Digital Parenting in the Age of Technology

Digital Parenting in the Age of Technology

The technology has penetrated into our lives no time ever before. Technology is present in many forms in the human’s lives. We see planes running on the runway and flying in the skies, people talking on the tech gadgets from one end of the world and their voice listens by another gadget user to the other end of the world. We see cars on the roads, cash popping out from the machines by pressing a couple of buttons, lifts in the buildings, and movies in the cinema’s everything are the inventions of technology.

People use cyberspace and use plenty of instant messaging such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Snapchat, Whatsapp and plenty of others all of these apps are the tech-creatures. But when it comes to the digital parenting, kids and teens come to the mind. Digital parenting becomes necessary for parents to protect teens from all online dangers and to guide them the pros and cons of the digital world.

What is digital parenting?

It is parent’s duty to take care of kids and teens and to guide them about the modern digital world through digital devices such as cell phones, tabs, pads and computer machines. Digital parents are the ones that are the users of multiple digital devices and gadgets in their routine lives. Digital parents in the modern tech-world are plying a significant role in the brought up young children who use digital media such as Facebook, Line, Tinder, Yahoo, Whatsapp and plenty of other social messaging apps.

In short parents are the first and the most effective institution where kids learn how to use the digital word. So, when parents guide their kids and teens about the dos and the don’ts of the digital media through digital devices it is known as digital parenting.

Necessity of Digital Parenting in the age of Technology

The digital world is so attractive to young users. The time children make their presence possible in the digital world they don’t aware of the ABC of the online world and make their multiple accounts by using the cell phone devices. Having so much attraction to the online world peer pressure young kids want to explore the entire world with the help of monitor instant messaging applications.

They want to interact with the people belongs to different cultures and ethnicities. On the other hand, social media apps allow a user to send text messages to do one on one and group chat conversations. Furthermore, children can do audio and video calls from one end of the world to the other.

It further empowers young users to share media files such as photos and videos to share on social messaging apps and websites. Having un-awareness in the online world they may trap by the digital world’s evils such as Cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators, child abusers present in their local area.

They trapped due to the lack of privacies they have made on their social media multiple accounts and due to immature minds, they get into the trap of the people who are chasing them online. They also get encountered with the sexual content such as photos and videos and they view it in curiosity initially and after having a couple of time interaction they become obsessed with it.

Resultantly, the excessive time spending time on such type activities all day long made them weak and unhealthy mentally and physically. All these digital world’s vulnerabilities can put them into real dangers that turn parents to set digital parenting control on children online activities.

What should parents do?

Obviously and without the shadow of the doubt, parents should implement digital parental control on kids and teens when they are using the gadgets such as cell phones, tabs, pads and other devices when connected to the internet. Now we are going to tell parents how they can set parental control on kids and teens digital activities by using the mobile phones. Let’s discuss how parents can make it possible and enable to put their worries to rest.

Set Digital Parental control on children

In the age of technology where everyone is using the online world willingly, the kids and teens are the most frequent users of the modern technology and the online world. So, parents have to take some serious precautionary measures to get the job done efficiently and effectively. They have to use the parental control app for kids and teens mobile phone gadgets.

Install TheOneSpy mobile phone surveillance program on kids and teens device. Once parents have installed it successfully on the target smartphone gadget, parents will be able to set efficient and effective parental control on their digital activities. Parents can remotely control the target cell phone through remote phone controller of the spy apps for android. It empowers user to view all the installed applications remotely even they are at their job.

It allows users to block the internet to stop them from appropriate activity done by the teens in the digital world. It further allows parents to block text messages remotely when they are making conversations with the online stranger who is trying to trap your kids and teens. However, parents will have the power to block the incoming calls on the kids and teens phone whenever they want from anywhere and anytime. If parents are busy in their jobs at their offices, having less time they can get screenshots remotely of kids activities they have done in the digital world. Parents can get complete browsing history and even view the IM’s logs, IM’s chats, shared media files and VOIP calls through IM’s social media. Parents can use spy 360 live screen sharing of the mobile spy program to connect with the screen of the target phone and then broadcast it on the online control panel of the TOS which parents can get access into it by login into the TheOneSpy dashboard.


Parenting is the most important element in the digital world, so parents should keep tracking kids and teens digital activities through parent control spyware to set the digital parenting in the modern age of technology.

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