Know How Useful An Equipment Rental Software for Your Business

How to Mine for Data at Your Equipment Rental Business

There are plenty of companies these days that have been in the business of implementing software that can be used to manage assets especially in businesses such as rentals and construction. Some of them have been going at it for around 20 years. These are two industries that are highly centered round assets and the systems tend to function keeping them in high priority as well. The key performance indicators (KPIs) over here are based on the aspect of utilization. It is in such scenarios that equipment rental management software could be so useful. They also take into account the return on investment (ROI) that they are getting from their assets.

 3 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs Equipment Rental Software

They also deal with a whole heap of metrics based on asset as such. However, as unfortunate as it may be, the concept of asset management software is an afterthought of sorts. The problem is that if a business does not think of its assets to be important then the assets soon become redundant of sorts. They might own thousands of assets as such. However, they do not use rental equipment management software to manage them properly. These assets soon get relegated to the spreadsheets. Nobody really thinks of them after they are bought.

The only thing that is important in their context is their monthly depreciation. In certain cases the procurement department orders the replacements as and when they are needed. Now, this cannot really be the way to go about things, isn’t it? You as an owner – especially like the ones that have been described over here – need to ask yourself what would happen if your assets needed to work. Your assets could be used by your service technicians or even by your sales team in order to offer a demonstration of how your products work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had rental equipment software to work with?

It could also be that you have a demo pool of assets that are used at the time of exhibitions, trade shows and such other events. It could be that you loan your assets to your customers for free trials.

Equipment rental business software helps minimize human errors and reduces time to invoice

The rental industry is witnessing a staggering growth with the American Rental Association pegging the rate of increase at about 71% last year. To meet the challenges accompanying this growth manycompanies are switching over to equipment lease management software to maintaining record for timely invoicing and payments.

Manual maintenance of rental records is usually time-consuming and since it requires manual handling it is more prone to human errors. Any such error can result in loss of revenue. For instance, if you are managing your equipment rental business manually, you are probably filling out status cards manually every time some equipment is rented out or returned. Also, to trace the items overdue for return, you have to peruse all the records manually. Since it requires a lot of time to trace the items that are overdue, the crucial time to follow up is lost, which adversely affects the cash flow and hence business efficiency. Now, imagine a scenario where equipment booking software is used to handle all these processes. The process becomes smoother and you are able to utilize your time to maximize your business results.

Another shortcoming of manual data entry is incorrect entries into the financial system. A minor error can mean relying on incorrect data for payments. By the time you realize the discrepancy and make efforts to correct it, a lot of time has already been lost resulting in payment being delayed further. There are many rental companies that face this issue quite frequently. To alleviate this problem, equipment rental business software is an ideal solution as it minimizes the probability of human error. The time to invoice is reduced and you get paid faster.

Companies such as Open Door Technology offer robust equipment lease management software that can streamline your rental business. Compare online equipment rental software for the features, ease of use, and the cost. A number of equipment rental software open source are also available online. Being open source, these are comparatively cheaper. But, assess your business requirement before choosing one.

 How to Mine for Data at Your Equipment Rental Business

Ideal equipment rental business software should let your rental order information connect directly to the real-time financial system. All you should be required to do is to enter the rental order information into the integrated system. The software should be able to handle the rest and free up your time to focus on business efficiency and keep pace with the rapid growth in the industry.

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