaning and nature of love for the homeland, nationalism and defending the country.

c. Getting to Know Natural Wealth

Honing your love for your homeland can also be done by knowing how much potential natural wealth you have. By realizing that Indonesia's natural resources are very abundant, it will appear the spirit to manage them properly.

d. Getting to Know Cultural Diversity

Indonesia is known as a country with a diverse culture. By knowing the culture of this country, love will grow in the heart. This love also encourages a person to maintain and respect each culture.

e. Using Local Products

An attitude of love for the homeland can be fostered by getting used to using locally made products. Not only respecting domestic entrepreneurs, consuming authentic Indonesian products can also strengthen the nation's economy.

f. Visiting Historic Sites

In addition to reading the history of the nation from books, also take the time to visit historical places in Indonesia. Historic places must store objects or other evidence that is a silent witness to heroic events in the past.

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Examples of Love for the Motherland in Various Environments

The following are real examples of attitudes that show love for the homeland in different environments:

1. Community Environment

Community Environment

Examples of patriotism in the community include:

  • Obey all the regulations that apply in a society;
  • Prioritizing the interests of the general public rather than personal interests alone;
  • Demonstrate discipline in various matters relating to the interests of the general public;
  • Do not tarnish the good name of a community;
  • Help actively to maintain security and order in the community;
  • Using the Indonesian language according to the rules when in official forums in the community;
  • Respect other people's religions and beliefs without disturbing them when they are worshiping;
  • Prioritizing buying products made by local people even though some are more expensive;
  • Do not start things that cause discord or division in the community;
  • Maintain and utilize public facilities so that they can be enjoyed by everyone for a longer time;
  • Respect the national identity, namely the red and white flag, the symbol of the eagle and the anthem Indonesia Raya;
  • Make an active contribution in supervising the running of the government by helping to correct what is wrong in society;
  • Give the best vote at the time of the general election and avoid abstentions.

2. Family environment

Family environment

Furthermore, here are some examples of patriotism in the family or home environment that need to be applied:

  • Comply with the rules that are usually applied in the home environment;
  • Respect both parents and other family members who are older;
  • Maintain the good name of the family;
  • Helping both parents to complete household chores, even minor ones such as sweeping, washing dishes or cleaning windows;
  • Respect the differences of opinion that sometimes arise;
  • Maintain wholeness and harmonious home life;
  • Provide assistance to family members who are in trouble.

3. School environment

School environment

Examples of patriotism in the school environment include:

  • Participate in learning activities at school with a strong spirit;
  • Participate in the flag ceremony, use full ceremonial attributes and sing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and other national anthems earnestly;
  • Comply with the rules that apply in the school environment;
  • Participate in non-academic activities in schools according to interests and talents;
  • Memorizing Pancasila and the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution while simultaneously living the content in it so that it can be applied in life;
  • Respect differences and do not discriminate against friends at school;
  • Respect the fathers and mothers of teachers at school;
  • Dispose of garbage in the place provided and clean the classroom and school environment;
  • Not grabbing queues at the canteen or other places in the school;
  • Demonstrate high enthusiasm to master academic and non-academic abilities;
  • Participate in competitions according to talent and expertise to make the name of the school proud and the name of the nation.

There are many examples of love for the homeland that need to be familiarized in the community, school and family environment. The greater the love for the homeland, the higher the sense of attachment and the urge to be willing to sacrifice for Indonesia.





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