Days After: Zombie Survival MOD APK

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Days After: Zombie Survival MOD APK (MOD, Menu/Free Craft) offers fun survival gameplay realistic with intense and stunning environment design for an immersive experience with style unique.

Days After: Zombie Survival Game Apocalypse War is a survival shooting game for mobile device users. Players have just fought in a wild environment and have faced many zombie invasions. Download the game to your devices together to experience zombie battles and build a strong fortress against the enemy. The journey of survival has begun here if you are able to survive the challenges. The Day After: Zombie Survival Game. Doomsday War

Days After: Zombie Survival MOD APK


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The game puts the character in a difficult situation when you have to survive in the wilderness combined with the adventure of fighting zombies. Designed with survival shooting games in mind, humanity has been destroyed by the Zombie army, and you are still alive and must find a way to survive in the wilderness. In that harsh environment you have to survive, collect the necessary resources, create tools. Those things will help your journey to survive and fight to destroy zombies, build a base quickly, and collect weapons. The Day After: Zombie Survival Game. Apocalypse War There are many dangers lurking like wild animals, zombies trying to attack you, making it difficult for players to have a calm time. If you want to stay alive, you will have to try endlessly, building bases, getting food and picking up weapons for unpredictable battles. The game offers a large map with many different locations and the abandoned world has many places for characters to explore.

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A challenging tour, you shouldn't leave the base too far. With this emulator-designed game, the character has to face many conditions such as thirst, hunger, and the threat of infection. Take a poor man's diary to learn survival methods, survival tips and more useful information. There are many missions for players, raid missions on outposts to rob and discover mysterious infection stories. The Day After: Zombie Survival Game. Apocalypse War The faster you complete missions, the faster you get rewards, which promise to be useful in the fight for survival. As you approach the ruins of civilization, the Zombie army attacks more fiercely; if players don't turn around, they can lose their lives at any time. There are many valuable resources for players to explore; Collecting powerful weapons is the key for players to survive the Zombie battle.


The game offers players high-quality graphics, diverse terrain, weapons and characters drawn in detail and care. There are two male and female characters for players to choose from, and there are many unique characters that enhance the authenticity of the game. The control buttons are flexibly arranged on the screen so that players can easily master them while participating in battle. The Day After: Zombie Survival Game. Doomsday War What are you waiting for? Immediately download the Days After game to your cellphone to fully enjoy the survival atmosphere. You have to fight to survive. To make your boring house more exciting and enjoyable, we hope this game will get lots of positive feedback. If you have any reviews or suggestions about the game, please send them to the mailbox quickly. We will continue to accept and resolve.

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