How To Prevent Plumbing Disasters In Your Home?

How To Prevent Plumbing Disasters In Your Home

How To Prevent Plumbing Disasters In Your Home?

Do you own three or five houses in Bangalore? Being a house owner, you need to be alert on any issue related to plumbing and electricity problems. Before a decade, searching for right handyman services was difficult in Bangalore. Now, with the emergence of companies which provide Handyman Services at the customer’s doorstep, it is very easy to have the best plumbers in Bangalore right at your doorstep.

In this article, information will be given to prevent plumbing disasters. A plumber almost resembles a doctor. The latter checks the human body to find the source of disease. The former resolves many problems in a home right from blocked kitchen sinks, clogged drains, issues in bathtubs, leakage in toilets and then you have the last – burst pipes.

Following the instructions given below can keep the plumbing problems to a minimum –

Flush/Not Flush

It is mandatory, that the wash room rules are followed to prevent clogging of drains. Only body waste should go down the toilet pipe and not diapers or paper towels. In a home, it is advisable to keep a garbage bin. This method will keep the users from wrongly using the toilet to toss unwanted items.

Usage of Chemicals

Agreed. Toilets and kitchen sinks have to be kept clean, but be careful about the chemicals used. Rapid and over-exposure of chemicals can damage the iron pipes.

Mesh In Your Drain

It is better to put a mesh in the kitchen sink for catching debris and large chunks of food. Some popular items are coffee grounds, rice, pasta etc.

Garden Hoses

Do you have a large garden at home? Then you certainly must have rubber garden hoses attached to water tanks. Do you also involve in drip irrigation? In similar cases, small rubber hoses are a must. But a bulge on the rubber hose means that the part needs to be changed immediately. Do not ignore the situation, as the pipe can burst.

If you have installed an iron water pipe in the garden, ensure that it does not become corroded. Chances are that the corrosion might spread to other areas. If you are going on vacation for a long time, it is better these issues are sorted out. If the garden hose breaks during the vacation and there is nobody to look after the issue, you may get a high water bill.

Prevention of Floods

Do you stay in a low level area near the river? Is there a possibility of a flood? In similar cases, it is vital to know the location of main-water-shutoff-valve so that the water can be cut off in times of an emergency. Also take care the water supply should be cut off when you go for a vacation (also check in times of renovation).

There will be rubber washers in the gate valve which can suffer wear and tear with time. In case of water leaking around the handle, then it is a sure sign for replacement.

Hanging Clothes on Pipes

Usually, the water pipes are in proximity to the places where the clothes are washed. Sometimes, your spouse or the maids use the pipes for hanging wet clothes. Please understand, the pipes are designed for water distribution purposes and not for hanging clothes. In case of more weight, a pipe could burst leading to unwanted situations.

Outside Pipes

The challenges just do not end inside the house, but also make an appearance outside. In case you have a water pipe that comes from the exterior of the house to the interior, ensure they do not leak and remain in the right shape. In winter, you have to shut off the valve that goes to the outdoor pipe so that water does not get locked to avoid freezing.


Always remember, for a family, to remain happy, every device or electronic appliance should work to its full potential. And water, is a precious commodity which finds its place in our everyday life. It is used for washing clothes, having a bath and cooking purposes. Now imagine a situation when the pipe in the kitchen sink suffers a leak or the bathroom pipe suffers a burst.

The situation will put your daily schedule in jeopardy. You should opt for regular checks to your piping systems with the help of skilled plumbers. Then they can identify issues and take steps to resolve the problem.

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