USPS Customers are in Trouble | They Feel Helpless

USPS Customers are in Trouble

United States Postal Service is responsible for mail delivery in the U.S. There are so many customers of it who are using the services and mail classes provided by it.

USPS was doing great work for a very long time. It has various kinds of services for different kind of needs. Customers could choose the most suitable service or mail class for them.

But, it seems that it’s going down and pushing itself back. For a very long time, people are complaining about the services they are getting. They are frustrated and don’t want to choose this mail carrier for shipping their packages.

Every day, USPS is receiving lots of complaints. Customers are ready to choose UPS or FedEx rather than USPS. They are not getting what they are paying for. They find the services poor which don’t work for them. They are complaining again and again, but their complaints are not being solved.

If a customer uses Priority Mail Express service for which he/she is paying an extra fee also then, he/she doesn’t get the mail delivered on time. It’s one of the main problems. Customers are ready to pay an extra fee too, but in return, they are not getting the same result.

An anonymous postal worker also said that USPS is not working well. They are making the delivery late again and again. Sometimes, the mail carrier delivers the package after the USPS hours of working or till 11:00 at night. On the other hand, it promises to deliver mails on time except for USPS holidays.

He also included that this all started since this national mail carrier took the delivery of Amazon packages in 2013. According to the deal, the postal service started package delivery in New York and Los Angeles, and in 2014 the delivery area was expanded, and now it’s delivering Amazon packages across the nation.

This national mail carrier delivers the Amazon Packages and Priority Mail Express packages on Sundays. It is called USPS Sunday Delivery. On other days, it delivers the rest of the mail.

Customers are suffering a lot. If the customers use the USPS change of address service for mail forwarding, then they find that their mail is not being forwarded to the new address. Sometimes, they are unable to forward a single piece of mail too.

It’s not the way how a national mail carrier deals with the customers or their used services. USPS is providing various services, but it’s not taking good care of these. It may be because of the lack of postal employees.

There are not enough employees in the U.S Postal Service. It may be the reason for late mail delivery. The existing employees are working hard, but they are not able to deliver all the mail and packages on time.

USPS tracking service is also not working properly. Many customers have reported that their tracking status doesn’t update. The tracking shows the mail delivered, but the customers don’t get the mail. It’s the poor situation of the customers.

Customers are not able to contact the USPS customer service representatives. Whenever they dial the customer service number, they wait for a long time, and still, they find that they can’t be connected to the customer service representatives.

You can see that the condition of the USPS customers is miserable. They feel helpless. They are not getting the support from anywhere.

If USPS wants to stay in the competition, then it must change itself. So, let’s see what changes USPS will make to provide the customers a better experience.

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