7 Examples of Short Lecture Texts on various Themes


Lectures are one way to convey messages that are beneficial to many people in certain events. The text of a short lecture can be used as a reference in conducting lectures and of course the content of the lecture can be useful and provide solutions for many people.

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Short Lecture Text About Ikhlas

Short Lecture Text About Ikhlas

Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings..

Praise be to Allah SWT who has given mercy and blessings to all of us. Shalawat and greetings are also conveyed to our great Prophet Muhammad SAW so that we can all live by the guidelines and instructions in Islam until now.

Dear guests, God bless you,

Sincerity becomes an attitude of detachment from the practices we do. Every practice without sincerity is like a traveler carrying provisions like sand. That is, the provision is useless and only burdensome.

Sincerity can be analogous to working without asking for wages. This high practice makes worship that hopes for heaven not counted as sincere because there is still hope. However, that level was already very high compared to some commoners.

Not that hoping for heaven and fearing hell are bad things. Imam Ghazali explained that doing charity hoping for heaven is legal and can make a deed accepted. He also said, sincerity is the purity of intention from things that can pollute it.

There are many forms of sincerity in our lives such as sincere in work, sincere in worship, sincere in giving charity and others. Allah SWT says in Surah Al-Baniyah: "They were not ordered except to give religion to Him."

The verse explains that a Muslim must be sincere in religion and carry out worship not only because he needs it but because of the obligation to carry it out

If we worship because we need it, then we really do it with all our heart. It is different if we worship because of obligation, we may not be able to do it wholeheartedly. Therefore, let's reflect on our worship so far.

Sincerity is certainly important to apply in everyday life, especially when you get a disaster. With sincerity, of course we will not easily complain or protest to Allah SWT. Finally, hopefully we are among those who are given a sincere heart.

A few short lectures today hopefully can provide great benefits for all of us. Wassalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Short Lecture Text About Education

Short Lecture Text About Education

Praise and gratitude we pray to Allah SWT because we can all gather together without lacking anything. Today's weather is cloudy, but hopefully it won't reduce our solemnity today.

The challenges faced by teachers in the teaching and learning process during this pandemic are quite difficult. We try to convey the material without meeting physically. Disruptive internet network, students who fall asleep, miscommunication often occurs.

But, believe me, everyone finds it difficult at times like this. Our job as teachers is to teach as much as we can. As Ki Hadjar Dewantara said, “A child grows and lives according to his nature. Educators can only guide and care for the growth of that nature.”

We, as educators, are only guides. Our students each have the ability to grow and develop. I believe that one of the joys of teachers is to see students develop.

I agree with the words conveyed by Ki Hadjar Dewantara. Indonesia is very diverse starting from the culture, customs and habits of the people in each region. We also cannot impose educational standards in the capital to areas that are not ready.

Of course, each region has its own potential. Every teacher in the area cannot be forced arbitrarily with a system that is usually less in favor of the inner happiness and safety of their respective lives.

A few short lectures that I can convey. Hopefully education in Indonesia will progress further in accordance with what Ki Hadjar Dewantara aspires to.

Short Lecture Text About Covid-19

Short Lecture Text About Covid-19

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Good afternoon and greetings to all of us. Let's say our praise and gratitude for the presence of God Almighty because thanks to His mercy and grace, we can all gather in this place in good health.

Until today we are still in the same condition of the Covid-19 outbreak as yesterday. There have been many victims of this deadly virus. Not infrequently the victims are our own family, our friends, our bosses, or our neighbors.

Right now, we may all be bored with conditions like this, tired of the various problems of the pandemic, virus, corona, and also Covid-19. However, we always remember that the Covid-19 pandemic can only end if we remain enthusiastic, tough and obey health protocols.

When we see people around us violating health protocols, we must remind them. Do not let us be shy and afraid of it. Because violating health protocols can actually make us experience a pandemic longer.

As we know, many colleagues and health workers have lost their lives due to this corona virus. So, do not make their departure in vain. Always apply the best possible health protocols so there are no more victims.

We certainly can and are able to get out of this pandemic period. Of course, as long as we work well together, don't underestimate the pandemic and always apply health protocols wherever and whenever.

Finally, so many short lectures that I can convey. Let us return to work for humanity especially at this time. Thank you Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Short Lecture Text About Humility

Short Lecture Text About Humility

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

In fact, we have claimed to be pious Muslims. Therefore, every attitude and behavior should be a reflection of the morals of the believer. As for a moral character who believes, they are those who are not arrogant and are always humble or in Arabic called Tawadlu.

The nature of this tawadlu is of course very noble and commendable. The nature of tawadlu is a means of finding happiness in this world and in the hereafter. Those who are always humble in every association will be safe. They will be liked by others and will be free from sin if they always have faith.


Dear guests, God bless you,

People can be said to have the nature of tawadlu seen from their daily behavior and speech. They always take care not to hurt other people's hearts. Therefore they will try not to brag.

Their mouths are always restrained so as not to say words that hurt other people's hearts. Even though they were insulted, they still apologized sincerely and understood.

In the Hadith Qudsi explains, Allah says, "The great nature is My clothes and the great nature is" my clothes, then whoever picks them up (arrogantly) will be thrown into hell and not I care."

People who have a humble nature, either to God or to fellow humans, then they will feel the glory that comes from God. Prophet SAW. said, "Whoever humbles his heart, that is, is humble, Allah will raise his rank and vice versa."

Distinguish between arrogant people and humble people. People who are arrogant even if only a little in their hearts, Allah will not enter heaven.

Rasulullah SAW. has said, "He will not enter Paradise in whose heart there is pride, even if it is only as big as a seed of spinach."

Humility is one of the characteristics of a good Muslim. Therefore, in our association and towards people, we should be friendly and not arrogant. Bragging is meaningless especially if we only expect praise,

Arrogance will actually make many people sick and hate it, while being humble or tawadlu Of course, it will make us many friends and later in the hereafter Allah will raise the degree of glory.

I conclude today's short talk. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Short Lecture About Alms

Short Lecture About Alms

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh..

Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin, thanks to the presence of God Almighty who has given us all the grace as well as sustenance as well as health so that we can gather and listen to a short cult about alms on the day this.

We also don't forget to say sholawat and greetings to the Prophet Muhammad SAW and to his family and followers until the end of time.

On this occasion, I will deliver a short lecture about alms. Alms is a form of gratitude for the sustenance that Allah SWT has given us all. The more sustenance we give to charity, the more virtue we will get.

The advice of alms applies to every Muslim. Alms is a form of concern for people who are experiencing difficulties. This act is also a form of gratitude for the various sustenance God has given us all.

Alms can make our efforts to purify the heart. In QS. At Taubah verse 103, Allah SWT says: "Take zakat from some of their wealth, with that zakat you clean and purify them"

In addition, alms can also open the door of sustenance, as according to HR. Ahmad and Tirmidhi:

"Indeed, Abu Dharr asked: "O Messenger of Allah, what is charity?" He replied: "Charity is multiplied and with Allah there is additional."

We get many virtues in giving alms, we can also help others in need or even in trouble and also purify the wealth we have. Therefore, from now on, let's increase alms together.

A few short lectures today may provide benefits for all of us. Wassalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Example of a Short Lecture Text About Free Association

Example of a Short Lecture Text About Free Association

Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Praise and gratitude we don't forget to pray for the presence of Allah SWT who never stops giving grace and guidance to all of us so that we can all gather on this sunny afternoon in good health and happy.

We also don't forget to say shalawat and greetings to our Prophet Muhammad SAW who has distanced Muslims from the period of ignorance and followed the teachings of Islam which is full of prosperity. May we all be united by our Prophet in heaven someday. Amen O Allah.

In today's opportunity, allow me to deliver a short lecture about keeping yourself from promiscuity. Hopefully we can take lessons from what I say today.

Dear guests, God bless you,

Today's association has made us concerned because it deviates from the religious and social values ​​that exist in our society. Until now, teenagers have fallen into promiscuity, such as free sex, alcohol, drugs and many more.

As a result of it all, many of them lost their future. Like drugs, many teenagers who have fallen into using it and will become addicted and also damage the brain. As a result they become addicted to death. Nauzubillahmindzalik.

There are several factors that cause children to fall into promiscuity in society, such as attention from parents who are lacking, family disharmony, bad environment, it could also be due to choosing friends who wrong.

The family is the party that influences the child's psyche because it will build the attitudes and behavior of the teenager. If their condition is not good, then the child's psyche can also be disturbed.

As a result of that, the child will become a person who lacks affection, stubborn when advised and closed so that he tries to seek attention outside the family. In addition, the living environment can also lead to promiscuity in adolescents.

However, if the situation in the family has improved, but the environment around the place of residence is bad, then teenagers will still experience promiscuity.

This could be because the level of interaction will hold more of the share because they will encounter many different people. If you choose the wrong friends, it will also be the cause of falling into promiscuity.

Although it is natural to have friends, we must remain vigilant because friends can also have a bad influence on us. In addition to the positive impact, they can also bring and lead us to many negative things.

Enough of the short lecture today. May we all be given the convenience to keep ourselves from promiscuity. Thank you for listening carefully and sorry if there are errors in the delivery. Wassalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Example of a Short Lecture Text About Sholawat

Example of a Short Lecture Text About Sholawat

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Ladies and gentlemen, God bless you,

Let us not forget to give thanks to Allah SWT for all the blessings and gifts given to us us so that we can all be given the opportunity to attend this lecture in good health and afiat.

As we know, there are many benefits of praying to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In this short lecture I will explain our benefits in reading sholawat.

Someone who likes to pray to the Prophet in his life will be prioritized in the eternal darul later. In accordance with the hadith which contains: "Verily more important for me tomorrow on the Day of Resurrection are those who read more blessings to me."

The next benefit of sholawat is that we will be raised ten times in rank by Allah SWT and will be removed ten times as bad. Reading sholawat every day of course we will get glory and make us believers.

So for Muslims who want to be elevated ten times in rank, then pray to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. A few short lectures about this shalawat I convey. Wassalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

So, above are some short lecture texts that can be used as references in delivering lectures at schools, at mosques, on campus, or anywhere else. May be useful.





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