Subway Surfers Mod APK Features Unlimited Money 2022

At first glance it looks ordinary but the Subway Surfers mobile game is quite challenging to play, especially among lovers of the action and arcade genres. This game, made by Sybo and Kiloo Games from Denmark, was a hit about 10 years ago, so it was made Subway Surfers mod apk by third parties.

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This game can be played on various platforms from Android and iOS to Windows Phone and Kindle. Not only can it be played online, but Subway Surfers also stays smooth when the platform is not connected to the internet. Not only that, there are a number of other advantages of the modified version.

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Subway Surfers Mod Apk Featured Features

Free Premium Features

Subway Surfers mod version, which stands for modded, is a modified version of the original application that includes various premium features that can be used for free and unlimited, such as:

  • Unlimited coins: the mod version of this game already provides lots of coins that can help the characters in the game to upgrade more easily and quickly.
  • Unlimited keys: There are unlimited number of special keys in Subway Surfer mod that can be used to open gift boxes.
  • Unlock all items: there are many cool and interesting items in Subway Surfers and the mod apk version has been unlocked / unlocked since the first time this game was played.
  • Unlimited hoverboards: hoverboards or surfboards in the mod version of Subway Surfers can be used unlimitedly to help the character traverses the streets at incredible speed and even this board won't break when it hits various obstacles there is.
  • Offline Mode

One of the interesting features provided by Subway Surfer is that it can be played without having to be connected to the internet. But the drawback, playing in offline mode will hide the ranking of the game session that is being played.

If this is not comfortable, then you can choose the modded version of Subway Surfer whose highest ranking will still appear even though you are playing in offline mode.

Registration Free

Another excellent feature offered by the modified version of Subway Surfers is that players do not need to register an account / registration. So when you have installed this game on your device, you can directly enter and play it without having to prepare data to register or login.

Just open the application, select a character to play, and the game session provided can be followed immediately. This free login feature is perfect for gamers who want more privacy or keep their device secure even when games are played online.

Root Free

Usually the modified application requires root on the device in order to be installed. However, it is different from Subway Surfers apk which is equipped with excellent features without root.

But as an important note, make sure to download it from a trusted application so that there are no problems on the device such as viruses or malware.

Link and How to Download Subway Surfers Mod Apk

There are many sources to download the mod version of Subway Surfers and one of them is from here. Meanwhile, the download method is slightly different from games and applications from Google Play or the App Store. Here's how to download Subway Surfers mod:

  • Enter menu Settings inside the device.
  • Select menu Security/Security.
  • Find sub menu Unknown Source.
  • Swipe or activate the button on the right Unknown Source until it is active (usually it will be green if it is active, and gray indicates off).
  • Click the link above and after the page opens, search for it and then click the button Downloads.

Subway Surfers mod apk available for free 100% and there is no time limit at all. So this mod version remains free forever. Compared to the original version, the mod version is certainly superior because it provides a number of advantages as above.

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