9 Top Most Use of 3D Printers

These days, 3D printing is used to design smartphone cases, car parts, fashion accessories, artificial organs and medical equipment. The first 3D printer was created by Charles “Chuck” Hull in 1984 and since then, this technology has been deployed across many industries for various uses. Many aerospace industries and manufacturing organizations have saved millions of bucks with the use of this technology.

Have a look at 9 top most 3D printing uses so far!

  1. Automotive Industry

Today, most of the automotive Companies make use of 3D printers to design models of parts like brake rotors, vents, cylinder heads and shift knobs. For example, the Ford Torrence Avenue assembly plant used 3D printers for the manufacturing of the EcoBoost and explorer engines. To test the vehicles in wind tunnels for facia design and to sculpt the front-seat back panels, the 3D printer was used.

  1. In Printing Industry

Printer Cartridges has been contributing to printing Industry with high-quality work and delivering an outstanding output. The printer cartridges are being used by almost all the business persons from every corner of the world. The benefits of these cartridges are that they have 100 percent performance guarantee. These days, you can also get the budget-friendly cartridges that can be recycled and reused.

  1. 3D Printed Organs

These days, the technology has reached so far that the patient’s own cells are being used to print organs by 3D printers. Due to this technology, people don’t have to wait much for donors. Previously, every hospital’s embedded structure into patients that were handmade but, 3D printing has terribly enhanced this process making it easier for patients and doctors.

  1. In the Fashion Industry

3D printing has also revolutionized the fashion industry in printing 3D clothes, footwear, etc. In April 2017, international footwear company Adidas started a new trainer with a 3D printed sole. In order to have a large production of 3D-printed shoes, Adidas partnered with ‘Carbon’ which is a startup in silicon valley. After this step, New Balance and Nike began testing with 3D printing and developed models using this advanced technique.

  1. Art and Craft

With the advent of 3D technology, the art and craft field has become more interesting. It doesn’t matter whether you are a modern day artist or your level of painting is not up to the mark, 3D printers will bring life to your ideas. Moreover, with this technology, you can design a butterfly or insert a new spin on pottery.

  1. In Medical Field

There are many 3D printed restoration for body parts such as hips, knees, skull, ankles, and spine, are inserted every year. Moreover, with this development, the future of 3D printing seems to be promising. Along with it, cost of production, quality, and pace from hearing aids to dental implants improves with the use of this advanced technology.

  1. In Education

There has been an expansion in the creativity and the problem-solving skills of students with the use of 3D printing technology. There are many subjects in schools and colleges that can be easily learned with 3D printing models. In the year 2013, UK declared a 3D printer curriculum to enhance the teaching level and this was trialed in almost 21 schools. After that event, 3D printing has been set up across primary and secondary schools to give students the convenience to make and test their own items in real life.

  1. In Research

Researchers are shifting to 3D printing swiftly to help them expertise in designing models. Today, 3D printers can design near unrealistic calculations in production-grade plastics in exact forms with multiple material properties. You are able to confirm a conclusion before devoting in a valuable and untried result.

  1. Product Design

With the functional models of 3D printing, product designers can get an evaluation at an early stage. The product designers will get more effective in designing and most importantly save time. Furthermore, designers can get a real-life product in hand from that model in no time and can improve wherever necessary


Today, 3D printers have become popular around the world. They are being used in many fields like fashion, dentistry and in engineering organizations. For example, medical gadgets made using 3D printers is lighter than old methods and strong. Many experts say that 3D printing technology will become a more economical and reachable to every business in near future.

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