M-commerce apps meeting these 3 needs get better results

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As various reports suggest, almost half of small businesses are expected to implement a mobile app in 2017 or later. But on the other side, 23 percent of mobile app users abandon an app only after its first use. Although the rate of abandonment gradually decreasing, but only in case if the app owner succeeds to give what exactly users / consumers are looking for.

So if you are a retailer which wants to go online over mobility, a new study from Clutch–the B2B rating and review firm–shows that consumers now look for the features beyond merely browsing and buying.

As of a Clutch’s survey conducted over 505 mobile shoppers in U.S. to compile its 2017 e-commerce app report, mobile e-commerce is expected to be almost 45 percent of total e-commerce industry by 2020.

With an ever increasing number of consumers to prefer mobiles to make purchases online, businesses in the industry need to improve their apps at customer engagement portion by offering the features that customers actually want. Apart from personalization in store experience, product-recommendation and flexibility in shopping through m-commerce app, Clutch also found three more things that consumers want to see in an app they will use for online shopping.

Here are those three things:


90 percent of all mobile shoppers surveyed use social networking apps on their phones. 41 percent of all respondents said that they are likely to integrate social media accounts on their apps so that they can easily share with friends. When social buttons are added to an m-commerce app, customers are able to connect with each other and personalize their experience. This also covers the inclusion of augmented reality features.

An app with the capability of being personalized for better experience makes users contended and satisfied. Of course, it also drives higher return from the loyal users.


80 percent out of all shoppers said that they would prefer a shopping application which syncs a business loyalty rewards over the purchases they make. This is why because many people just forget to carry or are away of their loyalty cards when they make online / offline purchases. When the app itself carries these cards, consumers will easily be able to redeem them at the point of purchase; whether they are purchasing online, on an app or offline, in a store.


Of all surveyed shoppers, 85 percent said they want discounts on the products they routinely purchase. When consumers receive discount on the routinely purchased items, they are more likely to use an app that does that for them. Almost 63 percent of the shoppers were found to continue using an app that gives them with deals & offers. 84 percent of shoppers would buy with using the app to receive more discounts and even enable push notifications for get information about these discounts.

So apps which succeed to meet the above mentioned needs of customers also meet better results and consumers continue to use them for online purchases.

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