KineMaster Pro Apk Without Watermark and Root (Unlocked)

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KineMaster Pro – Yes, the trend of becoming a Youtuber has been increasing lately. Many people are obsessed with making their best videos and then uploading them for more people to see. Unfortunately, not everyone has a capable device such as a laptop with high specifications so that when editing they don't experience any lag at all.

Fortunately, now there are applications for video editing that can be used on Android phones. With this application, you can easily manipulate videos and images to make them look perfect. Furthermore, the finished video can be immediately uploaded to Youtube or other social media. Oh yes, one of the best apps for editing is Kinemaster Pro APK.

Kinemaster Pro Apk Review

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Kinemaster Pro is an application on Android phones that is used to edit various types of videos or images the results are perfect. The features offered are quite numerous and complete, even almost matching the editing applications that are widely used on the desktop.

In general, Kinemaster on Playstore is free and can be used anytime. You can download, create an account, and make edits right away. The features offered consist of:

  • Videos can be saved with a certain size and then to various social media that you use.
  • The free version of Kinemaster has excellent features such as combining many media elements such as videos, images, music, to stickers into one.
  • Sound editing effects are also provided from the usual to voiceover or dubbing.
  • Set the speed of the video whether you want to slow down like slow motion or speed it up.
  • Unlimited layers.
  • Many resolution options when saving and much more.

Unfortunately the video generated from Kinemaster This free version has a watermark in the bottom right corner. If you want to upload it to social media, it certainly looks unprofessional. To get rid of the watermark, you have to subscribe to the premium version which is usually quite good, which is around IDR 70 thousand a month and IDR 450 thousand per year.

Android Specs for Kinemaster Pro Apk


Kinemaster Pro APK is a free version which has many advantages. One of the advantages is that it removes the watermark element when uploading videos. If you use the original APK version there will be additional costs as discussed earlier. However, this version is free and can be used at any time.

Then what about the criteria for its Android phone? In general, a cellphone that can be used must have the following conditions.

  • You cannot use Android phones with version 4.2 and below. Try a new version like Lollipop, Marshmallow, or Oreo.
  • The chipset used must be good, at least it can be used to open the video to be made. If you can view HD videos above 720p, chances are your phone can make videos with the same resolution.
  • The phone battery must be large considering the preview feature will activate automatically. This means that the performance of the phone will be really boosted. Power will be consumed a lot so the battery runs out quickly.
  • The RAM used on some phones is at least 2 GB and the average is 3 GB and above. With the innards of a phone like this, editing videos is so much easier.

Download the Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk Application

Kinemaster Pro is a premium version of the regular Kinemaster which all features are unlocked. So, don't just remove the watermark. The Kinemaster Pro version itself has more than one type because the modders (people who do the MOD) are different. The following are the types of applications in full.

  1. Kinemaster Pro Mod


Kinemaster Pro Mod is a modified version of the first or generally discussed in this article. There are no fundamental changes to the application because those who make modifications only include a kind of patch so that it can be used fully and there is no watermark. Other features of this app consist of:

  • Combines video, text, and image elements.
  • Access unlimited stickers, effects, music.
  • Can crop video frame by frame.
  • Can record directly.
  • Voice filter feature to make changes
  • Unlimited layers.
  • Social media integration for easy sharing.
  • Video speed control to speed up or slow down.

The latest version of Kinemaster Pro Mod is 4.13.2. The size is not too big, only about 45 MB. If you need an application that is no different from the original version, you can download it Download Kinemaster Pro.

  1. Indonesian Kinemaster


The latest version of Kinemaster Indonesia is version 7. Some phones that cannot install and use this version are recommended to use version 5 only. Usually, almost all modern Android phones can be used to open this SatriyhaID modified application. (You can download the Kinemaster Indonesia application here)

The advantage of this version of Kinemaster is that it uses Indonesian by default. This means that all features have been translated so that you are easy to operate. Furthermore, layer features are not restricted. You can make videos with quality up to 4K and 60 FPS. Other built-in features include:

  • Watermark removal.
  • Ability to reverse and cut 0.1 second accuracy.
  • Not stuck when used to edit and render.
  • Attractive application interface.
  • Can create unlimited layers in the created video.
  1. Cyber ​​Kinemaster


Another version of Kinemaster Pro is named Cyber ​​Kinemaster. This application has full features and matches the original version. It's just that the interface design is slightly different. You become like not using a standard application. Moreover, various logos and other buttons are made more attractive to make it easier for you to make various types of videos.

The plus value of Cyber ​​Kinemaster that makes many people use it lies in the features below.

  • Remove watermark on video.
  • There is a 16:9 aspect according to modern phones down to the box or a 1:1 ratio.
  • This app makes it easy for you to combine multiple images and save them at up to 1440p and 30 FPS.
  • Adding and merging layers is not restricted.
  • Can edit the green screen to insert a background.
  • Can share to many social media, especially Youtube.

You can download Cyber ​​Kinemaster Download.

  1. Kinemaster Premiere


In general, what is in Kinemaster Premiere is the same as the original version. It's just that the interface design is quite drastically different. If you like using Adobe Premiere on your desktop, it's more or less the same. Using Kinemaster Premiere allows you to edit videos like on a computer.

Although generally the same, there are some excellent features that make this application worth using. Consist of:

  • There is no watermark or watermark on the created video.
  • It supports quite a number of video formats such as H256. This format makes the video quality maintained even though the size is not too large.
  • In addition, the application also supports reverse video or videos that are played upside down so that it looks more unique.
  • Can access to premium editing assets
  • Can share to many social media that are currently trending.
  • There is a feature to do slow motion or slow motion.
  • Automatic preview for easy video editing.
  • Change the mood and color of the video instantly.

Kinemaster Premiere also has many custom fonts. So, you can add a lot of writing in the form that suits your needs, for example a font that you like. Want to try using this app? You can download it here.

  1. Kinemaster Diamond


All premium and MOD versions of the Kinemaster application definitely produce videos without watermarks. In addition, in this Diamond version there are many other features consisting of:

  • Interesting transition options. So between one scene and another, it's not like it's cut off.
  • The finished video can be directly shared on social media or uploaded on Youtube.
  • Layers or layers can be merged or added indefinitely.
  • Added Project Assistant
  • The quality of the video made is high definition or HD
  • No ads interrupting the editing process.
  • Various interesting effects including changing the voice to be unique

You can get premium video editing apps Kinemaster Diamond here.

  1. Kinemaster Mod Gold


Kinemaster Mod Gold offers full features because all components of the original version are already unlocked. You can do image editing and take advantage of some of the features below.

  • Layer or layers to merge media is not limited.
  • Can do 3D transition effects.
  • Enlarge or reduce video objects.
  • Sound settings to increase, decrease, and remove
  • Can adjust the speed of the video created.

The difference between Kinemaster Mod Gold and the other types above is the gold-colored interface design. Get the app Kinemaster Mod Gold through that link.

  1. Download Kinemaster Pro Apk Other Types

  • Kinemaster Pro Apk Version 8 Prime:
  • Kinemaster Pro Apk Version 9 GP:
  • Kinemaster Pro Apk Version 10 GP:
  • Kinemaster Pro Apk V11:

Advantages of Kinemaster Pro

After discussing the various types of modification applications from Kinemaster Pro now we discuss the advantages of other applications in general. If you use one of the applications above, the advantages below can be obtained.

  • The application integrates directly with the social media you have.
  • It's easy to add various animation components in it. Moreover, there are no layer restrictions imposed on the mod version.
  • All effects owned by the paid version of Kinemaster are unlocked. You can tamper with your own videos for maximum results.
  • The transition effects provided look professional in either 2D or 3D types.
  • The interface design is very simple in all kinds.
  • There is a color and brightness adjustment feature on the video. So, you can make videos with certain color modes that are interesting and will make the video more lively.
  • Perfect audio editing. You can increase or decrease the sound. In addition there are also sound effects that make the original sound like the sound of animals or others.
  • Various features and controls in the application are already in Indonesian.
  • Can be used to open various types of video formats. Suppose you want to edit a video with a video extension other than .mp4 or .mkv. Applications can still read and later saved in a different format.
  • Adding motion blur elements and automatically focusing on objects.
  • No ads at all, editing is more convenient.

Editing videos from your phone is a bit of a challenge and requires a lot of patience. Moreover, you have to add a lot of certain elements and layers so that the video results are perfect. If using Kinemaster Pro APKs, You can do everything easily and the results are without any annoying watermarks.

The Kinemaster apps discussed above are all free as they are the result of a MOD or alteration. Make sure to always update your phone's security features to avoid viruses or the like. Also make sure to download from a trusted source so as not to cause problems in the future.

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