Small Exploration: 5 Must-Visit Small Towns of France

5 Must-Visit Small Towns of France

Are you wondering about the other places to visit in France besides Paris? Usually, we associate Paris with France, and most of the time, when we think of France, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame almost always come up in our minds.

There are so many beautiful towns and small villages in the country where each region has its unique qualities. Exploring the different towns of France means exploring the rocky coastal cities, hilltops, and some breathtaking views while enjoying the social lifestyles of the citizens.

Thus, if you plan to visit France this year, here are some of its charming small towns that are worth visiting for.

The Scenic Domme

This scenic village in the south holds a splendid view above the Dordogne River. Here, you can experience warm, welcoming locals, honey-colored streets, and lots of pretty scenes. Also, one thing you need to know before visiting is that this town has an exciting cave system that lies beneath the main square.

These caverns were used to secure locals during the war, but it’s open today for residents and tourists to admire its beautiful structures. But before going home, a lift will bring you to an excellent position overlooking the valley of Dordogne. It’s an exceptional sight for sure, and like most visitors, you can’t help but fall in love with Domme.

Alluring Ars-en-Ré

This small village that lies on the Island of Ré on the western coast of France’s has been attracting traders and sailors for centuries. Above all, more modern tourists have been traveling to Ars-en-Ré to experience the maze of enchanting streets, satisfy themselves in one of the many sophisticated restaurants, and take in the sleepy vibe of beach-towns.

Additionally, keep an eye out for the striking black and white tower which has been a guide for sailors for so many years.

Charm of Bordeaux

Discover the charm of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the wine capital of France and consequently, the central concept if you wish to try a superb wine-tasting experience. Located in the region of Aquitaine, southwestern France, the city has plenty of bars à Vin, particularly the Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre wherein you can pamper yourself to the different variations of this national beverage.

But first of all, take a walk on the shores Garonne river and soak your feet in the Miroir d’Eau. Also, make your way up to the Tower of Pey-Berland where you can view the city’s tiny houses of Legos before taking a stop to Baillardran for some delicious meals.

Hilltop of Vézelay

Proudly standing, the small hilltop town of Vézelay is another real pleasure of France. Vézelay is a Unesco World Heritage place, and anyone with enthusiasm for architecture will surely feel at home. Like in the movies, this town is packed with captivating vineyards, sunflower fields, and alleyways which is indeed nature’s paradise.

Moreover, Vézelay is a significant site of Christendom, and visitors will usually climb the hill to the church as a tradition. Honestly, this beautiful hilltop community is also home to many artists and writers who have found here their unique inspirations.

Lovely Town of Sainte-Enimie

Sainte-Enimie France travel and tourism

This little village, located at the Gorges du Tarn, south of France, will bring you back to the past centuries. The streets and limestone houses proceed in layers from the bottom of a monastery of ex-Benedictine.

Legends talk that the town catches its name from an empress named Enimie, who was healed of leprosy by the spring in the village. If you ask any resident, you’ll know that these stories are still alive in local folklore.

Moreover, the area is famous for its eagle and vulture spot where you can go to the Vulture lookout to look for birds of prey that migrates every year from Africa.


It’s apparent that France has long retained its title as the most-visited country of the world. From the dramatic legacy and the glamour of the Ars-en-Ré to the legendary sceneries of Sainte-Enimie, France’s cultural and historical treasures have made it an enduring preference among many travelers.

Hence, pack up your travel necessities which are available from Deal Wiki and start conquering France’s territories.

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