Exogenous Forces That Include Weathering and Erosion (Complete)

Exogenous Forces That Include Weathering and Erosion (Complete) Exogenous energy is a changing force or shaping the earth's surface that comes from outside. Exogenous forces also include events such as weathering and erosion.

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  • Exogenous Forces That Include Weathering and Erosion (Complete)
    • Weathering
      • Mechanical Weathering (Physical)
      • Chemical Weathering
      • Organic Weathering
    • Erosion
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Exogenous Forces That Include Weathering and Erosion (Complete)

Let's discuss the exogenous forces on weathering and erosion in full below.


Weathering is the process of destroying rock mass by its crushing medium. The destruction media in question include water, sunlight, glaciers, chemical reactions and the activities of living things (organisms). Based on the process of occurrence, weathering can be grouped into three types, namely mechanical (physical) weathering, chemical weathering and organic weathering.

Mechanical Weathering (Physical)

Mechanical weathering is weathering that takes place due to the activity of sunlight, changes in temperature that occur sudden and freezing of water in rock crevices without changing the chemical elements in weathering rock the.

Chemical Weathering

Chemical weathering is the process of eroding and destroying rock by changing the weathered composition, mainly carried out by rainwater.

Organic Weathering

Organic weathering is weathering of the work of living things, such as plants (mosses and mosses). ferns), animal activities (earthworms and insects) and humans themselves, for example in management land.


Erosion is the wearing away and carrying of rock by soil, water, wind or ocean waves.

Based on the power of the cause is divided into 4, namely:

  • Abiasi: the causative force is flowing water, usually found in rivers.
  • Abrasion: the causative force is ocean waves, usually on the coast.
  • Corrosion/deflation: the causative force is wind, usually found in deserts.
  • Ekharasi: the causative force is glaciers. usually found in cold areas.

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Exogenous Forces That Include Weathering And Erosion

Based on the form of erosion is divided into 6, namely:

  • Flash erosion: splash erosion
  • Overland erosion: runoff erosion
  • Rill erosion: groove erosion
  • Gully erosion: trench erosion
  • Stream bank erosion: cliff erosion
  • Sheet erosion: sheet erosion

That's our brief explanation this time about Exogenous Forces That Include Weathering and Erosion (Complete) for readers, hopefully it can be useful and add to our insight, I thank you

source by: Geography of class X Aspiration

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