5 Tips to Boss WordPress SEO without Yoast


If you don’t have access to Premium SEO plugins like Yoast and are looking for ways to optimize your WordPress Site like a boss then you’re at the right place. Doing it without Yoast can be tricky as a beginner but after the using the tips mentioned here it becomes easy to optimize web pages better without depending on tools like Yoast.

More and more businesses are going for WordPress as it has become one of the powerful platforms to make use of it. For your information, it has add-ons/plugins which helps to customize your blog or site according to your convenience. One must know that the WordPress SEO Practices is quite exceptional to handle when it comes to optimizing for traffic. To develop your business, this is the best platform for all the time to use.

In this case, we’ll discuss how to get your site SEO optimized without using Yoast. If you are in need to boss your site rankings, then you can follow the below mentioned simple steps.

  1. Install All in One SEO Plugin

This is one of the best Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin. First of all, you can install the All in One SEO plugin eventhough a user can optimize it without adding any Plugin too. However, one should know that adding an SEO plugin helps to optimize and checklist in a better way. It is all up to you, but considering the fact it is important to know about the advantages and drawbacks after the usage of users.

This is the best way forward for beginners to

  1. Adding Titles & Meta Tags

Title & Meta Tags are the base of SEO optimization and therefore every user must use it. Firstly, you need to add the Title and Description of your page. At this condition, you need to give a different title which could be very much attractive to the people and contains your focus keyword. You probably be knowing what your target keyword is based on the keyword research. Tools like AIO asks for Focus Keyword and then checks for its utilization at important places. But going without tools nobody gives you the direction of how and when to use target keywords at important places. You need to include it manually as per your experience and requirement.

Make sure you don’t repeat similar titles or target keywords for multiple pages. This can lead to several pages fighting for a single keyword to rank for.

  1. Write Sharable Content

An impressive content copy is half the work done. If your content is engaging and tempts the user to share and link back then rankings become easy to crack. One must know that this could be one of the significant things that every user wants to know. For example, if you are an owner of writing company, then your ultimate aim is always to produce the good level of contents for the site. While posting the content to the site, you need to check out that whether the targeted keywords are added or not. Once it is followed in a right way, then the traffic will happen on your site. If your content has the less level of quality, then you may lose all of your hard work poured on it.

There are present Digital Marketing Institutes in every city that train students for SEO Copywriting and Blogging.

  1. Select the Right Theme

Choosing the right theme comes with many benefits. It’s all to do with how your content is arranged within a site. Some themes offer Flat architecture whereas some are made for Deep site architecture. Suppose a user comes onto your site and he gets the information he was looking for he goes deep, otherwise he bounces back. Some themes which follow Deep Site Architecture actually hides the data in many layers in such a way that user finds it difficult to locate. This directly affects dwell time and bounce rate.

When it comes to ranking your site, it will be quite difficult to bring it on without a suitable theme. At this condition, picking a right theme for the right business will quickly help your WordPress site to do good.

Also, what looks good sells good, if you like what you see, more often than not you are going to click. This reduces your SEO efforts and will bring the high-ranking factor. Going by this, picking a theme is one of the main things that will help your WordPress Site.

  1. Include Links

Don’t shy away linking to important resources externally or internally as this adds value to your content. Yoast like tools reminds you to add links in your copy. But going without it you should remember to link to authority resource like wikipedia, moz for added trust value.

Also link older and relevant articles of your site as well using right anchors. This is very helpfull in long term. Again, we all know that before the outcome, including the right mix contents and themes related to the topic is common. However, it will bring a certain amount of traffic for your site. At this condition, adding the links to the relevant content in the content will please the viewers to get more information. Also, it helps to get even more traffic for the other relevant content as well.

To conclude –

It’s not about choices anymore its more about how to do it. Gone are the days when just putting in the keywords in the content got you higher rankings. Use these tips to optimize for WordPress SEO better without Yoast. And if you’re still finding it difficult optimizing your site better consult a SEO Services Company like RankFrog to do the tough task for you.

Happy WordPressing!

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