Channels and Factors of Globalization (Full Discussion)

Channels and Factors of Globalization (Full Discussion) - Globalization turns out to have several channels and several factors that trigger globalization itself.

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  • Channels and Factors of Globalization (Full Discussion)
    • Factors of Globalization
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Channels and Factors of Globalization (Full Discussion)

Here will be discussed in detail about this so that we know it in great detail. Here's the review:

Factors of Globalization

Globalization occurs due to external cultural value factors, including:

  • Always improving knowledge,
  • Obey the law,
  • independence,
  • The ability to see the future,
  • Openness,
  • Work ethic,
  • Rationalization,
  • efficiency and productivity,
  • Courage to compete, take responsibility and take risks.

Globalization can occur through various channels, namely:

  • Educational institutions,
  • Religion institution,
  • National institute of commerce and industry,
  • foreign tourism,
  • International communication and telecommunications channels,
  • foreign tourism,
  • International institutions that regulate international regulations,
  • State institutions, such as diplomatic and consular relations.

The influence of the international world has definitely hit almost all aspects of life at all levels of society. Those who are not ready to face globalization will always stutter and clumsy in social life. Those who accept globalization can be seen in the following points:

  • Individuals or community groups from among the younger generation tend to be open to accepting elements of change and modernization.
  • Individuals or community groups whose position or social status is already established, such as scientists, politicians and government experts such as business people.
  • Individuals or urban community groups who have enjoyed various communication and information media of globalization.

People who reject the flow of globalization are as follows:

  • Those who live in isolated areas.
  • They are from the older generation.
  • Those who are not ready to accept changes both physically and mentally.

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Channels and Factors of Globalization

There are some elements of globalization that people can easily accept, but some are difficult. The elements of globalization that are easily accepted by society include the following:

  • Elements that are easily adapted to the needs and conditions of society, such as electricity.
  • Appropriate technology, namely elements of technology that can be directly enjoyed by the community.
  • Formal education developed in schools.

That's our explanation this time about Channels and Factors of Globalization (Full Discussion) what you can know, may be useful for all of us. Thank you.
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