Definition of Technology: History, Types, Examples of Technology

Understanding Technology is a variety of needs and also means of various kinds of equipment and systems whose function is to provide comfort and convenience for humans.

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Understanding Technology in General

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Technology itself comes from the Greek technologia or techno which means 'skill' as well as logia which means 'knowledge'.

At first, the meaning of the word technology was very limited only to tangible objects such as machines or equipment.

But over time, the notion of technology has expanded.

This understanding of technology is not limited only to tangible objects, but also intangible objects.

For example: software, business methods, learning methods, agriculture and others.

Understanding Technology According to Experts

1. M Maryono

Technology is the application and development of various equipment and systems to solve problems that humans have faced in their daily lives.

2. Jacques Elli

Technology is a whole method that rationally leads and has the characteristics of efficiency in every human activity.

3. Gary J. Anglin

Technology Systematic and systematic application of various behavioral and natural sciences and other knowledge in order to solve a problem.

4. NN

Technology is an object or non-object entity that is intentionally created in an integrated manner through a process of action, thought in order to achieve a value.

So it can be concluded that the notion of technology is machines, tools, processes, methods, activities, and ideas that are made to facilitate human activities in everyday life. Humans use technology in the fields of communication, transportation, learning, manufacturing, business, data security and so on.

So this technology is not only limited to laptops, smartphones, planes, computers, and trains. But simple tools such as hammers, spoons, hammers, hammers, bottles are also part of technology.

History of Technological Development

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The following is a brief history of technological developments, including:

1. Pre-History Masa

In this pre-historic era, the technology used was made of bronze, stone, and iron.

Some of the technologies known in prehistoric times include: swords, vessels, hand axes, and bronze.

2. Ancient Technology

In this era, technology has developed towards construction, maritime agriculture, and stationery.

At this time too, humans have known how to build a building construction to a complicated stage.

Examples: ships, pyramids, sundials, and lighthouses.

3. Medieval technology to modern era

In this period, the technology used has begun to develop, marked by various discoveries in the fields of medicine, astronomy, military mathematics, and cartography.

Examples: printing press, crossbow, ship navigation, and algebra.

4. Industrial Revolution era technology

The development of technology began to appear clearly at this time.

Various types of machines have been successfully created and then replaced human power with machine power.

This era is the forerunner of technological developments that exist today.

Examples: early generation cars, telegraphs, looms, telephones, bicycles, and steam engines.

5. Technology in the 20th Century

In this time. Neil Armstrong has successfully landed on the moon.

Existing technology in other fields is also developing rapidly. For example in the military field, the atomic bomb has been successfully created.

The transistor that has become the forerunner of the size of a small computer as it is today has also been found.

At the end of the century, the internet has also begun to be introduced to the general public and commercialized.

Example: vaccination technology, refrigerator, microwave, vacuum.

6. 21st Century Technological Development

At this time, various technologies have also begun to be developed.

Starting from the technology needed for households, information technology, education, social, or others.

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Examples of the Latest Technology in the World

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The following are some of the latest technologies that you may not have known before, including:

  • wig is a technology that is projected to replace the use of Wifi.
  • Invisible Car Car which can change its color according to the environment like a chameleon.
  • Matrix Power Watch by using battery power that can be charged using body heat.

Kinds of Technology


The development of technology can be seen from the technological innovations that exist at this time.

Technological advances touch all kinds of sectors, including:

1. Technology in Economics

Technological advances in this economic field are in the form of the development of the financial system used.

If in the past people made real or real transactions, or faced off between buyers and sellers, now they have switched to online.

Not only that, the existing financial system has also turned into e-money.

2. Information Technology

The progress of this information is marked by the ease with which people can get information via the internet on several electronic technology equipment. For example, we can get technology information on the site

3. Food Technology

The agricultural system that exists at this time is of course also different from the agricultural system that existed in ancient times, starting from the planting system, seeds, and also planting techniques.

4. Education technology

The technology that is also developing in the world of education is the development of an educational system that become better, educators and students who easily understand the various lessons given, and who other.

5. Communication Technology

The progress of this one communication is marked by the ease with which a person communicates even at great distances.

7. Medical Technology

One of the advances in the medical world is the discovery of various kinds of vaccines to prevent various kinds of dangerous diseases.

8. Transportation Technology

One of the advancements in the field of transportation is the existence of various modern means of transportation.

Where it is very easy for someone to transport goods or travel long distances.

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