How to transfer money via cellphone, safer and more practical

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Ease of financial transactions is definitely needed by everyone. Especially for business owners who have busy activities. Knowing a practical way to transfer money via cellphone will save you time. No need to worry about security when transferring money via cellphone. As long as you follow the instructions from the bank or service provider, your money will safely reach the destination account.

Transferring money via cellphone doesn't always have to use an application. You can also use payment software Trusted. To make it clearer, see how to transfer money via cellphone below.

How to transfer money via cellphone

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1.How to transfer money via cellphone
1.1.1. SMS Banking Service
1.2.2. Mobile Banking Application
1.3.3. Internet banking
1.4.4. E-Wallet Application
1.5.5. Payment Software
1.6.6. Joint Account
2.Tips for making money transfers via cellphone safer
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There are 6 ways to transfer money via cellphone that you can follow. You can use SMS banking services and payment software.

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1. SMS Banking Service

SMS banking is the only way to transfer money via cellphone that does not require internet access. If you often do activities in locations with limited internet signal, this method could be the solution.

SMS banking is provided by the bank where you open a savings account. This service can only be activated by bank officers. So, you need to take care of it by meeting customer service, aka coming to the bank office.

The way to send money via SMS banking is the same as the name suggests, namely via short message. You can make transactions by sending a short message to the bank's service number. Usually the contents of the message must comply with the format also provided by the bank.
Sending money using SMS banking requires credit fees. Therefore, you must always have sufficient credit.

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2. Mobile Banking Application

Mobile banking is a financial service application created by certain banks. Mobile banking can also be used to transfer money via cellphone.

Just like SMS banking, after downloading the mobile banking application, you need to register and wait for verification from the bank.

If your mobile banking application is active, then you can try transferring money. The method is quite easy. You can start by entering the application (logging in) then looking for the transfer menu. Then, the option will appear whether you want to make a transfer to an account from the same or a different bank? Next, you only need to enter the destination account number, nominal amount, and complete the transfer process. Voila! It's very easy to transfer money via the application, isn't it?

3. Internet banking

Just like the two previous methods, internet banking services can be accessed after being activated by the bank. So, you have to report to the bank branch office you use.
The internet banking feature is usually used because it has a larger transaction limit than SMS and mobile banking. It's not surprising that companies usually use this transfer feature.

If you have received the account activation code from the bank, you can log in to the internet banking service site/website. Money transfers are made by selecting the transfer menu then entering the destination account number and amount you want to send. In the delivery verification process, you need to enter the token code you received. Remember, this token code cannot be shared with anyone without exception.

4. E-Wallet Application

How to transfer money via cellphone without having to bother going to a bank office can be done using an e-wallet application. E-wallet or digital wallet can be used to transfer to the destination account if your account has a balance. Currently there are at least 3 types of e-wallets that are most widely used. All of them have almost similar transfer methods.

The transfer process from e-wallet to a bank account is carried out by entering the bank type, destination account number and amount to be transferred. Next, you will also be sent a token code to verify transfer activity.

5. Payment Software

Payment software is a service online transfer Web-based. This service can facilitate a company's transfer activities. For example, in the case of vendor payments, you don't need to input vendor data one by one to carry out the transfer process.

Transferring money using payment software can save your time by up to 80%. Apart from that, all online transfer records will be neatly arranged in one complete dashboard.

6. Joint Account

The way to transfer using a joint account is to use a third party. The parties who play a role in this process are called the sending party, neutral party and recipient.
If you send money via a joint account, you will be asked to send money with a certain code to a third party account. Next, the third party will send your money to the recipient.

Tips for making money transfers via cellphone safer

Banking crimes in the internet world often occur. Therefore, you must understand how to make the money transfer process run safely.

The following are 9 tips for making money transfers via cellphone safer:

  • Maintain the confidentiality of personal data such as username and password, banking data, personal identity and other data.
  • Update passwords regularly.
  • Make sure the bank website address/transfer service is correct if you use internet banking.
  • Check your account regularly, if there is an incorrect transaction, immediately contact the bank.
  • Do not share the OTP code/token with anyone.
  • Always log out or leave your account when you have made a transaction.
  • Use a personal cellphone.
  • Activate cellphone security features such as passwords or fingerprint features.
  • Don't use free wifi or VPN when making financial transactions.

Don't forget to always maintain security when carrying out financial transactions. In the current era, the threat of fraud via the internet is very widespread.

Those are 6 ways to transfer money via cellphone that you can use. To make it easier to manage business finances, you should use online transfer services provided by trusted payment software. Hope it is useful!

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