Foreign Culture in Indonesia

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Culture is a way of life that is developed and shared by a group of people and passed down from generation to generation. Culture consists of many complex elements, including religious and political systems, customs, language, tools, clothing, buildings, and works of art.


Language, as well as culture, is an integral part of being human that many people tend to attribute to genetic inheritance. When someone tries to communicate with people from different cultures and adjusts to the differences, it proves that culture is learned.

Culture is a holistic lifestyle. culture is complex, abstract, and broad. Many cultural aspects also determine communicative behavior. Elements of socio-cultural spread and include many human social activities.

Some of the reasons why people have difficulty when communicating with people from other cultures seem deep Definition of culture: Culture is a complex set of values ​​polarized by images containing views on their benefits just. The “image of strength” takes different forms in various cultures such as “rugged individualism” in America, “individual harmony with nature” in Japan and “collective obedience” in China.

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The cultural image of a style provides its members with appropriate behavioral guidelines and establishes a logical world of meaning and value that the humblest member can borrow to gain a sense of dignity and affinity with life they.

Foreign Culture in Indonesia

The Indonesian nation, in following the flow of globalization, can sometimes fade its national identity which is so steeped in eastern politeness and culture. In the eyes of the world, Indonesia is known as a nation that upholds excellent Eastern customs. But the Indonesian people do not close themselves off to foreign cultures who want to enter Indonesia without destroying the identity and personality of the Indonesian people. Because sometimes globalization can make a nation more creative without abandoning the nation's manners.

Foreign cultures that have entered as a result of the era of globalization (expansion of social ways between continents), have also changed things to Indonesia Indonesian behavior and culture, both national culture and pure culture that exists in every region in Indonesia. In this case, it is often seen that people in Indonesia are unable to adapt well to foreign cultures, giving rise to behavior that tends to be westernized (westernization).

This can be seen from the frequency of people, especially Indonesian teenagers, going in and out of pubs, discos and other nightlife venues, with various deviant behaviors that accompany it and often give birth to their own communities, especially in big cities and metropolitan. In this case, various cases of deviation occur, such as abuse of addictive substances, various forms of moral violations and so on. This is the inability of Indonesian society to adapt and select foreign influences so that they still act 'talkative' towards foreign culture.

The Influence of Foreign Culture in Indonesia

Of the many foreign cultures that have entered Indonesia, one of them is western culture. The West, as the name suggests, is a product of development in the western world which emphasizes individuality and freedom. Meanwhile, Indonesia is part of an eastern nation that wants harmony, command and collectivity.

Western nations that had quite a lasting influence were the Portuguese and the Dutch. Especially the Dutch, some of the culture of these nations has been absorbed and entered into the cultural structure of the Indonesian nation.

In fact, there are a number of "Western" influences that to this day continue to leave an impression on the structure of Indonesian culture. Especially in the Indonesian education system. Education is one of the non-material components of culture that has a significant role in preserving a culture. Apart from education, the administrative mechanism of the government of the western country that once colonized Indonesia, namely the Netherlands, also had its own influence in the formation of the Indonesian social (political) system.

Not only western countries have influence, but eastern countries such as China and Japan also provide a certain degree of influence on the development of Indonesia's social and cultural system. Japan, of course, had an influence, namely through their brief colonization of Indonesia. Meanwhile, China, which had relations with the archipelago long before Islam touched Indonesia, has established its own degree of influence.

Meanwhile, nowadays, we can see the entrenched habits of western people almost every day through the media Unfortunately, western culture is negative and tends to destroy and violate our eastern norms are watched and imitated by our people, especially teenagers who want such freedom western people.

Over time, the nation's next generation who will become leaders of this country will have more inclined characteristics leading to foreign cultures which will make it easier for other nations to influence or even dominate the whole Indonesia. Ultimately, the downfall of this country is just a matter of time.

Examples of foreign cultural influences that occurred in Indonesia include the following:

  1. Consuming ready-to-eat food (fast food)
  2. Glamorous lifestyle (extravagant)
  3. Excessive use of symbols
  4. There are people who believe in:
  • Capitalism
  • Hedonism
  • Secularism
  1. Imitate western style of dress
  2. Dye your hair blonde like western people
  3. Mixing Indonesian with English as a language style

Factors that Can Give rise to Foreign Culture

There are various factors that can cause westernization, including the following:

  • Lack of mastery over the development of science and technology

In this era of globalization and progress, we are required to follow developments if we are unable to adapt and adapting to the progress of the times, we will be behind the times and lack knowledge and technology or are often called technologically clueless (stuttering technology) so that we can be easily influenced by western ideas that are not appropriate because we do not understand and have it extensive knowledge. So they are unable to differentiate between what needs to be taken and what does not need to be taken.

  • A consumerist society towards foreign goods

Currently there is free trade so that foreign producers can easily import their goods into other countries. This can cause people to tend to be consumptive and prefer foreign products to domestic products, so this can cause westernization to develop easily.

  • The entry of western culture and cultural acculturation

Currently, many foreigners are entering Indonesia, either living in Indonesia or just traveling They entered Indonesia bringing their culture, many of which were imitated and absorbed by the nation local. And sometimes the culture that is imitated is actually a culture that is not in accordance with local culture so that a culture of westernization develops which can destroy local culture.

  • Lack of public awareness will differentiate between good and bad culture

People often imitate foreign cultures without seeing their good or bad sides just think that they will look cool and be considered modern if they follow the nation's culture foreign.

  • The emergence of a desire to seek freedom, like western countries

Foreign countries (western countries) have the desire to dominate the world so they send the ideas they adhere to to various countries, especially developing countries.

  • Imitate western clothing, hair and lifestyle

People, especially young people, are easily influenced by western lifestyles, they often imitate foreign artists they like. which actually makes them have an unnatural lifestyle, sexy and tight clothes, messy, untidy hair, and a lifestyle that is not in accordance with the culture. local.

The Impact of Foreign Culture in Indonesia

The presence of globalization certainly has an influence on the life of a country, including Indonesia. This influence includes two sides, namely positive influence and negative influence. The influence of globalization in various areas of life such as politics, economics, ideology, social culture and others will influence the values ​​of nationalism towards the nation. Especially Korea has a very influential impact on teenagers in Indonesia. The negative impacts of the emergence of Korean fever in Indonesia are as follows:

  1. Wasteful lifestyle

Teenagers who are so obsessed with K-pop music, Korean dramas, and even products originating from Korea, make them spending a lot of money just to buy DVDs, watch concerts, and go to Korea just to hunt for original goods Korea. Even though they save to get these things, it is also not a thing which is good because so much money was wasted on something that wasn't need.

  1. The emergence of Fanwar

Everyone has different tastes in music. Because there are differences in musical tastes or different hobbies that make each one Fandom definitely also has antis or people who don't like a boyband or girlband the. This difference is what triggers a fan war or war between fans. Usually this happens a lot in cyberspace.

Moreover, due to the emergence of Indonesian boybands and girlbands who follow Korean style, Kpopers are less likely to like Ipopers (Indonesian boyband and girlband lovers). Kpopers think that Indonesian boybands and girlbands imitate Korean culture, while Ipopers accuse Kpopers of not loving local products. This creates a very fierce feud between Korean music lovers and Indonesian music lovers.

Of course, this is not a good thing for teenagers because they become accustomed to fighting and feeling like they are the best at something.

  1. The emergence of elements of pornography and pornographic action

Apart from having an extravagant lifestyle and frequent fan wars, Korean fans who really like reading or writing FF, started developing a fanfic style that was initially just an ordinary fictional story, becoming a fanfic whose story contains elements pornoaction. This FF is called FF NC or FF No Child, usually FF NC is given a rating according to the age limit for reading it, starting from a rating of 17+, 21+ to 25+. This type of FF can easily be found on blogs or even on the social networking site Facebook.

Although there are several blogs that still pay attention to the morals of Indonesian teenagers by providing passwords for FF NC, but it is not uncommon for underage children to force themselves to read it and find out the password. This will get worse if the people creating these types of stories are children under the age of 17.

Apart from FF NC, Korean fans also like to make FF yuri and FF yaoi, FF yuri and yaoi are fiction stories that tell about same-sex romance. Of course, this is very damaging to the mentality and morals of Indonesian teenagers which can ultimately result in in their daily lives, they may consider same-sex romance to be a thing normal.

Meanwhile, for Kpopers who are good at photo editing, they will edit (fanmade) photos that contain pornographic elements and share these photos on social networking sites.

Finally, the morals of teenagers who love Korea are starting to be poisoned by things that smell like pornographic action and pornography, this can have fatal consequences for them For Korean lovers who are still underage, they can quickly understand and learn things that they shouldn't need yet know. Words that are considered taboo to be spoken in public are also considered normal by Indonesian teenagers who really love Korea.

The other negative impacts arising from foreign nations are as follows:

  • The entry of western ideas can damage the nation's morals
  • The nation's spirit of nationalism is fading
  • Individualistic Attitude
  • Social gap
  • Expressing the spirit of love for one's own nation and culture
  • Consumer lifestyle
  • Looking for instant everything
  • Western culture is known for its concept of liberalism, which has resulted in the emergence of free sex, pornography, and so on.

Meanwhile, the positive impacts from foreign nations are as follows:

  1. Can master science and technology
  2. Changes in Values ​​& Attitudes
  3. Development of Science & Technology
  4. Cultural acculturation occurs so that they do not experience cultural boredom because people always want new things
  5. Can follow fashionable clothing and lifestyles that are currently popular
  6. The use of other languages ​​in communication to increase scientific insight
  7. The emergence of new ideas that can help advance science and technology

Maintaining Indonesian Culture

Cultural values ​​that are characteristic of the Indonesian nation, such as mutual cooperation, friendship, hospitality in society are becoming basic privileges that can make individual Indonesians love and preserve the nation's culture Alone.

But the characteristics of Indonesian society, which is known as a friendly and polite society, are now starting to emerge faded since the entry of foreign culture into Indonesia which could not be properly selected by the Indonesian people.

So, in this case the government has an important role to maintain Indonesian cultural values ​​in life people because the cultural values ​​of their ancestors are a philosophy of life in each region even without help technology. These cultural values ​​do not mean that we must be closed to foreign cultures, However, the values ​​and meaning of Indonesian cultural philosophy must be used as a source of inspiration and creativity.

The following are several ways to maintain Indonesian culture so that it is not influenced by negative foreign culture:

  • Developing a strong spirit of nationalism, for example the spirit of loving domestic products and culture.
  • Instill and practice the values ​​of Pancasila as best as possible.
  • Instill and implement religious teachings as well as possible.
  • Selective towards foreign cultures entering Indonesia.
  • Strengthen and maintain national identity so that it does not fade.

In this way, the community can act wisely in determining attitudes so that the nation's identity and personality does not fade due to foreign cultures entering Indonesia in particular.

Examples of Foreign Culture in Indonesia

The following are several examples of foreign culture in Indonesia, consisting of:

  1. Examples of Western Culture in Indonesia

Consists of:

  • Music

In the field of music, western culture seems to be very influential for Indonesia. It can be seen from the large number of western music genres entering Indonesia. Examples include raff music, rock n roll, reggae, remixes, and so on. It can also be seen from the lyrics of Indonesian songs which are often combined with foreign languages, making Indonesian people like western songs.

  • Fashion

There are many western style clothes in Indonesia, such as dresses, bikinis, dresses, and so on was accepted and followed by the Indonesian people and these clothes were made into clothing daily. The appearance of a foreigner with blonde hair, eyes with an unusual color for Indonesians, tall posture, these are actually genes what foreigners and Indonesians have is different, Indonesians consider it all to be beautiful and Indonesians imitate it all.

  • Dance

Western dances are also starting to develop in Indonesia, such as breakdance, tango, waltz, chacha and ballet.

  • Culinary

There are quite a lot of typical western foods that have entered Indonesia and are much liked by Indonesian people, such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, sausages, cheese, yogurt and butter.

Indonesian people can know and learn foreign languages ​​imported from western countries such as English, Dutch and many more.

  • Party Procedures

Indonesian people are starting to follow western culture in party procedures such as western-style weeding parties, sweet seventeen parties.

  1. Examples of Eastern Culture in Indonesia

Consists of:

  1. The development of songs, films, dramas and dances from eastern countries is currently very popular popular among teenagers in Indonesia, for example Korean (K-POP) and Japanese songs, as well as dramas Korea.
  2. There are languages ​​from eastern countries that are popular in Indonesia. For example, many Indonesians are starting to learn Japanese and Korean.
  3. In the field of literature, eastern culture is also quite influential, such as the many comics that are developing rapidly in Indonesia.

That's the discussion about Foreign Culture – Definition, Influence, Factors, Impact, Maintaining and Examples Hopefully this will be useful for loyal friends of education lecturers. Com… 😀

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