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As we all know, figure of speech has many types, and one of the types that we will discuss in more detail now is antithetical figure of speech.

But before you get to know more about the antithesis language style, it's better if you know the meaning of basic figure of speech first, as follows.

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Introduction of Majas

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In a literary work such as pantun or poetry, figure of speech is often used to beautify a word in the work.

Which is quoted from the KBBI, figure of speech is a way of describing something by equating it with something else.

That is, in explaining what is conveyed by the author by using a style of language either written or spoken by means of parables, other words / figures of speech that will give an impression to the readers.

In addition, this figure of speech also has three main functions, such as:

  • Adds clarity and meaning to what the author wants to convey to the reader.
  • Giving the value of beauty in the language to beautify the sentence structure.
  • Makes the reader to be able to imagine from the literary works made.

And in general, figure of speech is categorized into 5 different sections, including:

  • satire
  • Linkage
  • affirmation
  • Comparison
  • Contradiction.

For the antithesis itself falls into the category of figure of speech of opposition.

Understanding of Antithesis

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1. Generally

Antithesis figure of speech is a style of language that combines the opposition between two ideas by using two words or other forms that are juxtaposed to make it clearer so that the contrast will stand out.

The two words or other forms in it also contain opposite meanings and both appear together, so they are not implicit.

2. in language


You can see the meaning of antithesis language style based on the basic word "anti".

The word "anti" has the opposite meaning. While the word "thesis" is a statement that is supported by an argument in a work.

From this meaning, we can find out the meaning of the antithesis language style itself.

Antithesis figure of speech is a figure of speech that uses a combination of words by comparing two opposite words in a statement.

3. According to experts


Antithesis means an expression of contradictory ideas in parallel wording.

So it can be concluded that the antithesis style is a language style that combines two opposing words in an arrangement.

b. Wikipedia

Antithesis is one of the figures of speech in which it contains contradictory ideas by using opposite wordings or groups of words in a sentence.

This type of figure of speech can be used to compare two things that have different meanings.

The Difference Between Antithesis & Paradox

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From the above understanding, at a glance, the antithesis language style resembles the meaning of paradox figure of speech.

Where indeed the two figures of speech have similarities and differences as follows:

1. Equality


  • In the sentence there are two words that mean contradicting each other.
  • Both of these figures of speech fall into the category of opposition figure of speech.

2. Difference

The most basic difference between antithesis and paradoxical figure of speech is that antithesis is the opposite of the word / the opposite of the same object, but for paradoxical figure of speech it seems as if it has a contradiction but in fact it is not the cause the object is different.

Example of sentences:

  • “The physical strength of the individual depends also on his mental health.
  • "Don't be a person who is rich in wealth, but poor in knowledge."


From the example of the paradox figure of speech above, you can see the difference with the antithesis language style.

Where in the second example is an example of a paradoxical figure of speech with two objects, the first object is "treasure" and the second object is "science".

Although the words contradict (rich in wealth but poor in knowledge), they have different objects, so they are not included in the antithesis figure of speech.

Another feature is that the paradox in figure of speech contradicts the existing facts.

Where in this example there is a conflict with the facts because rich people generally have knowledge but have the opposite (poor knowledge).

An example of an antithesis figurative language is example (1) where this figure of speech contradicts the previous word "strong".


The Characteristics of Antithetical Figurative

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The following are the special characteristics of antithesis figure of speech, including:

  • Enter into the category of figure of speech contradiction.
  • In general, use antonyms and appear together.
  • Having two opposite words in a sentence or clause.

Types of Antithesis figurative language


Antithetical figurative language is further divided into two different types, namely:

1. Action Antithesis

It is a combination of two words which contain opposite actions/treatments in the lines of the stanza of the poem. These two words are repetition.

2. Hal antithesis

Are two words or phrases that contain contradictory statements that can be lines and stanzas of a poem. The two words or phrases are the result of repetition.

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Example of Antithesis


To make it easier for you to understand the description above, here we provide some examples of antithesis language styles that you can learn, including:

  • Brother's body temperature hot and cold is not stable.
  • The severity of the sentence depends on the article imposed on the suspect.
  • The beauty of a woman is not judged by her thin body fat.
  • Ups and downs I chase you, but you don't want to understand.
  • Promotions on social media can affect the number of visitors to a store.
  • Zaidan worked day and night for a bite of rice.
  • Wet and dry clothes will affect the price of laundry.
  • Cow butchers always take into account the sharpness of the machete used.
  • Fathers can tell the health of a rabbit from the roughness of its fur.
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