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Understanding what identification needs to be well known, so that the information search process can be carried out properly. The identification process can be done in two ways, the first is by imitating other sources or people. The second way is to collect related data.

The word identification is certainly familiar, because it is often mentioned in the television media. Identification needs to be done to find out information related to the facts of something, or someone. Identification can be related to psychology and occurs because of the motivation and suggestion in a person.

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What is Identification?

What is identification

What is identification in general is an act or process of seeking, finding, researching, and recording information and data relating to facts, things, or someone.

Identification can also be said as a form of social interaction that occurs in society, where a person has a unique desire or tendency to be like the figure of another person who is admired or idolized. According to the KBBI, identification can be explained in three terms as follows.

  • A psychological process that occurs in a person, in which the related person impatiently imagines himself resembling a person who is admired and imitates that person's behavior.
  • ID or proof of self.
  • Determination of the identity of a person, object, and others.

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Shape Identification

Shape Identification

In social and cultural sciences, identification is a process within a person by imitating the behavior of other people who are admired. This makes the person soulful, and have very similar personalities and characters. Here are some forms of identification.

1. Ethnic Identification

This form of identification generally occurs in a particular ethnic group. An example is when there are many Chinese or Chinese descendants who are high in Java.

So use the Java language to speak everyday. This is done so that they can communicate and blend in well with the surrounding environment.

2. Class Identification

This form of class identification occurs in certain social classes. For example, a student or student imitates the behavior of a lecturer or teacher he admires.

3. Development Identification

This form of identification has a positive effect on a person. Where when someone who used to depend on others, has now become more independent.

For example, a child who used to depend on his parents experiences self-development and identifies in his life so that he is able to live life more independently.

4. Defensive Identification

This form of identification occurs because of a person's fear of something. For example, a timid child identifies himself to be a fighter so that he is able to face the fear of others.

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Identification Process


Identification can have a sociological meaning with the aim of being like other people or people who are admired. Meanwhile, in terms of activities, identification is an activity of researching, searching, and collecting information related to the object.

In accordance with its meaning, the identification process may run differently depending on what goals are desired. This needs to be known because it is closely related to what identification is in detail. Based on the meaning, the identification process is carried out as follows.

1. Identify the Imitating Process

Identify the Imitating Process

Identification can be said as the process of imitating the figure of someone who is liked. This process will usually begin with the occurrence of imitation. In the imitation phase, a person will only be limited to having a sense of admiration for one's physique.

However, when it has entered the identification stage, the condition will be more serious by placing oneself in the same position as that person.

Generally, imitation occurs for a certain period of time and is permanent. While imitation that continues to occur in the long term can lead to identification. If not addressed immediately, it can be permanent and affect a person's identity.


When a child likes a certain character, for example his father. Then he will behave similarly to his father. Starting from how to talk, dress, to walk.

Identification is the accumulation of imitating actions that are carried out for a long time so that they can have an impact on a person's personality.

2. Identification of Data Collection Process

Identification of Data Collection Process

Identification can also be defined as a process for collecting data. In order to obtain clearer information related to information, an identification process needs to be carried out. With this activity, the decision-making process based on existing facts can be carried out more easily.

The method that can be used to obtain information regarding a person is through DNA. To find DNA results, it takes samples such as teeth, nails, blood, or other body parts from related people.

However, if you want to get information from a deceased person, then the sample is taken from the skeleton.

For example:

Through a DNA test, all data related to a person's detailed information will be collected. Later the DNA results will be matched with close relatives such as mothers, children, or fathers. Through these activities, information about a person can be shown more clearly.

The identification process using DNA has the highest level of accuracy. This is the reason that makes this method suitable to be used to find the identity of disaster victims.

The longer, the identification method is growing so that the data collection process can be done more easily. Increasingly sophisticated methods can facilitate the collection of accurate information.

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Collection of Identification Examples

Collection of Identification Examples

The identification process based on psychology can have a positive and negative impact on a person. It depends on what kind of person he idolizes. Here are some examples of identification that can happen to someone.

  • A child who admires BTS so that he dreams of becoming a famous singer when he grows up.
  • A famous musician like Armand Maulana has a distinctive style that makes his fans amazed. As a result, many fans position themselves as if they were Armand Maulana, starting from the hairstyle, stage action, to the way he sings.
  • Someone who changes his appearance just to fit and resemble his favorite artist.
  • A child loves watching a television show singing talent search. This activity will eventually make the child identify his desire to become a singer in the future.
  • Indonesian people really like the blusukan style carried out by President Jokowi. This makes other political figures imitate the activities carried out.
  • A child tends to imitate the behavior of his parents. Apart from being a sailing process, this happens because children admire their parents and try to imitate them.
  • A child who is very close and close to his father so that he identifies himself to be like his father figure.
  • A man did a lot of plastic surgery procedures to look like Michael Jackson. In addition, the man also practiced singing and behaved the same as his idol.
  • Most of the ethnic Chinese who have lived in Surabaya for a long time use Javanese in their daily lives. This is an example of the process of ethnic identification in order to interact well with the surrounding environment.

By understanding what identification is, the process of establishing the identity of an individual, fact, object, or other object can be done more easily. It can also help to collect data information related to certain objects.





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