51 Understanding of the Law according to the Complete Experts

51 Understanding of the Law according to the Complete Experts - Everyone is familiar with the word "law" because everyone will be bound by the law, be it state law, religious law, any law that applies in life. But many of us do not understand or understand what the law actually is.

Many legal experts have expressed their opinion about the meaning of law, and it turns out that the law has a very broad understanding and every expert in the field expresses his understanding vary.

Therefore, here we will discuss the meaning of law explained by experts in the field, hopefully it can provide benefits for readers. Immediately, we see the following discussion.

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  • 51 Understanding of the Law according to the Complete Experts
    • Understanding Law According to Experts
      • 1. Plato
      • 2. Immanuel Kant
      • 3. Ahmad Ali
      • 4. Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja
      • 5. Borst
      • 6. Mr. E.M. Meyers
      • 7. Prof. Dr. Van Kan
      • 8. S.M. Amen
      • 9. J.C.T. Simorangkir
      • 10. Drs. E. Utrecht, S.H.
      • 11. Leon Duguit
      • 12. Sunaryati Hatono
      • 13. Ridwan Halim
      • 14. Soerso
      • 15. Tullius Cicerco
      • 16. M.H. Tirtaatmidjaja
      • 17. Abdulkadir Muhammad
      • 18. Abdul Wahab Khalaf
      • 19. Aristotle
      • 20. Karl Max
      • 21. Wiryono Kusumo
      • 22. W. Levensbergen
      • 23. Wirjono Prodjodikoro
      • 24. Wasis Spurn
      • 25. Van Apeldoornl
      • 26. Van Vonenhoven
      • 27. Vinogradoff
      • 28. T. Arnold
      • 29. Thomas Hobbes
      • 30. Thomas Aquinas
      • 31. Samuel von Pufendof
      • 32. Stamp
      • 33. Saint Simon
      • 34. Salmond
      • 35. Soejono Dirdjosisworo
      • 36. Soetandjo Wigjosoebroto
      • 37. Stammler
      • 38. Suardi Tasrif
      • 39. Sutjipto Rahardjo
      • 40. Soerojo Soekamto
      • 41. Soedikno Mertokusumo
      • 42. Soerojo Wignjodipoero
      • 43. Schaper
      • 44. Robert Saidman
      • 45. A.L Goodhart
      • 46. Allen
      • 47. Bohannan
      • 48. Bellphoid
      • 49. Bambang Sunggono
      • 50. KBBI
      • 51. Wikipedia
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51 Understanding of the Law according to the Complete Experts

Let's discuss the meaning of law carefully.

Understanding Law According to Experts

What is meant by law is one of the norms that exist in society. Violation of legal norms has stricter sanctions. The understanding of law is very diverse, so we must know what the meaning of law is from various different perspectives. The following will examine the meaning of law according to experts in the field.

1. Plato

Law is a set of rules that are well structured and orderly and binding on judges and the public.

2. Immanuel Kant

Law is all the conditions under which a person has the free will of another person can adapt to the free will of others and comply with the legal independence.

3. Ahmad Ali

Law is a set of norms regarding what is right and wrong, which is made and acknowledged by the government, both of which are contained in the law written rules or not, bound and in accordance with the needs of the community as a whole, and with the threat of sanctions for violators of the rules that norm.

4. Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja

Law is the whole of the rules and all the principles that regulate social life in society and aim to maintain order and includes various institutions and processes in order to realize the enactment of the rules as a reality in law public.

5. Borst

Law is the whole rule for human actions in social life. Where the implementation can be forced with the aim of getting justice.

6. Mr. E.M. Meyers

According to him, the law is the rules that contain moral considerations. Law is aimed at human behavior in a society and becomes a reference or guide for state authorities in carrying out their duties.

7. Prof. Dr. Van Kan

Stating that the law is the whole rule of life that is coercive in nature to protect human interests in the society of a country.

8. S.M. Amen

Law is a set of rules consisting of norms and sanctions. The goal is to maintain order in human interaction in a society, so that order and security are maintained and maintained.

9. J.C.T. Simorangkir

Law is all regulations that are coercive in nature and determine all human behavior in society and are made by an authorized institution.

10. Drs. E. Utrecht, S.H.

Stating that the law is a set of rules in which it contains commands and prohibitions, which regulate the order of life in society and must be obeyed by every individual in society because violations of these guidelines can lead to actions on the part of the government of a country or institution.

11. Leon Duguit

Expressing that the law is a set of rules for the behavior of members of society, where these rules must be obeyed by every society as a guarantee of the common interest and if violated will cause a common reaction against the person who violates the law.

12. Sunaryati Hatono

According to him, the law does not concern a person's personal life in a society, but when it concerns and regulates various activities humans in relation to other humans, in other words the law is to regulate various human activities in life socialize.

13. Ridwan Halim

Law is all written or unwritten rules, which in essence are all regulations This applies and is recognized as a rule that must be obeyed and adhered to in life socialize.

14. Soerso

Law is a set of rules made by the authorities with the aim of regulating the order of life society that has the characteristics of commands and prohibitions that are coercive in nature by imposing punitive sanctions for the violator.

15. Tullius Cicerco

Law is the highest reason instilled by nature in every human being to determine what can and cannot be done.

16. M.H. Tirtaatmidjaja

Law is the overall rules or norms that must be followed in various actions and behavior in social life. Those who violate the law will be subject to sanctions, fines, imprisonment, imprisonment or other sanctions.

17. Abdulkadir Muhammad

Law is all regulations, both written and unwritten, which have strict sanctions for violations.

18. Abdul Wahab Khalaf

Stating that the law is a requirement of Allah with regard to the actions of adults regarding the orders, prohibitions and permissibility of carrying out or leaving them.

19. Aristotle

Saying that the law is only a collection of rules that are not only binding but also judges for society. Where the law supervises judges in carrying out their duties to punish guilty people or lawbreakers.

20. Karl Max

Law is a reflection of the economic legal relationship of a society in a certain stage of development.

21. Wiryono Kusumo

Law is the entire set of rules, both written and unwritten, that regulates the order in society

22. W. Levensbergen

Law is a regulator, especially for regulating human actions in society, then law is an agency then becomes an act

23. Wirjono Prodjodikoro

Law is a series of rules regarding the behavior of people as members of a particular society

24. Wasis Spurn

Law is a set of regulations in written or unwritten form, made by the competent authority, has a coercive nature, regulates and contains sanctions for violators, aimed at malicious behavior so that the lives of individuals and communities are guaranteed safety and security the order

25. Van Apeldoornl

Legal law is a social phenomenon, there is no society that does not know the law, then the law becomes an aspect of culture, namely religion, decency, customs, and habits.

26. Van Vonenhoven

The law is a symptom in social life that is constantly turbulent in a state of endless collision with and with other symptoms.

27. Vinogradoff

Law as a set of rules that are held and implemented by a society with respect for policies and the exercise of power over every human being and property

28. T. Arnold

Law is something that cannot be defined, but he realizes that the legal community will never stop their struggle to define law

29. Thomas Hobbes

Law is something that cannot be defined, but he realizes that the legal community will never stop their struggle to define law

30. Thomas Aquinas

Laws are orders from people who have the power to rule and force their orders to others

31. Samuel von Pufendof

Law is a nature that is based on the quality of human nature

32. Stamp

Law is law in a responsive order that sees itself as an inseparable part of the social world that surrounds it

33. Saint Simon

Law is the conflict between society and the economy and the large bloc of local groups and the economy is at its center

34. Salmond

Law is a collection of principles that are recognized and determined by the state in the judiciary

35. Soejono Dirdjosisworo

Law as the provisions of the authorities, law enforcement, attitude of action, system of rules, values, legal system, legal science and law are legal disciplines

36. Soetandjo Wigjosoebroto

Law as positive rules that apply at a certain time and place.

37. Stammler

Law is a certain structure that gives shape to human goals that move humans to act

38. Suardi Tasrif

Law is the whole coercive rules of life and are made by the authorities an order / prohibition / permission to make something and with the intention to regulate the order of life public.

39. Sutjipto Rahardjo

Law is a human work in the form of norms that contain behavioral instructions

40. Soerojo Soekamto

Law is a science, a teaching system about reality, rules/norms, legal orders, decisions of officials, officers, government processes, steady and law in the sense of interwoven values.

41. Soedikno Mertokusumo

Law is the whole collection of rules or rules in a common life, the whole the rules of conduct that apply in a common life, which can be enforced by penalty

42. Soerojo Wignjodipoero

Law is a set of rules of life that contain an order and prohibition or permission to do or do something do not do anything, the law is coercive and with the intent to regulate the order in life socialize

43. Schaper

Law is any rule of conduct that may be enforced by a court.

20 Definitions of Law According to the Complete Experts

44. Robert Saidman

The law cannot be simply transferred from one society to another that has a culture, because it is not necessarily the law of a developed country that is suitable to be applied in another country.

45. A.L Goodhart

Law is the sum total of the rules used by the courts.

46. Allen

Law is an attempt to uphold justice in the parties that must be distinguished.

47. Bohannan

Law is a set of obligations that have been re-institutionalized in legal institutions.

48. Bellphoid

Law is the law that applies in a society, regulates the order of society, which is based on the power that exists in the community.

49. Bambang Sunggono

Law is subordinated or is a product for political interests.

50. KBBI

Law is a regulation or custom that is officially considered binding, which is confirmed by the ruler or government; laws, regulations and so on to regulate the social life of the community; standards (rules, provisions) regarding certain events (nature and so on); decisions (considerations) determined by the judge (in court); verdict.

51. Wikipedia

Law is the most important system in the implementation of a series of institutional powers. From the form of abuse of power in the fields of politics, economy and society in various ways and acting, as the main intermediary in relations social relations between communities against criminalization in criminal law, criminal law that seeks ways for the state to prosecute perpetrators in the legal constitution provide a framework for the creation of laws, the protection of human rights and the expansion of political power and the means by which their representation will be chosen

Thus the discussion about 51 Understanding of the Law according to the Complete Experts, hopefully can help in finding references and useful for readers. That is all and thank you.

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