Definition of Herald Verbs and Examples (Latest)

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You may still be unfamiliar with the title of this article, what exactly is it? reporter verb that? For this reason, our goal this time is to explain things that are still confusing about the verb reporter and are accompanied by examples so that it will make it easier to understand.

On the article Transitive and Intransitive Verbs previously discussed, we have explained what the meaning of a verb or verb is.

In short, the meaning of a verb or verb is a class of words that express an action, experience, existence, or other dynamic sense.

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Definition of Verb Reporter

Reporter Verb is a word used to indicate a conversation. Announcer verb is one of the characteristics of linguistic rules news text, because in the news text there are descriptions, reporter verbs and transitive verbs as characteristics of the linguistic rules.

The verb announcer has the character proclaim, the example is like say, explain, explain, proclaim, and its kind.

In essence, the nature of this verb is to tell other people, generally the wider community.

Example Verb

To make it easier to explain the verb reporter used in the news text, we include an example with the following words and sentences:

Words: say

Sentence: In President Jokowi's speech broadcast on television, he say that will reduce the price of fuel oil as soon as possible.

So that people are not too burdened by expensive fuel prices.

Words: Expose

Sentence: President too display Indonesia's development which is currently ready to face challenges and competition.

Words: Preach

Sentence: When there was a solar eclipse on March 9, 2016 on the internet, there were many websites that preach about the process of a solar eclipse.

Our discussion of this material is quite short, because we ourselves are quite difficult to find information about reporter verbs even though we have surfed the internet.

Hopefully with the explanation above regarding the meaning of the verb or reporter verb which is one of the linguistic characteristics of news texts, you can become more skilled in making news texts that will be announced to many people. If anyone is still confused about the explanation, please ask through the comments on

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