Download and Upload Material

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In this case, talking about internet activities, you will definitely not miss the things called Upload and Download activities, and all of you have done this activity on the Internet.

Download and Upload Material

For example, what we most often do is upload photos on the social network Facebook, etc., or also often search for MP3 songs on the Internet. So, this post is just educational information about how to upload and download for those who don't understand and understand the world of the internet. So, for more details, see the full explanation below.

Understanding Downloads

Download is a process of transmitting a file or data from one computer system to another computer system. From the internet, users who carry out the download process "download" which is a process where a user requests or requests a file from another computer.

For example: web site, server or so on and then accept it. In other words, downloading is the transmission of files from the internet to the client/user's computer. It can also be said to be the process of receiving or retrieving files from the internet/server to a personal computer.

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Download function

Downloading is downloading or what is also called collecting data from the internet, whether in the form of files, game application documents or The difference is that downloading from the internet is downloading versus uploading, namely saving or uploading files to Internet.

Download Process

The following is the process for downloading music, including:

  1. Open the site, then select the title of the song you like by clicking on the song title.
  2. Click Download via Rapidshare or 4shared so that the process is carried out faster.
  3. You need to wait about 8 seconds to download it.
  4. Not long after, a confirmation screen appears to choose to open the downloaded file or save it on the computer.
  5. The next page is a download progress visualization page.
  6. Not long after (if your computer has a fast internet connection) the file is downloaded and you can open it.

Types of Software Downloads

The following are the types of software downloads, including:

  • Internet Download Manager

It is a premium downloader application that has been proven to be able to stabilize the download process that is taking place on a device Therefore, one of IDM's advantages compared to other downloaders is the video download feature from popular websites. YouTube.

  • BitTorrent

This is an exclusive downloader application that can only be used to download files with torrent extensions. If you want to compare it with other downloaders, BitTorrent is much safer/better in terms of the possibility of data destruction. Therefore, the download process using BitTorrent software often tends to take much longer compared to the download process using other downloader applications.

  • Orbit Downloader

It is a downloader application that is very similar to the Internet Download Manager working system. The difference is that the Orbit Downloader application will have the advantage of download stability or can also be downloaded for free.

Definition of Upload

Upload is often called Upload, which is a way to send files, for example images, programs, music, PDF documents, etc. From a personal computer to a server system and files or data will be published on the internet so that data that has been uploaded can be seen from being "downloaded" by other people or people Lots.

Or another definition of upload is a process of transmitting a file or data from a system personal computer to another computer system "server" in the opposite direction to the download.

From the internet network, the user carries out the upload process, namely the process where the user sends a file to another computer that requests the file. In short, the process of transmitting or sending files or data from a personal computer to the internet network.

Purpose and Benefits of Uploading

The purpose of uploading is carried out by many internet users in the hope that the data they have can be used/used by other people who need it or just for learning.

And maybe we often carry out the process of downloading and uploading files or data. However, quite a few of us don't understand what is meant by downloading and uploading.

Upload Example

The procedure for uploading files to YouTube is as follows:

  1. Open the YouTube website in the top right corner, click the sign in button
  2. Enter your YouTube account, or Google account (user name and password) then click Sign in.
  3. After logging in to your YouTube account, you can start uploading videos to YouTube.
  4. At the top of the page or to the right of the search engine, click Upload.
  5. Select the file on the computer that will be uploaded, click Open/ok
  6. Wait until the upload process is complete (successful). You can add a description of the video and tags to make it easier for search engines to recognize the content or theme of your video. Select the category that matches the theme of the YouTube video file, click save change.
  7. To find the link to your YouTube video file, click "Embed and Sharing Options"
  8. Use the URL to promote your YouTube video, you can put it on your blog or on other sites.

That's the discussion about Download and Upload are: Function, Process, Types, Purpose, Benefits and Examples Hopefully this review can broaden your insight and knowledge, thank you very much for visiting.

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