10 Names of Angels and Their Duties

You may have often heard the name of this angel, because the angel Gabriel is considered to be a leader of the angels. The angel Gabriel has the task of conveying the revelations given by Allah SWT to the Prophets and Apostles.

2. Angel Michael

The angel Michael was assigned by Allah SWT to give sustenance to living things, regulates water, sends rain and lightning. It could be wealth, health, or something else.

The Prophet mentioned the name of the Angel Mikail as one of the Prophet's assistants from the sky, as in the hadith which reads:

The 6th pillar of faith, we must believe in the Day of Judgment, and the angels that Allah has assigned to us blowing Trumpet trumpet is the Angel Israfil.

The trumpet trumpet continued to stick in the mouth of the Angel Israfil until the command of Allah SWT came to blow it on the Day of Resurrection.

The angel Israfil is one of the four main angels, along with the Archangel Gabriel, Malikat Mikail and the Angel Izrail.

Allah SWT says that every living thing will surely die. An angel assigned to kill is the angel Israel.

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It is also mentioned, after all living things have been deprived of their lives on the Day of Resurrection and only the angel Azrael remained, then Allah SWT ordered the angel Azrael to take his life alone.

By seeing the enormity of the death that was happening to him, the angel Izrail said:

"O Allah, if I had known that this death was so painful, I would not have the heart to take the life of a believer."

5. Evil Angel

After the spirit leaves the body (died), the run will go to the barzakh realm (the grave). The spirit will be questioned by the angels Munkar and Nakir.

Questions will begin when the burial process has been completed and the last 70 steps of the person from the place where the body was buried.

“Who is your God?”, “Who is your Prophet?”, “What is your religion?”

For anyone who can answer the question, then the corpse will be given a wide and explained the grave until the Day of Judgment. Those who cannot answer it will be tormented until the day of resurrection.

6. Nakir Angel

The task of the Nakir angel is the same as that of the Munkar angel, which is to ask the deeds of humans when in the barzakh realm.

7. Angel Raqib Malaikat

Apart from humans who often do something bad, there must be something good that has been done. It should be noted that the angel Raqib is the one who disfigures all the good deeds we do in the world.

8. Angel Atid

The name of the angel Atid is side by side with the angel Raqib, the task of the angel Atid is to cripple the bad deeds of humans during his life. Which is the opposite of the task of the angel Raqib.

9. Angel Malik

Angel Malik is an angel who leads the para Zabaniah Angel in hell. The angel Malik is usually associated with the angel Ridwan.

It is stated in the Qur'an:

"This is (the punishment of hell), let them taste it, (their drink) very hot water and very cold water. (Sad 38:57)”

"They do not feel the coolness in it and do not (also get) a drink, other than boiling water and ghossaq, in recompense." (QS. An Naba': 24-26).

Angel Malik's job is guard the gates of hell, and Hell is held (held) by seventy thousand ropes, and each rope is held by seventy thousand angels. Subhan Allah, may we be spared from hell fire. Amen.

An angel assigned by Allah SWT to guarding heaven's door is the Angel Ridwan. Allah says in the Qur'an:

“The parable of Paradise which is promised to those who are pious is that of a garden where rivers flow; its fruit is unceasing, while its shade (so is). That is the final place for those who are pious; while the final place for the disbelievers is hell." (Ar-Ra'd 13:35)

Hopefully we are all lucky humans and prospective residents of heaven. Amen. And that 10 Names of Angels and Their Duties that we must know and believe. I hope the article Yuksinau.id helpful.

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