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The following are some examples of arguments in the form of paragraphs quoted from the book Indonesian 1 by Yohanni Johns and Robyn Stokes, among others:

  • The number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is increasing. The government has updated data regarding cases of this virus in Indonesia. As of today, it has been reported that there are an additional 26,415 positive cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia. With the addition of these cases, the total number of COVID-19 cases found in Indonesia from March 2020 to today has become 3,666,031 cases.
  • Ecological disasters in the form of floods followed by landslides have recently occurred in six districts in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The disaster triggered tens of thousands of residents to flee and several people died. The disaster was caused by the inability of the mountain forest area to function as a rain catchment area. Therefore, the government was urged to implement a policy of area restoration and a moratorium.
  • Working hard is one of the keys to success. Someone who has great intentions in working will be able to face the problems they face. With great intentions and strong determination, the individual can certainly be successful in the world of work. Don't be afraid to fail and turn that failure into a path to success.
  • Keeping rare animals is one thing that is very important for everyone to have. If each family in the environment is aware and begins to pay attention to the scarcity of animals, then these animals will not become extinct.
  • At the present time, education in Indonesia is still far behind compared to education in several other countries in the world. Even Indonesia itself in education is still inferior to neighboring countries, namely Singapore and Malaysia.

Aircraft Argument Text

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In the last two years, since the Boeing B-737 belonging to the airline Aloha Airlines crashed, the issue of the old plane has also surfaced.

This is understandable because the plane, which has a torn body of 4 meters long, has been in operation for more than 19 years.

Therefore, it is quite reasonable that people will become anxious when flying using airplanes at an old age.

In Indonesia, what is surprising is that more than 60 percent of aircraft operating are old aircraft.

Is it safe?

If it is safe, then how do you take care of it and how much does it cost so that the plane is still comfortable to ride?

In order to improve the economy of the country, we must also increase development in the industrial sector.

The fact proves that the countries that were previously developed can become developed countries not only relying on the agricultural sector, but also in the industrial sector.

Germany, America, Korea and Japan are some examples of developed countries with their rapidly growing industrial sectors.

Health Argument Paragraph

example of argumentative paragraph about tax

Cigarettes in it already contain a lot of harmful substances where in fact these various substances are very deadly, although they do provide a very delicious effect.

There are many toxic substances in cigarettes, one of which is Acetone, which is commonly used in nail cleaning products.

This cigarette also has addictive substances as well. Where people who consume will be addicted and can not stop instantly.

The content of toxins that enter continuously into the body can also damage the body slowly and cause death.


The burning cigarette will produce carbon monoxide, which is a very toxic gas.

In general, the gas will emerge from motor vehicles. So we can conclude that smoking is the same as sucking exhaust fumes from motorized vehicles.

Educational Argument Paragraph 1

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Education in Indonesia today is still lagging behind the existing education system in several other countries in the world.

In fact, Indonesia is still inferior to rivals from neighboring countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore, in the field of education.

You can see this from the large number of their population who have received education up to university level.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the number of people who have received education is still very far behind other countries.

Moreover, in underdeveloped areas such as NTT, NTB, Papua, and many other underdeveloped areas.

The lag in education in some places is due to the unequal distribution of education in Indonesia.

The government only builds educational facilities in urban areas, especially in Java.

In addition, the limited number of educators in the area also contributed to the further distance of access to education in the area.

Thus, education in Indonesia is even more unequal and tends to be left behind so that it has not been able to compete with other countries in the world.

Educational Argument Paragraph 2

example of an argumentative paragraph about politics

SMAN 1 Semarang has been named the best school in Indonesia. The school has many outstanding students who have been successful.

This is evidenced by the presence of various Olympic champions from this one school.

Not only that, there are also other proud achievements apart from academics, there are other fields that also highlight achievements such as sports and the arts.

Last year, this one school also managed to send 20 athletes who represented Indonesia to the stage of the Sea Games championship.

The combination of the voices of this one school has also participated in the international choir contest which was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

This very proud achievement did not just happen, but it was all thanks to training and work The teacher council as well as the school committee has always promised to be able to create little students with good graduates superior.

Garbage Argument Paragraph

trash argument

A very big problem in Indonesia at this time is actually the presence of waste that can no longer be controlled.

Household waste, especially plastic waste, is one of the biggest obstacles for Indonesia.


Effective steps are needed that can reduce the amount of plastic waste on this one so that nature in Indonesia remains healthy.

Uncontrolled waste can trigger many disasters, such as floods which have become a routine agenda every year.

One of the reasons for this is actually people's behavior. Especially in terms of waste management or waste disposal.

Many Indonesian people still throw garbage carelessly.

There needs to be education related to waste and how to dispose of it properly and correctly so that it is not wrong and wants to preserve the environment.

The government also needs to give strict sanctions so that the community is obedient and disciplined in terms of waste disposal.

Environmental Argument Paragraph

Dry season

The dry season is the worst dry season in the last 10 years. It has not rained for the last six months which has made the land and water sources in Indonesia dry.

According to the BMKG statement, this year it is predicted that it will rain next month.

If this is true, it can be ascertained that the dry season this year is not an ordinary dry season, because it has been happening for seven months.

In fact, according to data provided by the BMKG last year, the dry season generally only lasts for five months.

That way, many farmers lose money because they fail to harvest because there is no water to irrigate their fields.

Example of an Economic Argument Paragraph

economic argument

Education rates in Indonesia at this time can be called very expensive.


Even though the government has provided various assistance, it is still necessary for students to pay for school needs, such as clothes, uniforms, books, and others.

The high cost of education is not only in elementary school, but also at the university level.

Many children who have graduated from high school prefer to work rather than continue on to college.

Therefore, education in Indonesia is uneven and only focuses on people who can afford it.

Whereas for people who are less able, higher education is only a mere desire.

Example of a Cultural Argument Paragraph

western culture in indonesia

The behavior of teenagers at this time has deviated far from the various values ​​of etiquette that apply in society.

This is due to some elements, such as the lack of filtering of western culture that enters Indonesia.

The incoming culture has been applied as a model for a good life and created a new culture by today's youth.

The element that must be regretted is that the behavior that is followed is bad behavior that comes from western culture, such as drugs, free sex, and others.

And what is most noticeable is the lack of knowledge of religious knowledge in today's youth.

Parents, religious knowledge is very important and useful, because it can regulate oneself to avoid an insulting action.

The last element is the lack of supervision from parents. Parents here have a big responsibility for the behavior and association of each of their children.

Parents who do not care about their children can make the child feel unloved so that they will looking for that affection outside the family which tends to lead to negative things and of course is pseudo. For example, nightclubs, drinking alcohol, drugs and free sex.

The behavior of teenagers today does not reflect the noble culture of our nation with high values ​​and ethics. is the #1 educational site that you can use as a learning reference

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