How to Transfer mTix Balance to Account Easily and Quickly

For those of you who like to watch at the Cinema 21 cinema, of course you know that there is an mTix application to make it easier for you to buy tickets. But, unfortunately sometimes there is more balance left that you don't use again. Do you know how to Transfer mTix Balance to your bank account yet?

Because we recognize that purchasing tickets on mTix can only use the balance in your account. There is no transfer system or pay from the account, right? Then, what if there is a balance remaining?

Can you withdraw it later to your account or maybe not? So that it is not useless, please read how to withdraw this mTix balance. Read on for this review until it's finished!

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Benefits of Remaining mTix Balance

How to transfer mtix balance

Quoted from Actually, apart from withdrawing or resending your mTix balance to your account, you can use that balance for a number of things.

One of them is shopping online with various attractive promotions with merchants who work together. However, what is no less interesting, you can also transfer to an account or to a digital wallet.

You certainly want to know how the trick, right? If it can be transferred via a wallet such as ShopeePay, GoPay, Ovo or Dana, how do you do it? Or, if you want to put it back into your account, what's the trick?

Take it easy, we will review how the trick in the next point. So, you can find out how you can get mTix balance either to your account or to your wallet. Therefore, read again until the end, yes!

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Steps to Transfer mTix Balance To Bank Account

Obtained from If you have a lot of remaining balance in your mTix account and you don't want to buy a ticket to watch it again. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you take or transfer the money back to your bank account. However, you must know how the trick.

So that you are not wrong, therefore you should use the following guidelines:

  • The first time, you have to use the DANA application first.
  • Make sure your DANA number is the same as the cellphone number recorded in your mTix account.
  • Next, you can open or run the mTix application.
  • Activate the DANA feature in the application.
  • Make sure your Mtix is ​​connected to a DANA account.
  • Next, click the Send feature.
  • Define Add Bank Account.
  • You just click mTix Balance.
  • Enter the PIN code so that this business transaction is successful.
  • Next, you just need to open the DANA application.
  • Make sure your data is complete and has been confirmed correctly.
  • Next, click Submit.
  • Enter your bank account number and the amount of money you want to send.
  • Verify this action by entering the DANA account PIN.
  • After.
    How? It's pretty easy to learn how to transfer mTix balances to your account, right? However, it is a bit of a long step that you need to take, because it has not been directly connected to the local bank service.

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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of transferring your mTix balance to this account? In fact, each treatment has its pluses and minuses. And, in this case, the advantages of transferring the mTix balance to the account are:

  • The first thing you have to recognize is that the remaining benefits of this balance can be used for various other purposes.
  • The process of business transactions from the mTix balance to the DANA account does not take some time. It even includes easy, concise and fast.

And the drawbacks are:

  • If you need to buy a ticket to watch it again at another time, of course, you have to be great, repeat it.

Thus the information that we can explore this time. So, if you have any remaining balance and you want to transfer it to your account, please use the guide above.

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