What is Ray Tracing and How Does It Affect the Gaming World?

Have you ever heard of Ray Tracing technique? If you have expertise in the corrections or filmmaking sector, you are probably no stranger to Ray Tracing.

This Ray Tracing technique is reported to be a trend in the gaming world for the next few years. Is that true and how does Ray Tracing work?

Read a description of Ray Tracing and how it affects the gaming world below.

What is Ray Tracing Technique?

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Ray Tracing is a rendering technique or image creation that allows the replication of light in digital form to be as close as possible to the original character of light when it encounters an object.

The impact made from Ray Tracing will look more alive and real compared to other techniques.

Not only can it look real from the light side, Ray Tracing technique allows images to work actively. This technology can visualize the relationship with virtual objects.

The optical impact caused by Ray Tracing is even more stressful because light will be reflected, absorbed and refracted the same according to the object it encounters.

The Beginning of Ray Tracing

Quoted from lkbh-fhui.id Ray Tracing technology began to exist since the 1960s, while for the first time its use was only carried out in the film Complete Angler in 1979.

The first film to use Ray Tracing in all its effects was Monster University in 2013. This is not easy to do as some frames take 29 hours just to render alone.

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The computer used is also a 55,000-core super computer, so it can be concluded that the Ray Tracing technique is very heavy for ordinary computers to carry out.

What Does It Take To Make Ray Tracing?

Making Ray Tracing is not an easy thing, because this technology needs to be supported because there are strong sources.

Ray Tracing will use special algorithms to be able to convey various optical effects. This is done by searching for the beam path and replicating the relationship with various objects.

Implementation of lighting effects with Ray Tracing can take several months to differ from other rendering techniques. The use of Ray Tracing on cellphones has not been carried out commercially because there are limitations in cellphone hardware.

Ray Tracing Work Steps

The essence of the way the Ray Tracing technique works is the work of reversed light. Your eyes will look for light movement toward the light source, not the other way around.

Ray Tracing technique works by following the footprints from the camera to the pixels on the monitor. This monitor is in the form of an upright plate and flat and is positioned towards the eye of the camera. Later, the computer will consider the color of the object that is visible through the monitor pixels.

Will Ray Tracing Become a Trend in the Gaming World?

Reported from marlinbooking.co.id Ray Tracing technology is predicted to become a trend in the gaming world at a young age. Chipsets and hardware developers for mobile phones have progressed so much that Ray Tracing is getting easier to implement.

One example of a cellphone that can be used as Ray Tracing support is Samsung. With the premium Exynos 2200 chipset, this chipset can bring Ray Tracing technology through AMD RDNA 2 as the developer of the Xclipse GPU.

Now you know what Ray Tracing is and how it works. Even though it's not yet possible, it doesn't mean that in the next few years Ray Tracing won't be a trend in the gaming world. Hopefully this info can pique your curiosity.

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