Definition of Contravention, Types and Forms of Contravention (Complete)

Definition of Contravention, Types and Forms of Contravention (Complete) – At this time we will discuss about the contravention, maybe among the community or some of the people People still don't know or understand about contravention, and sometimes they even ask what it is the contradiction?

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  • Definition of Contravention, Types and Forms of Contravention (Complete)
    • Definition of Contravention
    • Contravention Type
    • Forms of Contravention
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Definition of Contravention, Types and Forms of Contravention (Complete)

This article will discuss about contravention so that it can help understand contravention more easily and understand what is actually meant by contravention. In order to immediately understand the contravention, let's discuss and also take a look at this article which will be explained below.

Definition of Contravention

Contravention is a form of social interaction marked by uncertainty about one's self and feelings of dislike which are then hidden. Contravention is one part of social interaction, contravention is a form of social process that is between competition and conflict.

While contravention has symptoms with uncertainty about a person or plan and also feelings of dislike and then hidden, and there is hatred and also doubts about the personality of somebody. Contravention can also be directed to a view, thought, belief, and also a plan that has been put forward by another person or group.

Contravention Type

Contravention itself has various types, so to be able to find out what types of we have to look at this article further, for more details let's discuss below this.

1. Contraventions Regarding Generations In Society
This happens in societies that are changing rapidly, for example children with parents. The increasing age of the child results in an increasingly widespread social environment, causing parents to worry that the child will deviate from tradition.

2. Contraventions Regarding Sex
This contradiction itself concerns the relationship between husband and wife and also their role in society.

3. Parliamentary Contravention
Parliamentary contravention is a contradiction that concerns the relationship between the majority and the minority.

Definition of Contravention, Types and Forms of Contravention

Forms of Contravention

Contravention itself has several forms, so that we know what forms of contravention are, let's continue listening to this article.

1. Intensive Contravention
For example, incitement, disappointing the other party and also rumors.

2. Secret Contravention
For example, Betrayal, and open secrets from other people in public.

3. Tasty Contravention
Examples are provocation, intimidation, and also confusing other opponents.

4. General Contravention
For example, committing violence, and also disrupting other parties.

5. Simple Contravention
Examples are slandering, and also berating.

That's what was explained about Definition of Contravention, Types and Forms of Contravention (Complete), contravention is a social interaction in which the contravention has various types and forms, hopefully it will be useful for those who read this article

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