TECH START YOUR 2018: 9 Upcoming Gadgets of 2018

Top 9 Upcoming Gadgets 2018

If you spent most of 2017 and probably most of your life watching unboxing and hands on video of all kinds of gadgets, standing in day long queues to get your hand on that brand-new iPhone X or any phone for that matter, and if romance for you is not synonymous with the smell of freshly mowed grass but with the feel of a wireless controller in your hands, then many congratulations you are officially an Technojunkie. We can easily recognize them anywhere glued to the phones and tablets, meticulously pursuing the web seeking out the best offers and deals on gadgets that are a bit too heavy on the pockets. They are also our go to people when we are in dire need for some device related advice or for the additional discount coupons and gift vouchers they carry for being regulars at electronics store.

2017 has been a rewarding year for all gadget freaks, hoping 2018 will be better. Here are top 9 upcoming gadgets of 2018 that will make your nerdy friend a little dizzy with glee.

Happy New Year!

  • GoPro HERO6

American company GoPro is planning its come back after a failed Karma Drone. To enhance the performance HERO6 black is going to be the first to launch a camera with chip that can process an image inhouse.

That most immediately spells out excitement for action photographers given its advanced features includes the feature to capture a picture which has the stability of UltraHD 4K video at 6fps.

  • Google Home Max

Google’s response to Apple’s HomePod, was declared during the Pixel event. HomPod, alike competitor, it’s a larger multiroom smart speaker in size, with high quality audio and feel to it. Design is sleek, smart and very attractive. It comes with double woofers and tweeters, and a processing unit that has quadcore, high definition microphones, and digital media that is developed by Google. With visible differentiation comes a greater price. Google Max will cost about 399 euros.

  • Google Pixel Buds

Just like Home Max, none other than Google is about to release its own Pixel Buds – later this year and they take in ear technology to another level. The Pixel Buds which come with ear buds that have Bluetooth and are Integrated Google Assistant. Not only will you be able to enjoy your favourite tunes but also answer calls and will be able to go through your daily schedule similar to the EarPods. But the Pixel Buds will blow your mind with this characteristics that will enable you to connect your phone to your Google Pixel phone which will be able to translate your conversations in almost 40 different languages. Wicked! Android fanatics are going crazy over this one for sure.

  • Galaxy S9

Let’s look into the smart phone segment with Apple’s ground-breaking release of the iPhone X, and Google’s Pixel 2, Samsung obviously wouldn’t make a stir about it right? The market leader did make some good noise with robust promotion and steep sale earlier in 2017 with its curved OLED infinity display featuring phone the S8. Let’s hope the expected S9 will give iPhone X and Pixel 2 a stiff competition.

Something for your home too?

  • Samsung QuickDrive

Tired of waiting for your laundry to be done. Here comes Samsung’s new washing machine which will wash away all your dirty clothes in about 39 minutes without using any extra water or electricity. It does so with an additional rotating plate to seamlessly and swiftly wash all that dirty clothes. Hurry up, Europe.

  • Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

Robots have already conquered our lives, the internet and now is taking on our lawns too. Science has introduced lawn mowers which are definitely not pocket friendly but will affirmatively save your time on yard work.

  • Logitech Tunable Gaming Mouse

Shout out to all the gamers out there. This mouse is going to do wonders as it will enhance your game with various features that you hadn’t heard of before.

  • Amazon Trash

This piece is a prototype called an ambient furniture. The Amazon Trash can has a tiny camera and a bar code scanner that scans everything that you throw away. Packets to milk cartons, to house hold trash. It immediately places a replenishment order on Amazon for the same. Cool?

  • Sprout G2

It’s niche, but the Sprout G2 is perfect for those designers and creators who need the 3D and 2D scanners. It will also benefit those guys who are in dire need of 3D models. It comes with an induced stylus-touch that works as another screen.

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