In language Indonesia, there are many types of sentences. One of them is a missing sentence. A gap sentence is a sentence that has a void in it so that it does not meet the standard sentence. Missing sentences are deliberately made to test the reader's ability to recognize and perfect sentences. Here are some missing sentences you can learn:

  1. Mother cooks vegetables in the kitchen using … oil. (stove)
  2. Malika wrote in…. write using white chalk. (board)
  3. Ika's clothes were dirty and got splashed by mud while walking. (cross)
  4. Adi's computer…. so he can't do his homework. (broken)
  5. Mama just bought a new … so she can call us more often. (mobile)
  6. The pickpocket soon…. the police so as not to be judged by the masses. (secured)
  7. Ani lost the book so she was fined by the librarian. (borrowed)
  8. Adi's Math exam is very … so he can finish it quickly. (easy)
  9. Mother …. fish with cooking oil that he just bought at the shop earlier. (fry)
  10. The knife that Mom uses… so it can't cut meat. (blunt)
  11. Chicken food is already… that's why the chickens keep making noise. (out)
  12. The bread was already … so unfit to eat. (moldy)
  13. The baby who… Mrs. Nia is a child from Mrs. Sari. (carried)
  14. The hotel rooms are… all so we can't stay the night. (full)
  15. It was raining so much… that our house was also flooded. (burst)
  16. My father repaired the roof of the house that…. (leaking)
  17. My college assignments haven't been… because I'm too busy playing with my cell phone. (Ready)
  18. Life in this world is sometimes at … sometimes below it spins like a wheel. (on)
  19. His speech was very... heart so that many were offended every time he spoke. (painful)

That's an example of a gap sentence in the language Indonesia that you can learn. You can also read articles example of causality sentence, causality sentence example, example of interrogative sentence using what question word?, example sentences using question words, example sentence acronym kalimat, and example of choice conjunction. May be useful. Thank you.

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