Questions To Ask If A Electronic Appliance Is On Repair

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Are you living in a metropolitan city? In this era of fast-paced life, you are always busy with work schedule and family commitments. Time has become a valuable commodity. You make use of electronic appliances in the form of geyser, water purifier and microwave oven to save precious time. If you encounter frequent problems with any of the appliances, your spouse will have only one thought on her mind – repair or replacement? In this article, you will be given information of the questions required to ask yourself before you decide to opt for either ways – to repair the electronic appliance or to buy a new one.

A major home appliance saves time, but it can also be expensive. It eats a major chunk of your salary when you buy and it also puts a hole in your wallet when you have to repair or replace some parts. However, being cost-specific, you definitely want to extend the life of your appliance to get the best returns on investment. Sometimes, it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion on whether to go for repair or replacement of an appliance. However, there are some guidelines to provide your assistance.

The Expense &Budget

According to home industry experts, it is better to replace an appliance if the cost of repair comes to more than fifty percent of buying a new one or if the replacement parts are easy or hard to find.  As long as the expenses fall below twenty to thirty percent of the new appliance it is better to opt for the repair service.

Age of the Appliance

Are you in favor of replacing the electronic appliance? Then also take the age of the equipment into consideration. The fifty percent rule also applies in this context. Let us imagine, the repair costs more than half of a new appliance. One the other hand, if the existing one has already crossed half of its life span, then it is better to go for a new appliance.

Kindly look at the average lifespan of reputed electronic appliances

Dishwasher – 9 Years

Dryer – 13 years

Exhaust fan – 10 years

Microwave – 9 years

Fridge – 13 years

This is just a general account of the lifespan of electronic appliances. Please note the lifespan may extend based on their maintenance and usage.

Even if the appliance is on repair, check if the duration is under the warranty period. In case you have one, repairing at the authorized service center will not cost a dime for you. But if the appliance breaks down frequently, and you waste time going to the authorized center frequently, consider for a replacement. Or else ask for replacement from the concerned company.

Energy Efficiency

For example, you have an old model of microwave oven that uses more electricity and raises large bills. Now the appliance has gone on repair. You learn on the other hand, the new microwave oven available in the market cuts down on electricity and can give less value bills. Then go for a replacement as you will save more money in the future.


Is your wife an impulsive shopper? Or is your family a firm believer in the recent trend? Then you will have to seek their opinion when replacing appliances. If your LG refrigerator has gone on repair, the expense mounting to more than half of a new one, and your wife has brought a Samsung Dishwasher, then it is better to buy a new Samsung Fridge.


The choice of replacing or repairing an appliance rests on only YOU, but after reading this article, you will be able to come to a better conclusion. A stitch in time saves nine – consider cleaning the appliances as per the requirements at least once in two months. Then you can extend the life of all electronic appliances in your home, and also there will be fewer chances of repair.

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