History of Football Enters Indonesia

History of Football Enters Indonesia – Sports games are very interesting to play and watch. This sport game in addition to making the body healthy and makes the body healthy too.

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History of Football Enters Indonesia

What games and sports when combined will produce something positive and can make a healthy and fit body. Games can relieve stress from activities such as doing office tasks, work and so on.

The most popular game and sport of all time is soccer. We see football very often on television, print media or the surrounding environment. Actually, where and when did football enter Indonesia, we can find out below.

Football History

Football is a sport that can be played in groups and divided into two teams. One team has 11 players and in the game of football there are many rules that must be obeyed.

The beginning of football came from England. In the past, football was played only by students. But the game doesn't just exist in the classroom and thrives when it's outside.

Football comes from the words soccer and also ball. The meaning of the word soccer is kicking using the feet, while the word ball is a game tool formed from rubber, leather or the like which has a round shape.

Football is played by kicking the ball here and there which has the aim of being able to put the ball into the opponent's goal with teamwork. A goal is a ring in a soccer game that is guarded by a player where the goalkeeper or goalkeeper is.

Skills are needed in playing this game. Physical also takes part in making soccer players become experts and agile in playing the round skin. In this soccer game, rules and enforcement are needed to be able to run this game setting.

Complete History of Football Entering Indonesia

Football Enters Indonesia

The game of football entered Indonesia during the Dutch colonial period. There is a character named Ir. Soeratin Sosronegondo who became the coach of Indonesian football. Indonesian football founded PSSI on April 19, 1930.

That's the explanation about History of Football Enters Indonesia which has been explained by about knowledge. Football has had a huge impact on the sports industry and this sport has progressed rapidly and has become global fast as well. Hope it's useful

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