How to start an app business?

How to start an app business

It takes 18 weeks to develop an app on average but no definite figure can be quoted as far as the price is concerned.It can cost you between $3000 to $100,000 to develop an app.The cost depends on many factors from complexity to amount of features you want in your app.But when developing app for the first time you need to find a balance between your viewers’ number and your returns.You need to choose whether you want large number of viewers from start or more downloads first and returns later.Is your company in a position to lose profit initially to gain loyal customers for the long term gains later?Before you decide which model to adopt, think about which scenario suits you more.Although on an average it takes 18 week to build an app.But this time doesnot involve the initial brainstorming and planning phase.Few things to look for before moving to second phase of building an app are as follows.

How to start?

You should have more than one idea about an app so that, if one fails other app is ready to be launched in the market.Keeping your requirements in mind, write each step and detailed wireframe on the paper.After jotting everything down, look for a suitable developer to do the job.

Will customer buy my app?

Instead of waiting for a complete version to develop, rush to market with your prototype.Look for customers’ feed back if they like your app or not. Develop the complete version if you are getting positive feedback, if not work on alternatives.

Native app or a mobile website which one to choose?

Because of the intense competition in the app market you have no choice but to make the best or at par with the existing best.Do not opt for mobile website they as they add no value to the customer.As you are starting, keep it small and launch it on one platform only and look for customers’ response.

Should we hire someone or built the app inhouse?

Speed can be a game changer.You want your app in the market as fast as possible.You don’t want it to be copied, butat the same time you want to keep the cost low too.So it is better to hire a developer who fully understands your requirement and you have your app in your hands in no time.

Where to submit the app?

You have to choose among three: Google play, aap store or Windows store.Your developer will be responsible for actual uploading of your app in app stores.With Apple and Google you will make developers account.

Now as your app is made you want bloggers to write reviews about it.Third partyendorsements,coverage through media and word of mouth are some other effective methods of publicity. Instead of describing your app in a dry manner, write a professional sales letter.Presentation is the key. Your app best instances should be highlighted through the screen shots.Make an interesting and unique video of your app and try to promote it as much as possible. A great way to promote it is through a network of bloggers.

As your prototype is in the market, take a serious note of   how customers are reviewing it.Try to remove the negative points raised in your app.Pay a lot of attention to the design of your logo.It is the first thing that a customer notices. It should blend well with the overall theme of your app.Before launching make sure you have tested the app on every screen and it should appear the same.Simplicity is loved by all try to keep the working as simple as possible.The easier it is to operate more popular it gets.

Even after following these guidelines success is not guaranteed. But if you have alternatives available you can be back in market in no time. If one app is a failure move on to second and achieve desire result from that. After all you learn from your mistakes.It could be that fate will place you next to facebook or twitter, so get ready and take the chance.

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