Parallelism Figurative: Definition, Function, Characteristics, Examples




Language style or often referred to as figure of speech is usually used in writing literary works in the form of poetry or prasa, where figure of speech itself has many types, one of which is figure of speech parallelism.

The general understanding of figure of speech is the richness of language that can give certain effects, thus making the language look unique when it is conveyed.

In general, figure of speech has several categories, namely satire, comparison, affirmation, and opposition.

now, for the figure of speech parallelism itself is included in the category of affirmative figure of speech which will be discussed in more detail as follows.

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Understanding Parallelism

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1. Generally

Parallelism or parallelism is one of the affirmative figures of speech commonly used in poetry by repeating the contents of sentences with the same intent and purpose.

In poetry, this figure of speech is used to express the content of feelings and is used by using the same word in each line in a stanza.

2. in language


Parallelism according to language comes from English, namely "parallelizm" which means "parallel".

So we can conclude that this figure of speech means that the word can be interpreted as a figure of speech to express something related to something that shows a point of parallelism.

3. Wikipedia

Parallelism is giving two or more parts of all sentences the same form so that it will create a certain pattern.

The type of parallelism itself is a rhetorical device.

It can also be in a poem or verbal use. Not only that, in Old Testament poetry there is also parallelism.

As a figurative language or figure of speech, parallelism is a repetition such as repetition that is specifically in in poetry and consists of anaphora (repetition at the beginning of a sentence) and epiphora (repetition at the end of a sentence). sentence).

Parallelism can also be interpreted as the repetition of the same expression with the aim of strengthening the nuances of meaning to achieve parallels in the use of words or phrases that occupy the same function in a form sentence


example of anaphora parallelism

The function of parallelism figure of speech has the same function as repetition figure of speech, namely:


  • Provide information repeatedly so that it can influence the reader's mind.
  • To repeat various single words or short phrases.
  • Making words more dramatic in poetry so that repetition can have aesthetic value in terms of tone, rhythm, or persuasive writing style.
  • To put emphasis on words to underline important points that the author wants to convey.

The Difference Between Parallelism and Repetition

Parallelism Paragraph Example

In parallelism, there are repetition words that use words that have parallels with each other, not necessarily in the form of similar words as in repetition.

And in repetition, in repetition, there is a difference in pressure, namely in different sentences.

Not only that, parallelism figure of speech and repetition figure of speech also have fundamental differences where parallelism figure of speech has repetition with a different line arrangement.

The Characteristics of Parallelism

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The following are special characteristics possessed by parallelism figure of speech, among others:


  • Shows the parallels between one word with another word.
  • Expressing something using repeated words.
  • There is an affirmation of the impression/intention conveyed through repeated words.

Parallelism figure of speech often sounds very poetic because it is very common in poetry or song lyrics. This is because this figure of speech has repetition of rhyme and meaning.

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Example of Parallelism

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To make it easier for you to understand the description above, here we provide examples of parallelism figure of speech that you can learn, including:

1. Example of Anaphoric Sentences

It hurts, you've been hurt many times
It hurts, you even trample on my heart
It hurts, enough this is the last one

2. Example Sentences of Epiphora

Your cry is a sacrifice
Your life is a sacrifice
Your treasure is a sacrifice
This is all I can say
Thank you my hero

3. Example of sentences

  • The sweetness and the bitterness of life have alternated.
  • No matter far or near, I will come to meet you right now.
  • Long and short hair on women will not affect the beauty of his heart.
  • The sun and the moon signify the turn of the day that continues to rotate non-stop.
  • Even if your class rank goes up or down, the enthusiasm for learning should not decrease.
  • Humans with white skin, humans with black skin, humans with yellow skin, humans are all equal in the eyes of God.
  • All I saw all imagined; All I hold all reminisce.
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