Introduction to Business: Marketing Functions (Complete Discussion)

Introduction to Business: Marketing Functions (Complete Discussion) – Talking about marketing, so far the author understands that marketing is an activity or selling process Purchases made for goods and services are also a process of fulfilling people's needs for goods and services service.

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  • Introduction to Business: Marketing Functions (Complete Discussion)
    • Marketing Function
      • 1. Consumer Analysis
      • 2. Sales of products and services
      • 3. Planning
      • 4. Pricing
      • 5. Distribution
      • 6. Marketing research
      • 7. Opportunity analysis
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Introduction to Business: Marketing Functions (Complete Discussion)

according to Philip Kotler and Gary ArmstrongMarketing is a process by which companies create value for consumers or customers and build a strong relationship with consumers, which aims to obtain value from consumers as reward.

Marketing Function

This marketing activity is very important for an organization or company. The marketing function is an activity carried out to complete a marketing process. This marketing function is solved by producers and the institutions involved in it.

Such as banks, transportation businesses, insurance agencies and so on. There are analytical activities within the marketing management function, namely an analysis of what is being done to find out the market environment and marketing, so that they will know about how big the opportunity is in seizing the market and the possibility of the threats that must be faced in marketing.

There are seven types of marketing functions, including the following:

1. Consumer Analysis

Is an observation of all the needs and desires of consumers. This consumer analysis involves conducting surveys of consumers, analyzing consumer information, evaluating locations, developing and determining strategies for optimal market segmentation.

2. Sales of products and services

Sales of products and services, which includes many activities in marketing, such as sales promotion, advertising, dealer relations, publicity, sales force management and consumer relations.

3. Planning

Planning for products and services includes various product packaging activities, marketing tests, product styles, warranty utilization and providing customer service. One of the most effective product and service planning techniques is market testing.

4. Pricing

Stakeholders or five stakeholders greatly influence pricing decisions, namely: consumers, suppliers, distributors, competitors and the government.

5. Distribution

Distribution, which consists of warehousing, distribution coverage, distribution channels, region sales, courier transportation, wholesale sales, inventory levels and locations, retail and venue locations retail.

6. Marketing research

That is a collection, recording and analysis of a systematic data regarding various kinds of issues related to marketing. This research activity really supports all the main business functions of an organization.

Introduction to Business: Complete Marketing Functions

7. Opportunity analysis

Opportunity analysis, which involves assessing the costs, risks and benefits associated with marketing. There are three ways to do a cost-benefit analysis, namely: calculating the total cost associated with a decision; estimate the total benefit of the decisions made; and compare the total costs with the benefits. If the desired benefits can exceed the total cost, then the opportunity becomes more promising and attractive.

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