Which One to Purchase: Gaming Laptops or Gaming Desktops?

Gaming laptops vs gaming desktops: Which is a better buy

The online gaming community is growing across the world with each passing day, and with that, the need to have computers that can cope with the graphics required for online gaming is also on the rise.

It is a fact that amidst this raging battle, the desktop PCs have always ranked above laptops due to their superior performance but there are pros involved in picking up a gaming laptop and here are some of the best gaming laptop under $1500.

Performance of the CPU

There is a noticeable difference between the CPU performances of a laptop, compared to that of a desktop PC. A gaming laptop does not usually have sufficient cooling fans or liquid radiators, which causes the laptop to overheat and crash; something that cannot be compromised when you are part of the gaming community.

One example is that of the test result of Velocity Micro’s most recently out micro-tower. The Z40’s overclocked i7-4790k on a huge score of 16,938 in the multi-core Geekbench run whereas the G501 and its i7-4720k only managed about 75% of that at 12,230 in the a same category. Even though both are considered among the top-ranked and have approximately the same cost, you get a serious blow in terms of performance for the amount of money you spend to boot up Call of Duty anywhere else than the home base.

Games are generally restricted by graphics performance rather than that of the processor and if any mobile Intel squad is sold today, it would be fast enough to let a mobile GPU perform its optimum.

Performance of GPU

Primarily due to Nvidia’s aim to make laptops a viable option for gaming, they have come a long way in the department of chips. Even in the top-ranked laptops, the newer chips in the 980M are only around one-fourth times less powerful than their full-sized inspirations. Due to Nvidia’s efforts, most gamers are happily able to play most games at almost the highest details on laptops now.

However, the downside to this is that 4K gaming revolution is just around the corner and the gaming laptops simply would not be able to keep up with the competition when it comes to placing double the polygons in the same amount of place!Despite efforts by Asus ROG G501 to bridge this gap by packing a 4K display in its loadout, the included 960M was not even close to meeting the standards of 4K gaming!

The Ability to Upgrade

Here, you only allocate a marginal amount on a computer with future plans of getting it upgraded and in that case, the only way to go is desktop PCs. Although it is true that some laptops do have removable hard drives that can be exchanged for the one originally inside the PC, but other than that or the RAM, you are actually very much stuck with you have bought from the day of the purchase till the point you decide a completely new system. Swapping out the GPU is still not feasible since it is way too costly.

For grown-ups, desktops are nothing but Legos, with an almost never-ending combination of video cards, motherboards, RAM configurations, hard drive bays, power supplies and depending on your gaming needs and approximate budget, even cases that can be mixed and matched.

For example you want to play Battlefield in 4K on your two-year old desktop and it is not supporting it; the simplest way out would be to insert a new graphics card, and you are all set to go! Similarly of you are experiencing a frame lag during gaming, all you have to do is get a new processor for it.


This part is pretty integral in the desktop versus laptop debate. For instance, you are paying 25% more for a laptop that gives quarter of the performance of the desktop, theoretically you could price out a desktop that is 50% better for the exact same price as the laptop! However, if you look at the picture from a different angle that is you are getting a monitor, mouse and keyboard already built in the laptop, in that case the price difference is totally worth it.


To conclude the argument and bearing in mind all the factors involved when we discuss laptop versus desktop, laptops have no doubt made considerable gains in the last few years and its capability to entertain the gamers fully in increasing number of cases cannot be ignored.

It all depends on the kind of games you play on your computer. It has been a long time since games as demanding as Crysis or Crysis 3 have come out that would cause systems with year-old graphic cards and processors to crash. If you want to play DOTA 2 while waiting for your next flight at the airport, then a modern gaming laptop is more than enough but if you want to run The Witcher III on full graphics, then for sure you have to opt for a desktop.

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