Film Restoration – An obstinate attempt to save the history of our movies

obstinate attempt to save the history of our movies

Preserving our history is an attempt that only the passionate lovers of the art family can understand and fathom its seriousness. Everything has an expiry date, even a good joke. And being humans, we tend to cling onto our memories. All the movie reels are made up of nitrate negatives that deteriorate over time. Once a movie has been filmed and edited, the reels are stored inside canisters and are stored away forever. And the nitrate in the negatives causes the film roll to fade and turn to dust eventually. The preservation techniques and services are exactly what we provide.

Several movie studios like Walt Disney, for instance, have taken up the task of maintaining these reels using several techniques like digitizing, pigment library to keep the color codes of the  cells and replacing them from time to time with matching color codes. It wasn’t until the late 80s that the UNESCO recognized films as an integral part of our world’s cultural heritage.

Though there are multiple varieties of film reels being used the world over, almost all of these materials have proved to decompose over a short period regardless of how well we store or try to preserve them. Our techniques will sure enhance its life span and give our history a chance to survive and remain in our memories and physical presence over time.

Other Exclusive Services That We Provide To our Clients

Apart from our essential service of Film restoration, we also serve to the movie making field a broad range of post-production services such as    Rotoscopy, Alpha Creation, Green and Blue Matte Keying, 3D Stereoscopic Rotoscopy and more. These are all the computer graphic works that provide the visual effects that come up in movies such as 3D characters, merging live action sequence with fire effects and such, matching fake or photoshopped scenes with live action sequences and more .

You may be surprised at how much is getting filmed and how much of the movie is made behind the camera. Of late, even the actors are being photoshopped to the liking of directors and even replaced with alternative 3D models. Cutting down on expenses and not being able to shoot in locations due to permissions or climatic conditions is no more a hindrance with the advanced technology we have in the post production of the cine industry.

In this fast upgrading world, computer graphics are being used in almost all parts of our daily lives, and we provide the most frequently required visual works to Animation and VFX like:

  • 3D character, set and character modeling
  • Character Animation
  • Product simulations
  • 2D and 3D Visual Effects Work
  • Motion Graphics
  • Rotoscopy and Chroma Keying

We only take up and provide the most versatile of artists who have experience in working with international brands. Our talents have come from a wide variety of industries such as Health and  Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Automotive Companies, Apparel and Designer Showrooms, other Manufacturers and so on. This gives them the upper hand of having knowledge about a wide variety of techniques and industries. They are also updated with their information about the latest trends and technology.

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