Setting Up a Movie/DVD Rental Business

You too can start a Rental Business for DVDs and Movies

Services automation is fast changing lifestyles. More and more people are taking to shopping for their needs through online or automatic point of sale machines. You could start an automated dvd rental without any hassle or disturbance. Just provide sufficient time to manage inventory and accounts even that through software systems.

Rental Store Software Can Earn Profits Independently

Not so serious entrepreneurs wanting some activity to be busy can choose a movie rental business. It can be a very rewarding profession fitting right in with your own lifestyle and entertainment choices. This is not a difficult choice if you cannot make up your mind which business activity to pursue. Thanks to online convenience and innovative software technology the how of starting a movie rental business is simplified. This is a good business to support yourself with light work that you will love as you share your enthusiasm and opinions with customers. Installing an automated dvd rental software program is easy. Movie rentals are popular with everyone. It is a popular and not likely to go out of fashion too.

First off, you must know that a license to rent out movies is a must for any earning business. You can find out more on how to obtain a business license from the Motion Picture Licensing Company at and purchase a movie-rental license. Renting movies without a business license is illegal because it violates the movie producers’ copyright laws. Once you have purchased and installed dvd rental store software you are up and ready to get your movie stocks from a wholesaler. You can get in touch with several such wholesalers to work out plans for your business at the very beginning before you apply for a license.

DVD Rental Program Allows Affiliates to Earn Through Partnership

Wholesalers offer partnership portfolios for affordable costs per DVD title. Contact wholesalers like JM Distribution or Movies 4. Small businesses cannot operate successfully without a wholesaler partnership. The investment in building an inventory proves to be too much of a financial liability.

That said, setting up a movie-rental web presence is easy. The benefit of partnering with online rental companies is that you get ready-to-use customized sites for your web presence. Entrepreneurs get an opportunity to build their own site on for renting movies. How does this work? Their dvd rental program provides a code to copy and paste into your website. Customize the site to match your movie rental business. Once that is set up, Amazon offers the movies and order forms to customers. If your partner is a multifaceted shopping site, you can add other products / services to broaden your customer base. Offer music and books for customers to download.

DVD vending machines are gaining popularity in malls. Since many smaller, independently operating retail locations cannot keep up with demands of newer titles, they are losing and shutting down. If you have a mall shop, installing a DVD vending machine may be a good investment. It does not require staff or overhead costs. Refill them as per demand with new DVDs and your stocks will earn you profits for a small rental fee for the space. Automated movie rental business needs some start-up capital. $3000 to build a library of 1000 movies. Website costs are $15 a month. A vending machine costs $2000 to $4000. Total capital required $7-8,000.

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