14 Examples of Narrative Essays

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For this discussion, we will provide a review regarding Example of a Narrative Essay which is where in p This includes examples of Education, Vacations, Environment, Teachers, Schools and Personal Experiences, so to understand and comprehend better, see the full review below.

Example of a Narrative Essay

Example of a Narrative Essay

Below are several examples, including the following:

  • 1. Example of a narrative essay about education

Father of National Education

The world of education will always be grateful for the services of educational pioneers since the Dutch colonial era. He is Ki Hajar Dewantara. His struggle during the Dutch colonial era was so that the native people could obtain educational rights like the rights of the gentry and the Dutch. This struggle is what made him crowned as the Father of National Education and his birthday is celebrated as National Education Day.

Ki Hajar Dewantara was born on May 2 1889 in Yogyakarta. His first name is Raden Mas Soewardi Soeryaningrat. In his youth, Ki Hajar Dewantara was active in socio-political organizations. He always provides outreach with the aim of raising public awareness of the importance of national unity and unity.

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Ki Hajar Dewantara became active in education when he was exiled in the Netherlands. During his exile, he studied education until he obtained a glass Europeesche Akte. This title became useful when in 1919 he returned to Indonesia and trained to become a teacher. His big step was when he founded the Taman Siswa National College school on July 3 1992. Many obstacles and obstacles were launched by the Dutch government against him. However, he still fought for education. Until he created a motto that is famous to this day.

Tut Wuri Handayani (in the back giving encouragement). Ing Madya Mangun Karsa (in the midst of creating opportunities for initiatives). Ing Ngarsa Sungtulada (in front of giving an example). This motto was later used as the slogan of the Ministry of National Education.

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  • 2. Example of a narrative essay about holidays

Vacation to the Zoo

Finally, this day arrived. Today my family and I will go to Ragunan Zoo. I woke up early in the morning, then helped mother prepare the equipment to be brought.

Before leaving, we had breakfast first.

At 07.00 we went to Ragunan Zoo. We went to the zoo in my father's car. My father and mother sat in the front, while my brother and I sat in the back.

  • 3. Example of a narrative essay about the environment

One of the important needs for environmental health is clean water, waste and sanitation. The need for clean water, management of waste which is produced every day by the community and disposal of waste water which flows directly into canals/rivers. This causes the channel/river to become blocked, the channel/river becomes blocked due to rubbish.

During the rainy season, flooding always occurs and causes disease. The problem of clean water is the most fatal thing for our lives. Where every day we need clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing and so on. With clean water, of course, we can avoid disease.

If we know, currently clean water is a rare item in our beloved country, especially in big cities like Jakarta, clean water is an expensive and frequent item traded.

Unlike several decades ago, at that time clean water was easy to obtain and always abundant flowing in every corner of our country's land, because at that time there was not much water pollution and air.

The taste and color are now different, not as natural as before because of the pollution. The cause of environmental pollution is mostly caused by human hands. Water and land pollution is pollution that occurs in waters such as rivers, streams, lakes, seas, ground water, and so on.

Meanwhile, land pollution is pollution that occurs on land, both in cities and villages. Nature has the ability to restore the condition of water that has been polluted through a purification process or natural purification by purifying soil, sand, rocks and micro-organisms in the natural surroundings We.

The massive amount of pollution by humans means that nature is unable to return conditions to normal. Nature loses its ability to purify the pollution that occurs.

Garbage and substances such as plastic, DDT, detergents and so on that are not environmentally friendly will further worsen the condition of natural destruction which is getting worse day by day.

There are several causes of environmental pollution in water and land, including:

  1. There is erosion and high rainfall.
  2. The large amount of human waste from houses or residential areas.
  3. The spread of chemical substances from residential areas, agriculture, industry, and so on.

Garbage and waste water contain various elements such as dissolved gases, dissolved solids, oil and fat and microorganisms. Microorganisms contained in waste and wastewater can be decomposing organisms and cause disease.

Poor handling of waste and waste water, such as: channeling waste water into open channels, or damaged walls and bottom of channels due to lack of maintenance. Disposal of dirt and rubbish into the channel which causes blockages and puddles will speed up the proliferation of microorganisms or germs that cause disease, insects and disease-spreading mammals such as flies and mice.

There are several diseases caused by poor sanitation and poor waste and waste disposal, including: Diarrhea, Dengue Fever, Dysentery Hepatitis A Cholera Typhus Worms Malaria So what we have to do to overcome water and land pollution and avoid various diseases is a clean and healthy lifestyle. Healthy.

Clean and healthy living can be defined as living in an environment that has cleanliness and health standards and implementing clean and healthy living patterns or behavior. A healthy environment can have an effect on the quality of health. A person's health will be good if the environment around him is also good.

Vice versa, a person's health will be bad if the environment around him is not good. Implementing a clean and healthy life can start by creating a healthy environment. A healthy environment has the characteristics of a healthy residence (house) and the environment around the house.

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  • 4. Example of a narrative essay about teachers

Second Parent (Teacher)

Everyone must have parents so that we can be born in this world. But there is a term that exists in schools as a second parent. Yes, that is the name for teachers at school. Because when we are at school they are the ones who guide us, look after us, and reprimand us while we are at school.

When we are at school, there are many teachers with their own material they teach and their own personalities. Why personality? That's because we must often or have encountered teachers who are very kind and patient, teachers who are firm, teachers which students are afraid of because they often get angry, funny teachers who often make us laugh, and many more Again. Ah, apart from that, there are also beautiful, handsome and young teachers who are the modus (italic) materials for the students.

Apart from all that, teachers are the key to where we can be successful in the future. The unsung heroes. They are the ones who are always there in the ups and downs when we study at school. They will also be proud if we achieve achievements, they will also be sad if we experience failure, but they will also raise us up from that failure. Master, we respect you.

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  • 5. Example of a narrative essay about school

A Memorable Experience

When I woke up on Monday morning, I was very surprised to see that the clock in my room showed 06.30 WIB. I immediately got up and headed to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, I suddenly slipped and almost injured myself.

After showering, I got dressed for school, had breakfast and then went to school by motorbike. When I got to school I looked in my bag to get a hat. To my surprise, it turned out that my hat was not in the bag. Because it was Monday (there was a flag ceremony) I went home to get a hat. After taking my hat, I returned to school on a motorbike.

Suddenly on the road my motorbike broke down, after checking it turned out the petrol had run out. I was forced to push the motorbike to look for a place selling retail petrol. Luckily the place where the petrol was sold was not far away. I bought a liter of petrol and immediately stepped on the gas to go to school.

When we arrived at school, it turned out that the students had gathered in the field. The ceremony is almost starting. I hurriedly ran towards the ceremony field. When the ceremony began, the principal immediately gave a briefing about the school's rules and regulations.

Suddenly a teacher came to check the neatness of his students, and unfortunately my hair was considered long by the teacher. I freely and without power refused to let the scissors in the teacher's hand tear my hair.

With my hair messy, I went straight to class to take part in the lesson. So the lesson had homework (PR) and I forgot to do the assignment and then the teacher punished me for doing the assignment three times.

I immediately did the task. Before I could do it, the class time was over and the teacher asked me to write several more times. While doing the assignment, my friends made a lot of noise in class because the class time was empty. My friends were happily playing in class so I felt disturbed.

I reprimanded them so they wouldn't make a fuss anymore, apparently they weren't happy and didn't accept my reprimand. My friend immediately tore up the assignment I was making. I felt annoyed and without further ado I immediately beat him so a fight broke out. Then we were called by the homeroom teacher to the office to resolve the problem. I told him about the problem and we were told to forgive.

After that we were told to forget about the problem, finally the bell rang indicating we were going home from school. We immediately went home. When I got home I felt happy because the problem had been resolved.

I told my parents about the incidents I experienced at school. My parents also advised me to always do these assignments and obey the rules and regulations at school.

  • 6. Example of a narrative essay about fiction

I smiled as I took a step. The cold wind hit, making the bones all over my body rattle. I put both palms in my jacket pocket, trying to combat the cold feeling that was so excruciating.

The smell of veil wood burning in the fireplace greeted me when Eriza opened the door. A fragrance that I will miss when I return to my homeland. But Ayu face front of my face, what I miss?

There was a loud pounding in my chest, but I tried to push it away. Don't, Bowo, shouted my little heart, don't let your heart be divided. Remember Ratri, she is waiting for your return with all her love.

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  • 7. Example of a narrative essay about facts

Ir. Sukarno

Ir. Soekarno, the first President of the Republic of Indonesia was a nationalist. He led the PNI in 1928. Sukarno spent time in prison and in exile because of his courage to oppose the invaders.

Soekarno delivered a speech about the foundations of an independent Indonesia called Pancasila at the BPUPKI session on June 1 1945. Soekarno together with Mohammad Hatta as representatives of the Indonesian nation proclaimed Indonesia's independence on August 17 1945.

He was arrested by the Dutch and exiled to Bengkulu in 1948. Soekarno was returned to Yogya and restored to his position as President of the Republic of Indonesia in 1949. His spirit of leadership and struggle never disappeared.

Soekarno and other state leaders became spokespeople for non-aligned countries at the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955. Almost his entire life was spent in devotion and struggle.

  • 8. Example of a narrative essay about experience

In June, the 13th at my school will enter the holiday period and will end on the 15th of July. As a family, we don't plan holidays. At that time I chose to vacation at Parangtritis Beach.

And the next day I prepared all the supplies that would be needed later. Throughout the journey, I accompanied him by singing cheerful songs. How happy I was when I arrived at the beach. With all its charming views.

Then when we got there, my family and I took photos of each other to immortalize this beautiful moment. time passed so quickly it didn't feel like I had spent hours there.

Parting happened when the day turned into afternoon. I don't want to feel like this happiness is finally over. In my mind, I'll be back tomorrow.

  • 9. Example of a Short Narrative Essay

Since childhood I have loved dancing. I used to practice dancing in a studio dance. I have won various dancing competition trophies. Until now, my favoritetowards art, especially traditional arts, has not diminished.

After schoolIn the future I want to continue my studies at an art institute. Hopefully your dreamsMy dream will be achieved and become a professional dancer.

  • 10. Example of a Long Narrative Essay

Consequences of waking up late

The morning sunlight streamed in through the windows of my room. The light shone on my face until I woke up. I opened my eyes very heavily and looked at the wall clock in my room.

Immediately I was shocked, I saw that the clock showed 06.30 WIB. I quickly jumped out of bed and went straight to the bathroom. When I reached the bathroom door, I slipped on the wet cloth underneath, lucky I didn't fall and injure my body.

After showering, I immediately dressed neatly for school. Then, I had breakfast with my father and mother. After that, I said goodbye to my parents and went straight to school on my motorbike.

The distance from school to my house is not that far so it only took about 15 minutes for me to arrive at school. Luckily I wasn't late, I thought. I went straight to my class. When I arrived there, I saw all my friends getting ready for the ceremony.

Then I also prepared myself to take part in the ceremony. However, when I looked for my hat in the bag, to my surprise it was not there. I started to panic.

I could imagine that I would be punished to stand alone in front of the ceremony field and be laughed at by my friends. Because I didn't want to be punished, I intended to take my hat which was left at home. I also saw that the clock was still showing 7 o'clock. 00 pm. I think there's still time for me to go home.

I went back home. After taking the hat, I went back to school. I race my motorbike very fast. However, in the middle of the journey my motorbike suddenly stopped suddenly. I was even more panicked, after I checked, my motorbike turned out to be out of petrol.

I was forced to push it while looking for the nearest petrol seller. Luckily, I found a gas station not far from where my motorbike broke down. Then I bought petrol and immediately started my motorbike.

After arriving at school, all the students had gathered in the ceremony field. It turns out the ceremony was just about to begin. I ran to the ceremony field and lined up with my friends. I was relieved because I already had my hat and was ready for the ceremony.

When the ceremony took place, the bk teacher conducted a raid to check the neatness and completeness of all students. I was calm, I thought I wouldn't be punished.

However, unexpectedly the guidance and counseling teacher approached me and wrote down my name. Turns out I wasn't wearing a belt. The smile that appeared on my cheeks suddenly disappeared. I forgot that I hadn't removed the belt that was still attached to the scout's trousers. I also surrendered to accept the punishment that I would receive.

After the ceremony, the guidance and counseling teacher gathered all the students who had been registered. There were around ten students including me who were caught in the raid this time. We were all lined up facing the flagpole for ten minutes. After that, the bk teacher came and lectured us. I can only listen to his words. Then, we were punished to clean the school toilets.

Without being able to avoid it, I spent two hours of class cleaning the men's toilet which was known to be very smelly. I also realized that anything that is not prepared will bring disaster. Therefore, since then I have always prepared school supplies before going to bed at night.

  • 11. Example of a narrative essay about imagination

Old Twig Too Bent

My name is Clara Dakota Cortz. I'm 16 years old. I live in a village called Woodland in the country of Batavia. My mother is a beautiful and wise healer, I am very close to my mother. Meanwhile, my father was a winter elf. No wonder I have a body like an ordinary human but on my back there is a pair of sparkling wings.

My father and mother separated since Imaji was appointed as village elder. He said that elves, humans, wizards, and dwarves could never be together. I wonder why all creatures submit and obey the old man.

One day I was going deep into the forest with a white-coated cat looking for sleeping mushrooms. Suddenly, Squishi, the cat in the white coat, and I heard a voice behind the bushes that sounded like someone was grumbling. "How do you do it like this? Who will help me? Ah….. It should be me, not that stupid and ugly witch, but… I don't dare bother her either, so what should I do? “

I slowly tried to get closer and look for the source of the sound. I never thought that the person who was nagging was a noisy and annoying Imagin. "Grandpa !". I tried to startle him. Oh! You!. Orange blood girl! What are you doing here with a fat cat in a dirty white robe? “. Grandpa Yua's words were spicy as usual.

"I'm looking for sleep-inducing mushrooms, you yourself, old man?" "A little orange-blooded kid like you won't understand! Your blood is too thick to understand my problem. I told you humans and fairies won't produce good offspring!” The old man actually scolded me, then just walked away with his crooked old stick.

After returning from the forest, Squishi and I agreed not to talk about the bad incident to my mother. But I couldn't hide my annoyance and hurt.

" What is it, honey? Are you hurt…or…is there an old branch that is too crooked in the forest and is scolding you? asked my mother. He knew I had a problem with the image of the cranky elder.

Then I told everything to my mother.

Then he told me a story about why Imaji forbade all clones from getting along. Apparently, he used to be one of the spring elves with extraordinary strength. But he married a beautiful, cunning woman. He persuaded Imaji to turn into an ordinary human so that all her abilities and wings would disappear. Imagin thought that the woman sincerely loved him, but after being married for a long time and never having children The woman left Imaji and chose to marry an evil witch she had hated for a long time Imagination.

Imaji feels very sad and annoyed, but he can't do much. Since that incident, he has prohibited the clones from having relations, let alone getting married. He was afraid that what happened to him would happen to other people.

It was unfair, but I understood and didn't ask my mother much. I was just silent while staring at the old pine tree whose branches were too bent. That's how Imaji feels now.

  • 12. Example of a narrative essay about personal experience

Camping With Friends

Last odd semester holiday, my friends and I from grade 7 to grade 8 attended a school camp in Jayagiri, at the foot of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. The school group and I went by 2 buses. Our journey took approximately 3 hours.

When we got there, my friends and I looked for a place to set up a tent. We explored every spot where it was good and suitable to pitch a tent. After approximately 2 hours of searching for a place, we finally found a suitable place to set up a tent. This place is slightly above the foot of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. The place had good views and the flat ground made it easy for us to set up the tent quickly.

On the second day, my friends and I climbed Mount Tangkuban Perahu. This activity was very tiring for us. However, this activity is also very fun. Because we can enjoy the view of the tea plantation which is very wide and beautiful, breathing the fresh air very fresh, and heard the birds chirping and the water splashing between the rocks nice.

Baguku, the most enjoyable moment was when we arrived at the location of the Tangkuban Perahu crater. The feeling of tiredness and light sweat disappeared, replaced by a feeling of satisfaction and joy that is difficult to describe in words.

  • 13. Example of a narrative essay about learning discipline education

The Wisdom of Discipline in Learning

Rani is the third of five siblings. Rani's father was an army soldier. Their family lives in a special TNI official residence. Rani's father always taught discipline in everything. Starting from discipline in worship, discipline in activities, discipline in sports, and discipline in studying. Rani's father's firmness in implementing discipline does not mean his children feel afraid. The relationship between father and son between them is very harmonious.

Rani and all her siblings were taught to always study during the day. After coming home from school, Rani's father taught her to always do all the homework assigned that day. However, this activity must be done after they have eaten lunch. When school work was finished, father released Rani and her siblings to play. And in the evening, my father made it mandatory for me to study from ba'da isya until 09.00 WIB.

All this discipline is not burdensome for Rani. In fact, this habit actually brings extraordinary wisdom. The area where Rani lives is an area where electricity is still difficult. Electricity in the area could be out for a whole day or even up to three days. There was a time when the electricity went out at night until just before dawn.

That day there was a lot of school work for Rani and her friends. When she arrived at school, almost all of Rani's friends complained that they couldn't do their assignments because the electricity had gone out. However, this did not happen to Rani. Rani was ready with all the tasks for the day. Rani also told her teacher and all her friends that she was always used to doing schoolwork during the day.

As a result, when the electricity went out at night, Rani was not confused because she had not done her school work. This is the wisdom of discipline in learning.

  • 14. Example of a narrative essay about third education

I regret not being knowledgeable

Now I am 33 years old and I am just a housewife. No income except maintenance from husband. I don't have my own income. I don't know what work I can do. There's even worse than that, I can't even teach my children to do their homework.

When they asked about the school material, I was speechless and in the end I told them to take study guidance. Maybe for some people tutoring is a good activity for children. But for me, with them having additional activities outside means we have less time together.

It all started when I was 11 years old. At that time I was in 5th grade of elementary school. Unlike my other friends who are enthusiastic about going to school, I feel very bored at school. I often skip school.

Go to the rice fields, river, or even to the market. My parents didn't know any of that. They only know that I go to school in the morning and come home in the afternoon. I did this truancy scene for a long time. For about two months I was out of school more often.

Bad things will be difficult to cover up for a long time. This also happened to me. The school finally told my parents about my truant habit. My parents were beyond shocked. They were furious. My father even hit me.

Not long ago my mother fell ill. My father said it hurts because I think about me. I started to give in to continuing to go to school for my mother. But father was always rude to me after that incident. Moreover, my grades were not satisfactory to my father.

I continued school until I graduated from elementary school. My grades weren't good enough either. I then told my father that I no longer wanted to go to school. I can no longer study. In fact, I have no desire to study. My father and mother were at their wits' end trying to persuade me to go to school.

As a result, a surprising decision emerged from my father. He decided to marry me. The 29 year old man was the father's choice. I never imagined, marrying a man who is 17 years away from me. But I don't know what's on my mind. I immediately agreed with my father's decision. Getting married at a young age finally became my way of life.

Now 21 years have passed, and I am just starting to feel the consequences of not being educated. Not being educated is very troublesome. Not having knowledge actually makes life miserable.

Elementary school education cannot guarantee life. Life cannot only be equipped with the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. I really regret my decision 21 years ago. If only I had followed what my father and mother said, I would have been as successful as my friends now. In fact, I can feel proud because I can be the first teacher for my children.

That's the discussion about 14 Examples of Narrative Essays Hopefully this review can broaden your insight and knowledge, thank you very much for visiting.

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