10 Beautiful Landscape Pictures (Lake, Rice Fields, etc.)

When we were still in elementary school, the teacher usually asked us to draw something. Usually most children choose to make pictures of landscapes. In addition to pictures of mountains, many also make pictures of the sky, sea and rice fields.

Usually people make pictures to record and also capture events and sights. Drawing can increase creativity and also train memory. Not only you can do when you are in elementary school, drawing can also be done now!

Examples of Landscape Pictures and Explanations

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1.Examples of Landscape Pictures and Explanations
1.1.1. Hot air balloon view
1.2.2. Animal scenery at the foot of the mountain
1.3.3. Rice field view
1.4.4. Lake view
1.5.5. Sunset view on the beach
1.6.6. Waterfall view
1.7.7. Beachside view
1.8.8. A view of the old Paris city
2.9. Village scenery pictures
2.1.10. Mountain landscape pictures
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Previously, we mentioned that in general the images made have several purposes, where usually the purpose is to capture or record the scenery or events that beautiful.

In addition, there are also people who draw with the aim of releasing fatigue or relieving stress. There are times when you want to express your thoughts through pictures but don't know what to draw.

Here we have summarized 10 examples of landscape images along with their explanations that you can use as references or examples for your images.

1. Hot air balloon view


Hot air balloons can be a symbol of freedom as well as fun. This is because hot air balloons can fly or air in the sky freely. The hot air balloon view that we show can be a reference for you.

Since hot air balloons are generally colorful, your drawing or painting can be made more colorful by the large number of hot air balloons. The lake and the beautiful scenery around it can also be a support so that your image becomes more beautiful.

2. Animal scenery at the foot of the mountain

Landscape-animals-in-the-foot-mountain area

In the picture that we have shown above, you can see that there are several animals drinking and congregating in the small lake area at the foot of the mountain. You can add large stones to accent your image.

The presence of a shepherd on horseback can also be an object that beautifies your image. A shady and cool atmosphere is displayed because of the image of a towering tree.
You can make this image using watercolors invented by the Chinese people around 100 AD to produce images with soft colors.

3. Rice field view

Rice fields

In addition to pictures of hot air balloons and animals at the foot of the mountain, you can also make pictures of rice fields or rice fields which are also not far from the mountain. In the picture above, the farmers are busy because they are harvesting.

Since the rice is ready for harvest, you can use yellow for the rice. To add a beautiful impression and also describe a calm rural atmosphere, you can add a river image like the one in the image above.

In addition to depicting beautiful rice fields, you can also use this image as a reference because the image what we show above also illustrates the harmony in society because they still work together and help each other other.

4. Lake view


The next landscape image that you can use as a reference is a lake image as seen in the image we display above. In the picture, the lake is described as very beautiful with calm water currents.
To beautify, shady trees and green grass are also added around the lake. Rocks are also made to add accents so the image doesn't look too mundane and boring.

Don't forget that when drawing water, both in lakes and in the sea, you must add a reflection effect so that your drawing will look more realistic.

5. Sunset view on the beach


The sunset view is indeed a favorite for many people because the orange tinge in the twilight sky will look very beautiful. To pour the beauty into the picture, you can make a picture of the sunset on the beach as seen in the picture above.

With the rocks on the beach and also the waves that are described as hitting the rocks, your picture will look very beautiful. Don't forget to also add a coconut tree which is an icon that is synonymous with the beach.

Just by looking at the picture of the sunset view on the beach, whether you make it or someone else Seeing will feel calm and also beauty and as if enjoying the wind blowing while hearing the crash wave.

6. Waterfall view


Waterfalls are one of the natural scenery that also has many enthusiasts. You can use the waterfall image above as a reference for the image you will create.

With flowers and greenery around the waterfall, the beautiful scenery will spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it. To further enhance your image, you can also add a pair of swans as can be seen in the image above.

7. Beachside view


In addition to drawing a beach scene at dusk, you can also create a beach drawing that depicts the life of the fishermen. With their boats, fishermen are catching and looking for fish pictured above.

White sand and light blue sea water and clear skies will make the scenery more beautiful. You can also add images of coconut trees and hills to add to the beauty of the image.

8. A view of the old Paris city


Not only drawing natural landscapes, you can also create city landscape drawings as shown in the image above. By drawing with a pencil, you can give this image of an ancient Paris a vintage feel.

The icon of the City of Paris is the Eiffel tower which is surrounded by neatly lined buildings on the along the city streets will be able to give and enhance the impression of the city of Paris at the time formerly.

9. Village scenery pictures


The small village which is described with three houses which are still surrounded by shady trees and decorated by a calm river flow and clear water can provide tranquility.

The arrangement of large stones in the riverside area but neat will enhance the beautiful and simple impression of your image. You can describe the natural scenery in the village that is still beautiful through reference images like the one above.

10. Mountain landscape pictures


It doesn't need to be colored, you can draw mountains with just a pencil, as shown in the image reference above. The most important thing about drawing using a pencil is a shading technique.

Even with just one pencil, you can create a beautiful and good looking mountain drawing by paying attention to the thickness of the shading in certain parts.

Towering mountains with neatly lined trees can enhance the beauty of your images. To add beauty, you can also add grass images.

From the 10 landscape images that we provide to you, you can choose one, several or even all images for reference. But remember, you also have to be creative and not just copy.

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