Pars pro toto synecdoche figure of speech

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Understanding Synecdoche Figures of Speech Pars Pro Toto

The pars pro toto synecdoche figure of speech is a figure of speech that expresses intent by expressing part of an object to represent the whole object. The division of synecdoche figures of speech is based on the form and use of words used to express the intention or idea of ​​an idea.


Synecdoche itself is classified as a figure of speech related to the meaning conveyed. Synecdoche figures of speech refer to the meaning of the words used which can represent feelings or something attached to the object.

Paras pro toto comes from Latin which means part for the whole object. The pars pro toto language style expresses intent by mentioning only part of an object which refers to the meaning of the whole object. In this case, the pars pro toto language style expresses the "icon" of an object which can direct meaning to the object in question.

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Example of Pars Pro Toto Synecdoche Figure of Speech

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Examples of pars pro toto synecdoche figures of speech include:

  1. The legislative candidates compete with each other to make sweet promises in order to be seated chair soft.
  2. Red Eagle Team succeeded in topping the standings in the proud Asian Games championship trophy.
  3. The law enforcers had been bribed his mouth to pass the punishment for this big criminal.
  4. Remember spoon and fork has been prepared, ladies and gentlemen, please be pleased to enjoy the dishes that have been served.
  5. Anton hasn't shown up for five days the bridge of his nose, where the hell???
  6. Contestants from SMK 1 Kediri won all sports at the national sports week.
  7. My friend is a household equipment seller, he sells these items by offering door to door. (Also read: Personification Figure of Speech)
  8. Rafi hasn't shown his nose this week.
  9. The top concert group band program has an entrance ticket priced at Rp. 100,000 per head.
  10. Piere Tendean Street was filled with thousands of visitors when it held an art exhibition.
  11. Thousands of plants in the forest continue to decline every year and continue to decline.
  12. The tsunami victims in Aceh had to be willing to leave their homes.
  13. His lively appearance has attracted the attention of thousands of pairs of eyes.
  14. That woman has managed to steal my heart just with a sweet smile.
  15. A letter has arrived after all the weeks I have later.
  16. His voice, which was like a bird chirping, had succeeded in melting the hearts of thousands of spectators present.
  17. Nicotine has preyed on the brains of the golden generation in Indonesia.
  18. A camel has been bought by a brother for thanksgiving.
  19. The Island of the Gods has become a must-visit tourist stop for tourists visiting Indonesia. (Also read: Metaphor Figure Is)
  20. Because his act had been robbed, Rafi was not allowed to set foot in his house again.
  21. The man was hurt because his heart had left him.
  22. ANTV has once again created a comedy-themed program, pesbukers, which is broadcast every afternoon after mahgrib.
  23. Brawijaya Stadium in the city of Kediri this year has been held as an inter-city football league.
  24. The smooth and gentle caress of his hands has made my heart melt because of it.
  25. It's over and there's not a shred of conscience left to let me go.

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