The History of the Establishment of the Game of Basketball

The History of the Establishment of the Game of Basketball – Games for humans are one of the things that are used to relax the body and mind after being faced with heavy work or tasks.

Games can help the brain and other organs in the body work and create feelings of pleasure. There are so many types of games, there are jumping rope, rollerblading, soccer, basketball and many others.

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  • The History of the Establishment of the Game of Basketball
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The History of the Establishment of the Game of Basketball

Games with balls are currently very much in demand, playing basketball can make you feel happy and can also make your body healthy and fit. To be more familiar with the game with basketball, it will be explained as follows:

Basketball Game

This basketball game is a sports game that is done together or in groups. One group consists of two teams and each team consists of 5 people. The way to play is to compete with each other to be able to put the ball into the ring that has been provided by each team.

The winner is determined by the number of balls that are put into the ring. The ball used is also special, namely a basketball whose weight and size have been adjusted to the ring. This game is often done by teenagers and it is not uncommon for adults and children to play this game.

History of Basketball

This basketball game was created by someone named James Nainsmith in 1891. This game is copyrighted by Dr. L.H. Gulick secretary of the YMCA (Young Means Christian Association) United States.

This game was created when he wanted to do a game that could be played in winter, can be easily learned, easy to play, provides fun and is played without using violence.

James Naismith fulfills this type of thinking and makes a game called basketball ball. This game was well received by the public and quickly emerged into a game that was of great interest to many people around the world.

History in the Form of a Complete Basketball Game

This basketball game has continued to spread throughout the world and entered Indonesia since World War II. This game was brought by foreigners who came to migrate to Indonesia. The game quickly spread and was able to enter on PON 1 in solos and enter in matches.

That's the explanation about The History of the Establishment of the Game of Basketball which has been explained by about knowledge. Basketball has become a game that is much liked by the wider community and has become a worldwide game. Hope it's useful
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