Various Areas of Modernization in Life (Full Cover)

Various Areas of Modernization in Life (Full Discussion) - In our daily lives, as time goes by, it turns out that without us even realizing it, the times is growing, and we also cannot avoid that modernization is also inherent in life we.

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  • Various Areas of Modernization in Life (Full Discussion)
    • Field of Science and Technology
    • Politics and Ideology
    • Field of Economic Life
    • Field of Religious life
    • Socio-Cultural Field
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Various Areas of Modernization in Life (Full Discussion)

Now there are several areas of modernization that are involved in our daily lives. Here's the role of modernization in the field of our lives.

Field of Science and Technology

The development of science and technology takes place in an overlapping and interdependence manner. The level of knowledge possessed by a society is reflected in the technology it has at that time. This is because technology is the fruit of science and technology will help the development of science.

Progress can be made with modernization and industrialization efforts. For this reason, it is necessary to develop the quality of human resources as early as possible in a directed, integrated and comprehensive manner through various proactive and comprehensive efforts reactive by all components of the nation so that the younger generation can develop optimally accompanied by the right to support and protection in accordance with its potential.

Politics and Ideology

Politics is all human efforts and activities in order to gain power, exercise power and maintain power in relation to the administration of state government. The activities in question can be carried out by individuals or collectively and at the central and regional levels. The positive effects of political and ideological modernization are as follows:

  • Political awareness among the people is increasing. This can be seen from the increasing participation of the wider community in the political arena through people's representatives.
  • The quality of religious life is increasing. This is reflected in the increasing tolerance among followers of religions and beliefs as well as the increasing quality of human behavior and the quality of piety to God Almighty.
  • The national ideology, namely Pancasila, is getting stronger.
  • Political and government stability is increasing.
  • The process of development and renewal in terms of ideology, politics, economy, socio-culture and defense and security is getting smoother.

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Field of Economic Life

In economic life, it is necessary to develop a people's economic system that is based on a fair market mechanism with the principle of competition healthy and pay attention to economic growth, values ​​of justice, social interests, quality of life, environmentally sound development and sustainable.

Thus, equal opportunities in business and work are guaranteed, protection of consumer rights, and fair treatment for all people.

Field of Religious life

In religious life, in order to support the modernization of Indonesian society, the following efforts are made:

Strengthening the role, function and position of religion as a moral, spiritual and ethical foundation in administration of the state, and strive so that the laws and regulations do not conflict with the religious morals.

Improving the quality of religious education through improving the religious education system so that it is more integrated and integral in the national education system, supported by appropriate advice and infrastructure adequate.

Improving and strengthening inter-religious harmony in life so as to create a harmonious and respectful life atmosphere in the spirit of pluralism through inter-religious dialogue.

Improving the convenience of religious people in carrying out their worship, including improving the quality of the implementation of hajj and zakat management, by providing broad opportunities for the community to participate in maintenance.

Increasing the role and function of religious institutions in overcoming the impact of changes that occur in all aspects life to strengthen the identity and personality of the nation as well as strengthen the harmony of life of the community, nation and state patriotic.

Modernization in the field of religion shows progress in the field of religion and belief. These advances include:

  • The availability of religious facilities and infrastructure from big cities to remote areas.
  • Increasingly organized religious activities, both regionally and nationally, both at the commemoration of religious holidays and in their respective religious development programs.
  • The increasing number of religious adherents who actively carry out worship.
  • The increasing quality of piety is reflected in daily behavior.
  • The development of religious schools, including books on knowledge of religion.

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Various Fields of Modernization in Life

Socio-Cultural Field

In the modernization of the socio-cultural field regarding health and social welfare, efforts are needed to support modernization as follows:

Improving the quality of human resources and a mutually supportive environment with a healthy paradigm approach, which provides priority on efforts to improve health, prevention, healing, recovery and rehabilitation from conception in the womb until elderly.

Develop a labor social security system for all workers to get protection, adequate work safety and security, the management of which involves the government, employers and worker.

Raising awareness of the poor, disabled and neglected children and vulnerable groups through the provision of the widest possible employment opportunities in order to improve welfare public.

Improving the quality of the population through birth control, reducing mortality and improving the quality of family planning programs.

Systematically eradicate trafficking and abuse of narcotics and illegal drugs by giving the most severe sanctions to producers, dealers and users.

Well, that's the review and explanation of Various Areas of Modernization in Life (Full Discussion) which is explained in detail, hopefully it can add insight to all of us. Thank you.
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