Definition of News, Types, Characteristics and Characteristics (Full Discussion)

Definition of News, Types, Characteristics and Characteristics (Full Discussion) – This time we will discuss about news. We often see and hear about the news, but sometimes we don't know what the real meaning of the news is.

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  • Definition of News, Types, Characteristics and Characteristics (Full Discussion)
  • Understanding News
    • Types of News
      • 1. Straight News
      • 2. Depth news
      • 3. Investigation news
      • 4. Interpretative news
      • 5. Opinion news
    • Section On News
    • News Features
    • Characteristics of Good News
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Definition of News, Types, Characteristics and Characteristics (Full Discussion)

For that we will discuss news so that readers can know the true meaning of news, because news is always present in our daily lives from economic news, sports and much more other. For that, let's just start the discussion together, which will explain the real meaning of the news below.

Understanding News

News is a quick report about the latest events that are also important to be conveyed to the public. News can also be presented in the form of newspapers, radio, TV broadcasts or online media. While the other meaning of news is information about a fact or something that is happening. And usually delivered in the form of print media, radio, TV broadcasts, online media and word of mouth.

News can also be said as a report about an event that is currently happening or the latest information from an event. News is a fact that is considered very important that must be conveyed to the public immediately.

Even so, not all facts can be made news by the media, the facts that will later be selected and then will know which ones are worthy to be conveyed to the public.

In general, news not only provides information about the latest events, but also sometimes news is used to influence the people who hear it and also read it.

And the most important thing is news about politics, and along with the news, the people who read it will be influenced by readers and news writers to follow the political flow.

Types of News

In a news there are several types that it has. For more details, what are the types of news, we just continue the discussion below.

1. Straight News

It is direct news, and is written briefly, straightforwardly and as it is. In this type of straight news is further divided into 2 types, namely Hard news, Soft news.

2. Depth news

It is in-depth news, the news is developed more deeply in order to be able to raise a problem more deeply.

3. Investigation news

News developed by research and investigations carried out from various sources.

4. Interpretative news

Is news that is also developed with opinions and research conducted by the author.

5. Opinion news

It is news about someone's opinion, for example the opinion of students, experts, officials regarding an event or incident.

Section On News

In the news has its parts, what are the parts of the news, let's together continue the discussion about the news below.

  1. Headlines
  2. Deadline
  3. Lead
  4. Body

News Features

In the news has the properties that are in it, what are the characteristics possessed by the news, we just continue to listen to the explanation below.

  1. New or current
  2. Important
  3. Consequence
  4. Distance
  5. Emotion
Understanding News, Types, Characteristics and Characteristics of Complete News

Characteristics of Good News

In the news must have characteristics that can make a news good, to be able to know what are the characteristics of a good news. Let's both continue the discussion and also listen to it below.

  1. Draw attention
  2. Recent or current
  3. Trusted
  4. Be clear and also use simple sentences

That's the explanation that can be given regarding Definition of News, Types, Characteristics and Characteristics (Full Discussion)News is the latest information and also the latest events that will be conveyed to the public. Hope it's useful

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