7 Examples of Persuasive Essays

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For this discussion, we will provide a review regarding Example of a Persuasive Essay which in this case includes examples of Politics, Education, Advertising, Propaganda, Waste and the environment, so to understand and comprehend better, see the full review below This.


Example of a Persuasive Essay

Below are several examples of persuasive essays, including the following:

1. Example of a persuasive essay about health

Healthy Because of Water

Our baby, Ananda Dany Rifky Firdaus (2.5 years), can be called Rifky. He was born via cesarean section. Since he was two weeks old, he has often been sick. His bilirubin was high, reaching 24.0, so he had to be hospitalized.

"To fill the lack of body fluids, while he was hospitalized, he had to drink formula milk." I myself was only able to give breast milk until he was 5 months old. "After one week in hospital and one month of outpatient treatment, his bilirubin returned to normal, up to 0.1," said his mother.

At the age of 9 months he got sick again. The doctor diagnosed him with a urinary tract infection. Over and over again he had to undergo urine tests. Fortunately, two months later the test result was negative, meaning his condition had improved.

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When he was sixteen months old he had another urinary tract infection, every time the urine test was positive, he had to take antibiotics, up to five urine tests. On the 6th test, thankfully the results were negative. Three months later he was tested again, the results were completely negative.

Apart from that, Rifky was also hospitalized for one week due to pneumonia. His body heat increased and his immune system weakened. According to the doctor, he probably contracted the virus at the hospital.

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"Never take your child to the hospital, unless you are sick, because there are millions of viruses and germs there," said the doctor. I always remember that message, but of course it was difficult to keep Rifky away from the hospital because he was also sick back and forth.

Even though he is often sick, Rifky's body remains fat and his development is normal. "We certainly don't want him to constantly be dealing with medication, especially antibiotics. "Because of that, we try hard to maintain his health, one of which is by giving him lots of bottled water," said his mother.

“He has been used to drinking water for almost a year. In one drink he can finish a 600 milliliter bottle of water. When he wakes up from sleep at night, he also asks for water. Since he likes drinking water, he rarely gets sick. Maybe the water had washed away the toxins from his body. He is now more active and likes swimming. "We hope he always grows up healthy," said his mother again.

2. Example of a persuasive essay about politics


Every Indonesian who is aware of their rights must be ready to carry out a movement of civil disobedience. This is necessary, especially if the national agenda in the form of the upcoming MPR Special Session (SI) ends up being just a forum It is constitutional for political elites to share power among themselves to the point of forgetting the public interest public.

Playwright W.S. Rendra together with political observer Eep Saefullah Fatah accompanied by a number of economic practitioners and artists with loudly called for this at a press conference at the Jakarta Arts Council Taman Ismail Marzuki Office, Jakarta, Thursday (19/7) Afternoon.

The call for society to disobey citizens, said Eep and Rendra, was expressed as a form of concern them as citizens due to the occurrence of mainstream politics and economics which continuously places the people as the victim.

Citizen disobedience is necessary, Eep argues, especially if the transition process towards democracy is already underway becomes increasingly elitist and leads to the hijacking of democracy by forces and minds that take sides authoritarianism.

According to Eep, this is what is currently shadowing the transition process currently underway in this country, in particular If you look at the MPR, it has now been prepared as nothing more than an arena for political betting child.

This expensive event was created in an effort to change power. "While the basic agenda that needs to be worked on can enable the people to get out of the suffocating economic crisis and disgusting political crisis, it is actually being ignored," explained Eep.

It is even sadder, he added, when the political and economic currents that have placed the people as victims seem to be only being resisted by the defiance of the military and police.

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The image created by press reports has even positioned parliaments as wannabe heroes against the flow. "In fact, it is actually the DPR that has contributed to the flow," said a student at Ohio State University, AS. This.

WS Rendra added that this movement was far from an anarchist attitude. This movement is like a panacea that can cure mental weakness so that we can seize a good future. Because of this, he believes it is necessary to build consolidation between fellow citizens and democratic rules of the game.

“From a cultural perspective, the current situation is uncertain due to the lack of correct rules. "Moreover, the people are often seen as the masses, no longer human beings who are also citizens," explained the founder of the Bengkel Theater vehemently.

Arts activist, Edi Haryono, who read the text "Call for the Citizen Awakening Movement", said that the social, economic and Current politics is running in the absence of democratic state rules and has left the state's life order to be managed Politics and economics have allowed the state's order of life to be managed based on rules of the game that are tattered, incomplete and not yet complete democratic.

3. Example of a persuasive essay about education


Language skills need to be positioned in parallel with language neatness. This means that a person's language skills must be supported and even determined by the neatness or neatness of the language they use.

"Regarding this, there is a view that states that neatness of language is highly correlated with accuracy of reasoning," said Dr. Hassan Alwi, former head of the language center, on the sidelines of the XI Indonesian Language and Literature National Seminar, in Denpasar (Bali) which took place 10-12 July 2001.

According to Hasan Alwi, using language neatly and based on careful reasoning is an absolute requirement for language skills. These two things at the same time will really help make communication easier and smoother. However, reality shows that this ideal combination is still far from expectations.

This can be seen from the use of Indonesian - both written and spoken - among Indonesian people which still seems reckless, and ignores the basic principles of good and correct Indonesian.

"If viewed from the perspective of neatness of language and accuracy of reasoning, the quality of the use of the Indonesian language produced often makes language experts and observers discouraged." Hasan Alwi said.

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4. Example of a persuasive essay about advertising

Today's Arnold Palmer is taking the business world by storm with the same prowess in the game of golf. He is full of confidence, persistent and brave in taking risks. But with careful calculations.

Palmer is involved in dozens of business activities around the world, which means he frequently flies to meetings and pilots his own private jet.

One of the most important activities is designing the design and landscape of golf courses. The Chun Shan, which was the first new golf course in China since the 1930s, is one extraordinary example. In addition, Arnold Palmer's name on golf clothing, golf clubs, service charter air transport, development real estate, and much more.

Behind the smile who has become a television personality. Palmer is a successful entrepreneur who always pays attention to detail.

Palmer remains a name to be reckoned with on the golf course, capable of enchanting both the spectators and the skilled players he faces.

Maintaining timelines is clearly a very important task. He entrusted him with a gold Rolex Oyster Day-date watch. "For me, golf is part of my soul. I have the same strong feeling with Rolex, Rolex does its job perfectly!”

A worthy compliment from someone who really appreciates punctuality.

5. Example of a Persuasive Essay About Propaganda

Littering Behavior

In big cities, everyone is looking for convenience in life. Eating habits, for example, in big cities, restaurants fast food tend to use packaging made of plastic or styrofoam once used, throw it away immediately.

Cake packaging used to use banana leaves which could rot, but now they tend to use plastic. These are all imported habits that are not Indonesian culture. Indonesian culture uses banana leaf or teak leaf packaging.

In fact, the volume of waste can be reduced drastically not only by handling plastic waste as well as possible or by recycling it but by avoiding waste behavior to a minimum. Only the power of consumers can pressure producers to reduce materials that increase the volume of waste.

As much as possible, everyone must reduce the use of packaging which will then become waste that cannot be destroyed.

For example, avoid buying food and drinks that use plastic packaging, styrofoam, or even if you are forced to buy, just take the food, return the packaging to the seller. It seems that not using plastic packaging will not reduce the comfort of life.

6. Example of a persuasive essay about waste

Garbage is leftover goods or objects that are no longer needed by humans.

Normally rubbish should be in the rubbish bin, but in fact we can find rubbish in various places, especially in public places such as roads, parks, stations, ditches and rivers.

The cause of the scattered rubbish is none other than human activity which does not dispose of the rubbish in its proper place.

In fact, waste that is allowed to accumulate continuously can cause various problems both for the environment and human life.

Garbage that piles up in rivers will cause floods, and rubbish that piles up in neighborhoods or settlements will cause various diseases such as diarrhea, tuberculosis and dengue fever.

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The importance of maintaining a clean environment must be instilled in society from an early age.

From the examples of persuasive essays about the environment above, we can draw the conclusion that the author I want to remind you about the dangers of throwing away rubbish for the environment and human survival Alone.

Apart from that, the author also invites the public to instill the importance of keeping the environment clean

7. Example of a persuasive essay about the environment

We must have awareness that the environment is an important element in which all creatures live in the world. Because the environment is able to influence the sustainability of living things, this means that the environment also has an important role in human life.

If the environmental conditions are good, then you can be sure that every creature living in it will also be good and vice versa. Therefore, we as creatures living in the environment must maintain cleanliness so that the environment we live in is clean and comfortable.

One way we can protect and preserve the surrounding environment is by maintaining cleanliness. However, it would be even better if we also instill this culture of maintaining cleanliness in ourselves first.

Start with small things first, such as maintaining personal hygiene, then protecting the environment afterward. If good behavior is ingrained in us, it will certainly encourage us to do bigger things such as protecting the environment.

A common example that we can find is the culture of throwing rubbish in its place. If everyone has this culture, of course the surrounding environment where we live will always be clean because everyone has the awareness to throw rubbish in the right place provided.

Apart from that, we can also remind other people to maintain cleanliness through slogans, slogans, or literary works such as examples of persuasive essays about the environment and so on.

Why do the various actions above need to be taken? This refers to the relatively low level of public awareness regarding maintaining environmental cleanliness. This statement can be proven by the amount of rubbish around us where plastic waste, dry leaves, used bottles and food scraps are scattered almost everywhere.

People do not realize that piles of rubbish can cause various problems and be a source of disease. What's sad is that in public places where rubbish bins are provided, there is still rubbish scattered around and polluting the environment.

The waste bins have even been separated by category (organic, non-organic, glass/metal, and paper) and placed in places that can be considered strategic or easy to reach.

However, in fact, these efforts remain in vain due to the lack of public awareness about protecting the environment and disposing of waste in its proper place.

If we care about human survival then we should keep the environment clean. As a form and effort to protect the environment, we can get used to throwing away rubbish in the places provided. Apart from that, we can also reprocess the waste into recyclable goods.

With these efforts we have contributed to the preservation of nature and the environment.

Indirectly, we have also minimized the occurrence of flood disasters and prevented various diseases that arise due to waste. In short, let's work together to keep the environment clean so that our lives are always healthy.

That's the discussion regarding 7 Examples of Persuasive Essays Hopefully this review can broaden your insight and knowledge, thank you very much for visiting.

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